"He's a bully and a murderer. He's a rogue with fierce battle skills, and he's hungry for power. He knows this area very well; he claimed to know about the sickness."
Clear Sky about One Eye in The Blazing Star, page 171

One Eye is a mottled pale ginger[blog 1] tom with mangy, knotted fur,[1] and one yellow eye.[4]


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Dawn of the Clans

A vicious rogue brought to Clear Sky's territory by Tom, One Eye quickly establishes himself as a dangerous wildcard in the group. Barely following orders and generally being troublesome, matters come to a head when he "trains" Sparrow Fur so brutally that he nearly kills the kit and kills Tom for attempting to interfere. Beaten and ousted by Clear Sky, he swears revenge.
One Eye soon returns with a large gang of fellow rogues and takes over Clear Sky's group, driving him out. He rules the group through fear and a survival of the fittest mentality, viciously attacking any cat who dares to question him and refusing to help any cat who cannot care for itself. He even goes so far as to force the seriously sick cats away from the rest.
Clear Sky manages to get the other camp cats to go with his plan to drive One Eye out, but they are betrayed by Star Flower, who reveals herself to be One Eye's daughter. Sparrow Fur offers to be the bait to distract the rogue leader, as he killed her father. The plan works, with Thunder managing to land the killing blow on One Eye and by extension scattering his rogues.
He is often remembered by the early settlers afterwards, especially by his daughter, despite his cruelty and viciousness. When Slash makes his presence known by kidnapping Star Flower, he is revealed to be an old rogue friend of One Eye's.

Detailed description

One Eye is a scrawny,[6] mottled pale ginger[blog 1] tom with jagged claws,[6] mangy, knotted fur,[1] and one yellow eye.[4]


Author statements

  • Kate has said that One Eye loved Star Flower as much as he could love any other cat, and he didn't kill Star Flower's mother and littermates.[7]
  • Kate thinks he may have founded the Place of No Stars.[blog 2][blog 3]


  • He is mistakenly mentioned to have both eyes.[8]

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Killed victims

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"You're a fool. I've known One Eye for a long time—and he's not to be trusted. You'll live to regret taking him in."
—Mouse Ear, warning Clear Sky about giving One Eye shelter The Blazing Star (book), page 51

"Your so-called rules are a joke. No cat really cares about anything but himself. Pretending otherwise just causes heartache ...and sickness."
—One Eye to Clear Sky about his group The Blazing Star (book), page 92

"Don't even think about it. If One Eye found out that any of the forest cats spoke to you, he’d make them suffer. And he'd enjoy doing it."
—River Ripple to Thunder The Blazing Star (book), page 214

River Ripple: "One Eye was a survivor. A cat like no other who will be missed by those who loved him."
Thunder: "Perfectly true. But it leaves an awful lot out!"
—Thunder's thoughts after River Ripple talks of One Eye The Blazing Star, page 246

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"She was talking about the rogue cat called One Eye, who had taken over Clear Sky's territory by force, viciously attacking any cat who disobeyed him. The cats of the forest had to stop him! But Star Flower had loved her father, despite his obvious faults."
—Thunder thinking about One Eye A Forest Divided, pages 84-85

"Cats like Slash and One Eye aren't happy until they have everything!"
—Thorn about Slash and One Eye Path of Stars, page 8

Gray Wing: "He is determined to hate us, and he must find a reason to justify that hate. It is deep in his bones, just like it was with One Eye."
Thunder: "Some cats need an enemy to make them feel strong."
River Ripple: "Their bellies don’t feel full unless they are eating another cat’s food."
—Gray Wing, Thunder and River Ripple about Slash and One Eye Path of Stars, page 96

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