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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Blazing Star

One Eye is an old and fearsome rogue that comes to join Clear Sky's group of cats, along with Tom. When Clear Sky sizes up the tom he realizes he has never seen a rogue like this, looking at his matted fur and broken claws. One Eye pays no attention to Clear Sky, but circles on the spot with his fur bristling like he was facing an entire group of enemies. Tom tells Clear Sky that One Eye is the bravest rogue in the entire forest, and says that he may look sick and skinny, but is the perfect cat for the group. He continues until One Eye pounces on his back, digging in his broken claws before jumping back down.
Tom is shocked and asks what that was for, and One Eye hisses that he can speak for himself. The former kittypet sits down and begins to groom his clawed pelt while One Eye stalks in a circle again, his tail in the air. One Eye says that he remembers when all the trees of the forest were mere saplings and that he'd been here before any of Clear Sky's group had even been born. While Clear Sky thinks of how to respond, One Eye whips around and faces him, asking him if he was the leader. When Clear Sky responds that he's the leader of this part of the forest, One Eye says that he is the cat he wants to speak to in that case. He says that Tom has told him all about the gray tom, and wishes to offer his services to the group. He mentions it is an offer that Clear Sky does not want to turn down.
Clear Sky asks him what he thinks he can bring to his group. One Eye looks thoughtful for a second before the cats hear the fluttering of wings. A pigeon lands on the lowest branch of a tree. With a massive leap One Eye immediately pounces at the bird, killing it and returning it to Clear Sky. The rogue promises that he will show them his hunting and fighting techniques anytime, though Clear Sky says they won't need the fighting skills. He instead asks them if they've heard of something called the Blazing Star, and One Eye mutters that it could be a plant. Clear Sky then agrees to let the two toms follow him back to his camp, although when they do One Eye picks up the pigeon and leads as if he knew where the camp already was.
One Eye heads out with Clear Sky, Acorn Fur, and Tom along their borders. Clear Sky thinks that although One Eye is brutal and the cats wary of him, he is a good hunter and helping keep them well fed. After Acorn Fur and Tom stop arguing, the four spot a cat in their bounds, and Tom goes charging off, with One Eye trailing behind with little interest. The cats turn out to be one of Gray Wing's latest additions to his camp, Mouse Ear, along with Thunder and Gray Wing himself. They talk, and afterwards Mouse Ear warns Clear Sky that One Eye isn't to be trusted, and he would regret taking him in.
Mouse Ear mentions that they must tell everyone about One Eye when Gray Wing wonders if Tall Shadow had spotted either him or Tom, saying that as well as him, both Holly and Mud Paws know him and will have something to say. When they get back to the camp, Gray Wing announces that Clear Sky had new cats, and at hearing one of the was One Eye, Holly says that that cat is bad news- a bully, a thief, a scavenger, and manipulates other cats and causes trouble.
While Thunder, Tall Shadow, Mud Paws, Gray Wing, and Pebble Heart go to find the Blazing Star, One Eye leaps out of a bush. He swipes his paw across Thunder's nose and hisses that the dead bird was his. Thunder protests that he didn't even see the bird, but One Eye takes a threatening step forward. The impending fight is interrupted by Pebble Heart, who screeches at them to get away from the bird. Thunder leaps at One Eye and drives him away from the bird, but One Eye fights back until Thunder pins him down. Clear Sky and Petal soon arrive at the scene, asking what is happening, and One Eye replies that nothing was happening. Familiar fear and recognition sparks in his gaze as he looks at the bird and he doesn't meet his leader's gaze.
Thunder ends up telling his father that One Eye had attacked them over the bird. Clear Sky asks the mangy cat if he had ever seen sickness like it before and One Eye twitches his ears, saying that it's just sickness and sickness happens in the wild. Clear Sky isn't satisfied with his answer but doesn't press him, and he soon tells him to go back to camp with Petal and her kits. One Eye protests and tells Clear Sky that he can't just send him back to camp like a kit, but his leader tells him that he isn't needed and should know his place. The two glare at each other for a moment before One Eye backs down. He tells him that there isn't much he could do to stop him from following but he goes back to the camp as he was told. After he is gone Mouse Ear turns to Clear Sky and asks him if he realizes that it was a mistake to let him join. Clear Sky glares at him and growls that he has given them valuable hunting techniques and it's all that matters.
At Clear Sky's camp One Eye snarls at Quick Water and Leaf, the former appearing to have fallen asleep. Clear Sky watches, and although he thinks One Eye is harsh and would take time to adjust living in a group, he is an excellent fighter. One Eye trains with Thorn, soon knocking her over and raking his paws across her belly. He stands back and waits for her to get back up, telling her that if he'd been using his claws her belly would have been torn open, but next time she would know what to do. Tom steps up to him, asking about hidden weapons. With an enthusiastic swish of his tail, One Eye agrees with the idea. He tells Tom to go look for a sharp rock, to which the other tom immediately does so. The mangy cat turns back to the others and orders them to pair up, telling them he wants them to practice the neck feint, with no claws.
Before the training can begin however, Sparrow Fur emerges from the undergrowth and runs over to the cats. She walks up to One Eye and asks them if they're doing battle training and that she was looking for her father. One Eye pounces in front of her without warning and pushes a paw to her forehead, spitting that he doesn't know her and that makes her his enemy. She protests that she isn't and that she was just looking for her father, but he responds that if she loves him that much she should join their group, and until then she couldn't be one of them. Sparrow Fur growls that he can't stop her, so he challenges her to a fight. If she manages to beat him, she can see Tom. Clear Sky attempts to stop them but One Eye says that the kits who live in these groups are sheltered and have to learn how the wild works. Sparrow Fur starts by attacking his ears, but One Eye viciously attacks back. He lets her get back up and she yowls that she wants to see her father, biting into his pelt and attempting to claw his single eye. He throws her off and tears into the kit until Clear Sky runs down and yowls at them to stop, but he realizes he isn't going to reach him in time before he kills the kit. Tom, however, jumps out of the trees before he can and on top of One Eye. Tom growls at One Eye to leave his kit alone, and they roll away, snapping at each other and claws digging in.
They continue fighting while the other cats attend to Sparrow Fur, but are not noticed until the hissing dies away. With a shock Clear Sky sees Tom splayed out on the ground with One Eye calmly cleaning the blood off himself. The leader goes to confront him after Sparrow Fur has been dealt with, and One Eye rasps that he was just a stupid kittypet and should have known better than to challenge him. When Clear Sky asks if the same was true of Sparrow Fur, he just says that she was too proud and has learned a valuable lesson. Clear Sky attempts to claw him but he merely dodges, saying he can't stop him from defending his honor. Clear Sky hisses that they have rules and One Eye retorts that his rules are a joke, and they only lead to heartache and sickness. When Clear Sky asks what he means he just tells him that some of the cats in his group are as good as dead, and refuses to say any more, saying he could but he won't, citing that he only really cares about himself. He is then attacked by Clear Sky and they fight until he is beaten by the leader. Clear Sky tells him to get out and never come back, or he'll kill him. One Eye asks if he'll really kill him, with no emotion in his single eye. He turns and disappears into the forest, but a second later he attacks Clear Sky from behind. Aiming to claw out his eye, Clear Sky rakes his claws across the tom's cheek as he tries to throw him off. One Eye sneers at him saying that if he were that easy to defeat he would never have survived kithood, and tells him to keep his face wound to remember him by. He then truly leaves, slinking away into the forest.
When Clear Sky manages to take himself over to his brother's camp, he explains what One Eye had done to Tom and Sparrow Fur, and that he thought he would help his group. After Gray Wing and Jagged Peak fight due to their anger at each other, Clear Sky explains that he wants Sparrow Fur to return to her foster father's camp because he can't protect her from One Eye. Soon after, when Owl Eyes pleads to Gray Wing to allow him to meet his real father, Gray Wing explains the death of Tom by exposing the situation that One Eye killed him after he saved Sparrow Fur. Upon his departure, Gray Wing reflects on how One Eye's claws are rather cruel. Later, when Gray Wing enters Clear Sky's camp, he peers into the shadows, wondering if he would manage to catch a glimpse of One Eye lurking among the shadows. He also notes that Clear Sky is clearly afraid that the rogue may return, otherwise he would not have requested Gray Wing to collect his kit.
After a brief conversation between Gray Wing and Clear Sky, the former thinks about how Clear Sky went dashing across the moor to see Gray Wing, horrified that One Eye would bring further harm to Sparrow Fur. Soon after, Gray Wing reflects on how he does not trust Clear Sky's questionable judgement when it comes to One Eye. The next day, Clear Sky admits he has been distracted by One Eye to deal with the sickness. The separate groups have a meeting at The Four Trees, and Thunder is relieved there is no sign of One Eye. During that meeting, Clear Sky mentions that a bird had a strange illness, the one Thunder argued over with One Eye. Clear Sky admits that One Eye's talk of sickness seemed like it was genuine. He mocked Clear Sky and wouldn't give specifics to anything, just that some members of Clear Sky's group are good as dead. Clear Sky is disappointed he doesn't have One Eye anymore for help and advice, and wishes he was. Lightning Tail angrily points out the costs of listening to this supposed wisdom. The meeting cats agree with him, but Thunder says talking about the rogue just distracts them from the real issue. Clear Sky still tells everyone to keep an eye out for the dangerous tom as he was sworn revenge.
After Clear Sky returns though, Petal rushes him to Alder because she seems ill. One Eye sneers he told Clear Sky so. He is standing a couple of tail-lengths away with a mocking gleam in his eyes. Clear Sky is confused, but faces One Eye bravely, determined to not fall for his intimidation. Clear Sky remembers what One Eye has done to his group, and remembers Sparrow Fur, asking where she is. One Eye snorts he doesn't need to worry about her, calling her a stupid little kit. Sparrow Fur is trapped, and calls for help. Clear Sky tries to look threatening as he insists that she needs better treatment. One Eye says Clear Sky can't tell him what to do, since this is his territory now. He steps forward and mentions that while Clear Sky was at the four trees, he acted and is giving protection to the cats from the sickness. Clear Sky knows he can't take on One Eye alone, and wonders who will fight with him but realizes some will change sides very quickly. He warns One Eye to get out. One Eye growls to remember what he said that even though he has one eye, he can see everything. He studied the group carefully when he joined and discovered no one likes Clear Sky very much.
Petal and Acorn Fur protest, but One Eye silences them. He continues, telling Clear Sky he can't keep his cats in line. He says that Clear Sky thinks he's clever, defending territory and hiding in the forest, but asks what that achieves. Clear Sky says that he just wants them to survive. One Eye calls him a fool and beckons Petal forward. He lunges at her, making her fall back and revealing he has left his mark on her: A wound on her paw pad shaped as an eye. One Eye states she and Nettle have the mark, and the rest of the group will soon. Clear Sky can't believe this cat's lust for power and calls him a flea-brain. One Eye bares his teeth and responds he isn't, and that he's just strict and likes to keep his cats to toe his line. He snarls for Clear Sky to leave. Clear Sky tries to rally his cats, but One Eye reveals he has brought his own gang that overpowers them. One Eye mocks Clear Sky, saying he can't think he would do this without allies to back him, insisting Clear Sky can't be that stupid. One Eye reveals he doesn't want to kill Clear Sky, knowing that he would suffer more losing his leadership because he couldn't hold onto it. He threatens to mark him if he doesn't leave. Clear Sky starts to go, and One Eye announces to the rest of Clear Sky's group to line up to be marked. He promises they won't be hurt as long as they cooperate. Clear Sky manages to escape with Sparrow Fur, and she asks what he'll do. Clear Sky admits to himself that One Eye has defeated him.
Clear Sky retreats to Tall Shadow's camp and reveals that One Eye has taken over his group. Thunder gasps that that's not possible, but Clear Sky retorts that One Eye brought friends that were mean and fierce, so his cats had no choice but to join. Clear Sky wonders to himself if he can lead any cat when One Eye defeated him. Sparrow Fur reveals that One Eye shoved her into a hollow tree then blocked the hole so she was trapped. Clear Sky begs the cats to help fix this as One Eye is clearly out of control. Thunder reveals that there is a plant known as the Blazing Star that can get rid of the sickness. It is across the Thunderpath, but Clear Sky points out they will have to cross the forest, and One Eye will probably have guards already. Jagged Peak later asks Clear Sky about One Eye. Clear Sky tells him that he is a bully and a murderer with fierce battle skills and a hunger for power. He knows the area well and claims knowledge of the sickness. Shattered Ice says he won't be easy to defeat so they need to have a really good plan. Gray Wing thinks they need to wait, as One Eye knows Clear Sky left the forest. He'll guess that Clear Sky has gone for help, so will prepare his bunch of rogues and they have no chance against them.
Gray Wing explains they will get the Blazing Star and make themselves stronger. He also says they have no idea of One Eye's plan so they have to be cautious. The selected cats are ready to go get the Blazing Star, but Thunder wonders if One Eye is lying in wait. When they are about to leave, Shattered Ice warns them to watch out for One Eye. Jagged Peak proudly says he better not mess with them. Clear Sky wonders if his brother had any idea the danger they are in if One Eye finds them crossing the forest. They retrieve the Blazing Star and return back, but One Eye is waiting for them. He circles them with a face of mockery. He notices Lightning Tail holding the herbs and shoves him, making the tom drop them. He says that he can't let them take it. Jagged Peak protests he can't do that. One Eye cocks his head to the side pretending to think and says he can do that. The rogue suddenly calls on his allies to attack. Clear Sky rolls out of the way of a blow, and One Eye calls him a coward. He shouts Clear Sky will never win a one-on-one battle with him. Acorn Fur comes to the rescue, and One Eye screeches at the sight. The cats with the herbs escape, but One Eye buffets Acorn Fur's head as punishment for helping them. Clear Sky thinks he will destroy the forest and that they need to drive him out.
Clear Sky tells Gray Wing about what One Eye did. Gray Wing reveals that it is bad news, but he was hoping he would attack. Gray Wing explains now One Eye thinks they are cowards, which means he won't expect any retaliation. Gray Wing tells his brother to go and treat himself. Clear Sky wants to defeat One Eye now, but obeys. Gray Wing also praises Jagged Peak for putting One Eye where they want him. Gray Wing wants to trap One Eye in an empty space than attack him when he's vulnerable. Thunder thinks that One Eye is happy to have the forest, so they should leave him alone. Lightning Tail counters, saying he's not leaving his sister with One Eye. Thunder finally agrees, but only wants to drive One Eye out, not kill him. Thunder also says that Clear Sky trusted One Eye, and Clear Sky retorts to look where that got him. Thunder asks what the rest of the plan is. Gray Wing thinks they should attack One Eye from both sides of the clearing and recruit more cats to help. Lightning Tail knows that Acorn Fur will never willingly support One Eye, and Tall Shadow thinks Quick Water wouldn't either. The black she-cat asks how they would get One Eye out to the clearing. Jagged Peak also asks how they will get his rogues as he hides behind them. Clear Sky questions who One Eye hates the most, and says he will challenge One Eye to a one-on-one. Gray Wing protests, but Clear Sky says he brought One Eye, so he will see him out.
Thunder goes to ask Wind Runner and River Ripple for help, telling of the story of why they are doing this. Wind Runner disagrees and River Ripple agrees, but warns he has met One Eye before. He says they cannot drive him out, they have to kill him. Thunder explains he wants to talk to forest cats, because they don't all want him as leader. River Ripple says if One Eye finds out, he will make them suffer and he'll enjoy it. Later, Thunder asks if Star Flower knows about One Eye. Star Flower says they've met. Thunder explains to her about what he did and what they are going to do. That night, Gray Wing asks Clear Sky if he's ready to challenge One Eye. Clear Sky thinks that his followers can't want him to be leader, but wonders if his band of rogues had much choice in that matter. The next day, Clear Sky tells everyone his plan. He'll call out to One Eye then lure him to the clearing. Thunder asks how they’ll tell him if they need to abandon their plan, but Clear Sky says it is happening. He explains this day will be the day One Eye will take his last breath. On the way, Clear Sky spots the same round shape scratched onto trees that is One Eye's symbol. Clear Sky becomes wary of One Eye being anywhere, but shakes it off.
Acorn Fur calls out for Clear Sky, and he wonders if it's a trap from One Eye, but decides it's not. Acorn Fur is relieved to see him, explaining at every moment, she fears being clawed by One Eye. Clear Sky asks why she didn't come with them when One Eye attacked at the Thunderpath, and Acorn Fur explains she was spying on One Eye. Clear Sky tells her the plan, and she is willing to lie to him to get rid of him. She takes the message to One Eye. Later, One Eye does meet at Sunhigh, but appears from the tunnels, and attacks Clear Sky from behind. Thunder wants to help as they tussle, but Clear Sky has previously insisted that fighting for a few moments will lead One Eye to become overconfident. One Eye draws back and snarls he said that he would fight him, and asks Clear Sky if he is ready to die. Clear Sky retorts only one cat will die today, and that is One Eye. One Eye snarls and they begin fighting again. Just as he is ready to slice down on Clear Sky’s belly, the hiding cats leap out. One Eye spins around and gazes at them. His own rogues burst into the scene though, and One Eye jumps onto a rock, looking satisfied. His meow is full of mockery as he asks if they thought they could get the better of him. He asks for his dear daughter to come out. It is revealed to be Star Flower, who Thunder told before of their plans.
The other early settlers get away, but Clear Sky is trapped. One Eye sends each of his rogues one at a time to kick Clear Sky hard in the ribs. Wind Runner comes to the early settlers and explains she knew they would come back when One Eye forgot about them. Gray Wing comes up a plan to climb a tree and blind One Eye using the sun. While One Eye and his rogues torture Clear Sky, Thunder says that just makes him more determined to defeat One Eye. Sparrow Fur offers to call out to One Eye, saying that he killed her father, she's doing it for him. Sparrow Fur taunts him and One Eye stiffens, slowly turning from Clear Sky. One Eye orders two rogues to mind Clear Sky while he leads the rest to surround the tree. He says he'll give Sparrow Fur a fight she won't forget because she'll be dead. Sparrow Fur taunts him again, and his baleful eye flashes with hunger to fight. The cats leap out, making most of the rogues flee. Gray Wing jumps on top of One Eye, but One Eye batters his belly. Cloud Spots tries to get at his throat, but One Eye manages to get his shoulder. Lightning Tail tries to get the rogue from the other side, but is only raked by One Eye's claws.
Gray Wing thinks he has never known a cat so hard to defeat as One Eye is fighting off three different cats at the same time. The three cats at last hold the rogue down, and Gray Wing is ready for the final blow. Thunder wants it though, so the others let him go. Thunder lets the rogue get to his paws before launching himself at him and locking into a fight. His neck is snapped, his head left at an awkward angle. Thunder declares him dead, and when a grief-stricken Star Flower tries to reach his body, Thunder tells her to get away as she doesn't deserve to grieve. Star Flower begs him to let her grieve for her father, and has a flash of hurt in her eyes. Thunder reassures himself it is for her father and not for him. Star Flower explains that after she met Thunder, One Eye found out and suggested discovering information through Thunder. That's how One Eye knew to attack at the Thunderpath. Tall Shadow steps forward and says now One Eye is gone, they need to get the Blazing Star. Shattered Ice asks about One Eye's rogues. Tall Shadow reminds them that they fled when they confronted One Eye, so they shouldn't bother them. Star Flower is crouches over her father’s grotesque body. Thunder can't believe Star Flower, an exceptionally beautiful cat, could come from One Eye, who was ugly inside and out.
Star Flower begs to bury One Eye's body, and Thunder announces they'll bury the dead. Sparrow Fur asks why they should respect the murderous rogue, and Thunder explains it's because they are different than him. The leaders agree, with Clear Sky adding that One Eye thought every cat was out for themselves. They dig up a grave and Star Flower nudges her father into it. As they stand over the grave, Star Flower says that he was a true ray of light, although many cats disagree. River Ripple steps forward and says he was a survivor, and a cat like no other who will be missed by loved ones. Thunder admits that this is true, but misses out a lot of details. On the way back to their camp, Shattered Ice states that life will be uneventful without One Eye. He continues saying that Clear Sky would become bored, wishing One Eye was back to help liven up the place a bit. Clear Sky points out he thinks he went through all that so he could wish a cat like One Eye could come back. They run into Acorn Fur, who is told that One Eye is dead. She leads them to Petal, Birch, and Alder, explaining that One Eye forced them to move. He posted a guard and claimed they should be left to die because they were useless. After taking his rogues, Quick Water and Acorn Fur try to help them. Petal doesn’t survive.
Cloud Spots says to Clear Sky to watch out for One Eye's rogues while he's out. Snake later points out that they are all scarred with One Eye's mark forever now, blaming Clear Sky. Clear Sky blames himself too, admitting he showed poor judgement when he let One Eye join the group. He tells them he risked his life to kill One Eye once and for all, but Snake refuses to forgive him and leaves the group. Spirit-cats soon come to the leaders, and Thunder admits they did unite as they faced One Eye and defeated them. He later also says they would have all died if they didn’t unite to defeat One Eye.

A Forest Divided

One Eye never makes an appearance, but is mentioned many times.
Clear Sky thinks that the other leaders still blame him for recruiting One Eye into the group and nurturing him until he became too big a threat. This all ended up turning into a battle. Clear Sky goes to his burial place and remembers the battle and the power-hungry rogue. He remembers Star Flower saying he was a 'true ray of light', and wonders how the she-cat could have been so blind to her father's cruelty. Gray Wing finds Slash, and figures he knows One Eye. He thinks these rogues are like weeds; One Eye is killed but Slash has taken his place. Star Flower appears in the forest, and Thunder confronts her. Star Flower mentioned he killed her father. Thunder remembers One Eye, taking over territory and killing cats, but especially remembers that Star Flower loved her father despite his ruthlessness. He thinks if they didn't stop him, One Eye would have killed every cat on the moor. Star Flower disregards her betrayal and continues to blame Thunder for her father's death, but Clear Sky appears and tells her to blame him. Star Flower recognizes Clear Sky as the cat who took One Eye in. She says she was loyal to her father to the end.
She asks to join Clear Sky's group, but Clear Sky says her father hurt many cats, and his group won't like it. He repeats this again when Star Flower insists. She fearfully insists that she doesn't have anyone to help her hunt now that One Eye is dead so she might not last leaf-bare. Thunder wonders if since One Eye isn't around, she could be trusted. He tells Clear Sky to give her a chance, but Clear Sky reminds him that she is One Eye's daughter. Clear Sky does eventually let her join though. Gray Wing later finds Fern who Slash sent to spy on the cats, and mentions that Slash is no better than One Eye. Fern backs away and Gray Wing wonders if she thought all toms were like Slash and One Eye. Gray Wing shivers and thinks Slash sounds too much like One Eye. Gray Wing also thinks to himself later that rogues like Slash and One Eye take pleasure in making others suffer. Clear Sky later reminds his cats that One Eye is dead, so Star Flower has no cat to follow. Star Flower mentions to Clear Sky that her mother and littermates died, and One Eye refused to talk about them so it was just her and One Eye. She also mentions she never betrayed her father when he was alive.
Thunder remembers how Star Flower betrayed him to One Eye, and only told him she cared for him after One Eye died. He tells Clear Sky that the leader trusted One Eye and that got him into trouble. Star Flower admits to Thunder she thought he stopped caring about her when he found out about One Eye. Thunder snaps, saying she likes Clear Sky just because she thinks he's like One Eye. Star Flower later mentions that One Eye taught her how to catch snakes, and would find snakes to eat when there is no other prey. Thunder repeats what he said to Star Flower, saying that he himself is not enough like One Eye for her. Clear Sky wonders if he thinks he is like One Eye. Gray Wing soon mentions that Slash is just as cruel as One Eye. Star Flower later follows Clear Sky to a different camp, shocking the cats. Thunder remembers the last time they saw her, she just betrayed them to One Eye. When Quiet Rain, Clear Sky's mother, comes from the mountains, Star Flower expresses her regret that she didn't have the chance to talk to One Eye before he died. It is mentioned again that she is the daughter of One Eye.
Just when everything is peaceful again, Slash catches and threatens Star Flower, revealing to Clear Sky he is an old friend of One Eye. Star Flower snaps she never knew what One Eye saw in him. Slash sarcastically asks her why her father promised her as his mate then. Star Flower says that was long ago. They take the queen away, and Quick Water, who watched it all, goes to Clear Sky. She reminds him that Star Flower betrayed them to her father and thinks she is doing the same thing with Slash. She also tells Clear Sky the other leaders will not help Star Flower, because she was loyal to One Eye.

Path of Stars

Clear Sky remembers how Star Flower is the daughter of One Eye, and thinks she is nothing like him. Clear Sky says that Slash was a friend of One Eye. Thorn comments that cats like Slash and One Eye are not happy until they have everything. Clear Sky agrees with him. As there are doubts about Star Flower's loyalty, Nettle notes that she led them into One Eye's trap once. Gorse Fur reminds everyone who Star Flower's father is, and Clear Sky thinks his mate turned her back on the life she had as One Eye's daughter. It's mentioned again that Star Flower is One Eye's daughter, this time by Thunder. As the leaders talk about the problem, Gray Wing mentions that Slash is determined to hate and has to find a reason to hate. He says it's deep in his bones just like One Eye was. Thunder agrees some cats like them need enemies to make them feel strong, and River Ripple mentions they don't feel full unless they eat stolen prey.
After Snake joins Slash, Clear Sky admits his loyalties were always with One Eye. After Sparrow Fur saves Clear Sky again, he remembers how she fought for him when One Eye tried to drive him out. Star Flower helps the Early Settler's with fighting off Slash's group, explaining she was One Eye's daughter and knows their tricks. Clear Sky later remembers how he once trusted One Eye, even though he was Star Flower father. As Clear Sky tries to explain how cats have changed, he explains how Star Flower changed even though she is One Eye's daughter. He says he has taken rogues in once, and Leaf points out that was One Eye. Clear Sky is annoyed at their grudge, thinking they wouldn't have predicted how cruel and greedy One Eye became. After taken in a rogue called Red and discovering his past, Clear Sky stresses he'll become just like One Eye.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Wind Runner tells Clear Sky she thought he learned after One Eye turned on him, but he is still taking in troublemakers.
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