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"I don’t deserve a place in StarClan. I never will. But I owe them, and the living Clans, something."
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released, A Light in the Mist. This also includes the reveal of the identity of the impostor. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"The Clans have always fought, but this is the first time the medicine cats have been divided. I feel as if something bad is coming. The water is calm, but currents pull beneath the surface. Though they can't be seen, they have the power to drag cats to their death."
— Onestar warning Jayfeather in The Last Hope, page 72

Onestar is a small and lean,[3] lithe,[14] mottled,[15] pale[16] brown tabby tom[10] with amber eyes,[17] small paws,[18] and a scar behind one ear.[19]

Onestar was a leader of WindClan in the lake territories. Onekit was born to Wrenflight and Stagleap with two older sisters, Ashfoot and Morningflower. He was apprenticed as Onepaw, and after receiving his warrior name, Onewhisker befriended Fireheart after the ThunderClan warrior helped bring WindClan back to the forest. Onewhisker mentored Whitetail and Gorsepaw and participated on the Great Journey. When they reached the lake, the dying Tallstar made Onewhisker his deputy instead of Mudclaw. Mudclaw was furious and led a rebellion against Onewhisker; however, Mudclaw and his followers lost. Thereafter, Onewhisker received his nine lives with the name of Onestar and made Ashfoot his deputy. With wanting to prove himself to his Clan, he turned his back on Firestar and their friendship.

He and Whitetail became mates and had a daughter, Heathertail. Following the Great Battle, Onestar made Harespring his deputy and defended the Dark Forest trainees. Onestar revealed that he had a kittypet mate, Smoke, and sired Darktail, though the other kits died. At first not wanting to fight against Darktail, he eventually aided with the Clans with one final battle against the Kin. He and Darktail drowned each other, and Onestar ascended to StarClan soon after. He helped defeated Ashfur by teaming up with living cats and cats from the Dark Forest.


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The Prophecies Begin

"You would have died for us. WindClan will never forget that."
―Onewhisker to Fireheart Fire and Ice, page 66
Onewhisker is a warrior of WindClan, and his apprentice is Whitepaw. His Clan is driven from their territory by ShadowClan under Brokenstar's cruel tyranny. He meets Fireheart when he and Graystripe rescue WindClan and bring them back to the forest. He befriends Fireheart during the journey, and the two often talk during Gatherings. He gains a new apprentice, Gorsepaw. Onewhisker helps Fireheart convince Tallstar to not fight Bluestar's unprompted fight and instead asks for peace. When Gorsepaw is killed, Onewhisker angrily tells Firestar how Tigerstar killed him. He participates with LionClan in the battle against BloodClan.

The New Prophecy

"WindClan can deal with it. Many moons have passed since ShadowClan drove us out of our home, but too many cats still see WindClan as the weakest Clan. You act as if we can hardly feed ourselves. But WindClan is as strong as any other Clan and we shall prove it. We do not need help from any cat."
―Onestar to Firestar, Squirrelflight, Ashfur, and Brambleclaw Twilight, page 66

Onewhisker arguing with Mudclaw about giving land to ThunderClan

He and his Clanmates grow very thin when Twolegs poison rabbits. When Onewhisker joins the others to rescue ShadowClan as Twolegs destroy their camp, Firestar loses one of his nine lives to save Onewhisker and a kit. During the Great Journey to their new home, Onewhisker stays with Tallstar, who is very frail and on his last life. He and Mudclaw, the Clan deputy, constantly argue about Tallstar and his ability to continue to lead. As Tallstar dies, he names Onewhisker his successor without a ceremony, wishing for the friendship between WindClan and ThunderClan to live on through Onewhisker and Firestar. Mudclaw is furious, and he and other warriors insist Mudclaw should lead.
Without access to StarClan, Onewhisker appoints Ashfoot as deputy and struggles to find his confidence. Firestar continues to advise him. Mudclaw, with the help of Hawkfrost, leads a rebellion against Onewhisker, who seeks the help of ThunderClan. After the Moonpool is found, he receives his nine lives and is named Onestar. However, in an effort to prove his leadership, Onestar becomes bitter and distant with ThunderClan. He does lead his Clan to help ThunderClan when they are attacked by badgers.

Power of Three

After Gorsetail's kits go missing, Onestar angrily accuses ThunderClan of taking them. The two Clans almost break out into war until Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Breezepaw, and Heatherpaw discover them in the tunnels and bring them home. Onestar discovers the tunnels and utilizes it to attack ThunderClan. He sides with the other leaders to force ThunderClan to drive out Sol from the territories.

Omen of the Stars

Onestar continues to act aggressive towards Firestar and ThunderClan. When the lake dries up, Onestar sends Sedgewhisker and Whitetail as representatives from WindClan on the journey to free the water. His Clan once again uses the tunnels to attack ThunderClan and insist Firestar should get rid of Sol. He participates in battle against the Dark Forest.

A Vision of Shadows

"You blame Rowanstar and forget that it was Onestar who brought Darktail's vengeance to the Clans. Onestar was Darktail's father, and Onestar rejected him. But Darktail chose his path. He chose cruelty and murder. And Onestar died putting an end to that cruelty. We have all suffered. But we must listen to Bramblestar. He is right. Let us not blame. Let us remember the dead and the missing. Let us remember Onestar and his courage. He faced up to his past mistakes and he gave his last life to destroy Darktail, his own son."
―Harestar about Onestar at a Gathering Darkest Night, page 31
During a fight with Darktail and his Kin, Onestar loses a life. He blames ShadowClan for allowing Darktail to settle by the lake and refuses to help them when they are in desperate need of medicine. During another battle with the Kin, Darktail whispers something into Onestar's ear, and Onestar grows scared and cowardly orders WindClan to retreat. He closes WindClan's borders and refuses to help RiverClan when Darktail drives them out. When confronted by the other Clans, Onestar reveals that Darktail is his son. He had eloped with a kittypet named Smoke back in the forest territories and was ashamed when she brought him his kit to raise as a warrior. He turned away his son, who grew up as Darktail with a strong vendetta against the Clans. Realizing Darktail must be destroyed, Onestar and his Clan participate in another battle against the Kin where he and Darktail kill each other in the lake. He is seen in StarClan by Alderheart, looking young and strong again.

The Broken Code

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Super Editions

This section summarizes Onestar's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Crowfeather's Trial, Onestar allows Breezepelt to remain in WindClan, who trained in the Dark Forest and fought against the Clans in the Great Battle. The Clan builds a memorial for their fallen warriors and firmly believes WindClan will be reunited again. As if to prove his beliefs, he appoints Harespring, who also trained in the Dark Forest, as deputy. Crowfeather constantly disagrees with Onestar's optimism and believes Onestar is foolish for ever thinking WindClan would easily move on. Onestar insists Crowfeather should believe and listen to his leader, growing frustrated when Crowfeather disobeys him, where he temporarily exiles Crowfeather.
Onestar initially refuses Bramblestar's help to deal with the stoats that have appeared in the tunnels on WindClan territory, wanting it to be WindClan's problem and being too prideful to ask for help. However, as the threat of the stoats grows and becomes even more dangerous to WindClan's well-being, Onestar is left very little choice, and with Crowfeather's urging, finally accepts Bramblestar's offer of help.

Stand-alone graphic novels

Mudclaw: "But please. Listen. You can't give away our territory. These first days...we're setting borders that cats will fight to keep, long after we're dead and our kits' kits are patrolling these moors! We need to defend ourselves now if WindClan is ever going to be safe. Threats could come from anywhere.'"
Onewhisker: "Mudclaw...I respect you. We all respect you. You're one of the best warriors I've ever known. But right now, setting up good relations with the other Clans is more important than a few tail-lengths of woodland."
Mudclaw's thoughts: "Might as well talk to a tree.'"
—Onewhisker to Mudclaw about borders Winds of Change, pages 100-101

Mudclaw fighting Onewhisker

In Winds of Change, shortly before his death, Tallstar names Onewhisker his deputy instead of Mudclaw. Mudclaw is furious and refuses to be Onewhisker's deputy when offered. Onewhisker names Ashfoot his deputy, and struggles to help settle his Clan into their new home. Mudclaw ignores and challenges Onewhisker's decisions, such as when Onewhisker asks for his advice and when Onewhisker gives woodland territory to ThunderClan. He is set on maintaining friendships with the other Clans instead of being firm, much to Mudclaw's ire. Hawkfrost weaves ideas into Mudclaw's mind that Onewhisker is a puppet leader for Firestar so the ThunderClan leader can take over WindClan. Hawkfrost and Mudclaw resolve that Onewhisker must die so Mudclaw can regain leadership. As they begin their assault, Mudclaw is prepared to kill Onewhisker when Firestar and his warriors arrive to help. Mudclaw and his followers are outnumbered and they flee, and a falling tree kills Mudclaw. After the battle, Onewhisker goes to the Moonpool to receive his nine lives and Mudclaw gives him a life for determination.

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Onewhisker's deputy ceremony
Tallstar: I can still choose the cat who will lead WindClan after me. From this moment Mudclaw is no longer deputy of WindClan...
I say these words...before StarClan. WindClan must have...a new deputy. Onewhisker, you must lead the Clan when I am gone.
Onewhisker: Tallstar, no.
Tallstar: I am grateful to have brought the Clan this far. Onewhisker, treat our friends well when you lead our Clan. Remember everything ThunderClan has done for us.
Onewhisker: Tallstar, I'll do my best, but...
Reference: Starlight, page 119

Onestar's leader ceremony
Onewhisker: M-Mudclaw?
Mudclaw: Onewhisker...I give you a life...for determination. You must protect WindClan...in the way you think is best. And please believe me...I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I hope you can forgive me.
Onewhisker: You're already forgiven, Mudclaw. I'll do my best for our Clan. I promise.
Mudclaw: And I'll watch over you...Onestar. Together, we'll do our best to keep WindClan safe.
Reference: Winds of Change, pages 202-204

Leader info


Onestar's parents are Stagleap and Wrenflight, and his sisters are Ashfoot and Morningflower. With Smoke, Onestar fathered Darktail and with Whitetail, he fathered Heathertail. For more of Onestar's family, click here!



Did you know Kate thinks Onestar's warrior name comes from the fact that she believes he has one whisker that's whiter, longer, and thicker than all of the others? For more trivia about Onestar, click here!


"I'm sorry to hear about the fire. I know how bad it is for a Clan to be driven out of its home."
―Onewhisker sympathizing to Fireheart about ThunderClan Rising Storm, page 310

"This is as much of a shock to me as it is to you. And I would like you to carry on being WindClan's deputy. I'll need your support and experience every pawstep of the way."
―Onewhisker offering for Mudclaw to remain deputy of WindClan Starlight, page 126

"Of course we came. There are four Clans in the forest, but we can still help one another."
―Onestar to Brambleclaw Twilight, page 315

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Onestar: "Hunting has been good on the moor."
Needlepaw: "I bet he hasn't done much hunting. Creaky old mange-pelt!"
Sleekpaw: "Yeah, my mentor said he couldn't catch a blind hedgehog, never mind a rabbit."
—Needlepaw and Sleekpaw about Onestar at a Gathering The Apprentice's Quest, page 48

"You all know that I never expected to be chosen as deputy, or to become your leader. Tallstar appointed me in the last moments of his life, and no cat was more astonished than I was. I felt I was unworthy...And events have proved that I was right."
―Onestar to the assembled cats Shattered Sky, page 255

Kestrelflight: "The Dark Forest is for cats who have given themselves to evil. That isn't you, Onestar. I could have told you that long ago, if you'd trusted me enough to be honest with me."
Onestar: "Maybe. I admit that it was a selfish fear. But...well, things look a bit different when a leader is on his final life. I started to worry that StarClan would judge me harshly for my mistakes—and StarClan knows, I have made many of those."
—Onestar and Kestrelflight after Onestar's confession Shattered Sky, page chapter 19

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