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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Fire and Ice

Onewhisker is noted to be the mentor of Whitepaw. He and the deputy, Deadfoot, have been searching for areas to shelter WindClan after being chased from their home by Brokenstar during his leadership.
He is introduced to Fireheart by Tallstar. Fireheart and his friend, Graystripe, are bringing WindClan back to their home as they were driven out from their home on the moor by Brokenstar. As the traveling Clan reaches the end of the Thunderpath, Onewhisker gratefully tells Fireheart that WindClan would have died if it wasn't for him, and they would never forget that. He, along with Deadfoot, escort Fireheart and Graystripe home to ThunderClan. Onewhisker hunts a rabbit for the four, and they share it. As they are escorting Fireheart and Graystripe home, they bump into a RiverClan patrol. Furious, Leopardfur calls the battle cry and the two patrols battle. Before, Barkface had said that the blood-stained clouds would bring an unnecessary death, and this prophecy is confirmed when Graystripe accidentally knocks Whiteclaw over the edge of the gorge.
When WindClan is being attacked by ShadowClan and RiverClan together, Onewhisker is the cat who desperately begs ThunderClan for help by running into the camp and announcing the attack.

Forest of Secrets

After Nightstar reveals to the Gathering that Bluestar and ThunderClan is sheltering Brokenstar, now Brokentail, Onewhisker walks over to Fireheart and apologizes for this, telling him that he didn't forget how Fireheart had brought him and his Clan home.
When both ShadowClan and WindClan invade ThunderClan's camp to get a hold of Brokentail, Fireheart observes Onewhisker, Tallstar, Wetfoot, Deadfoot, Stumpytail, and Cinderfur running side by side as if they were all littermates. It is also noted that Onewhisker and Wetfoot had broken through Tigerclaw's defense. Onewhisker is also one of the first cats, along with Nightstar, to break through the gorse tunnel, streaking across the open ground towards Brokentail's den. As the battle draws to an end, Fireheart watches Onewhisker vanish at the tail end of the fleeing invaders.

Rising Storm

When Fireheart comes to the Gathering, Mudclaw, still harboring a grudge with him because he sheltered Brokentail, whispers something in Onewhisker's ear, to which Onewhisker blinks sympathetically at Fireheart. Onewhisker then turns and walks away from Mudclaw, leaving the WindClan warrior's tail twitching in annoyance.
At the next Gathering, Onewhisker greets Fireheart happily. Fireheart informs Onewhisker to not let Mudclaw watch him talking to him, as both he and Mudclaw were not on good terms the last time they met - when Fireheart and Sandstorm brought Cloudpaw home from being trapped by Twolegs. Onewhisker tells Fireheart that Mudclaw takes pride in defending his territory, and moves on to show Fireheart his new apprentice, Gorsepaw, Morningflower's kit. Fireheart holds a good bond with the apprentice, as he carried him for his mother when bringing WindClan home from being driven out by Brokentail. After Onewhisker shows Fireheart Gorsepaw, he dips his head to dismiss Fireheart, as Tallstar walks over.

A Dangerous Path

Onewhisker's former apprentice, Whitepaw, is now Whitetail.
At the Gathering, Onewhisker asks Fireheart if he remembers who his apprentice, Gorsepaw, was. Fireheart comments on his size, telling the young apprentice that if he grew anymore, he'd be able to join LionClan. Onewhisker notes that they should be starting the meeting, but there is no sign of RiverClan.
Fireheart travels to WindClan territory, and Gorsepaw, Onewhisker's apprentice, informs Onewhisker that Fireheart would like to talk to him. Fireheart tells Onewhisker that he wants to speak with Tallstar, and both Onewhisker and Gorsepaw bring Fireheart to the WindClan camp. Onewhisker tells Fireheart that he wouldn't do it for any cat but him, and they reach the WindClan camp. As Fireheart insists that his words are not for all cats, Tallstar calls Deadfoot, Mudclaw, and Onewhisker into his den.
Fireheart tells Tallstar that his leader, Bluestar, believes that WindClan is stealing prey. Tallstar denies it, but Fireheart tells him that he believes it is dogs instead. They come up with an idea—Ravenpaw, the cat whom had sheltered WindClan on their journey back home, will take the message that WindClan would like to peacefully meet with Bluestar back to ThunderClan, as he has permission to go in their territory.
At Fourtrees, Fireheart spots Onewhisker, Morningflower, and Gorsepaw in the patrol of cats behind Tallstar. Fireheart thinks about how he doesn't want to fight these cats.

The Darkest Hour

Fireheart, now Firestar, the new leader of ThunderClan, waves his tail towards Onewhisker and Gorsepaw at a Gathering, whom are settling down to talk to Sandstorm. When TigerClan attacks WindClan, Onewhisker calls to Firestar, whom is lying on his side with deep wounds in his throat and shoulder, with Barkface tending to him. When Firestar expresses surprise at Onewhisker's wounds, he tells him it's not as bad as it looks and that he should have seen the other cats.
Firestar then turns to look at Gorsepaw, Onewhisker's apprentice, whom lies dead in the middle of the clearing. Onewhisker explains his death to Firestar, his voice full of rage as he tells Firestar about how Tigerstar pinned Gorsepaw down in the middle of the clearing and threatened to kill him to show what the rest of WindClan would expect if they refused to join him.
In the battle against BloodClan, Onewhisker is seen, fighting against Scourge. Scourge's claws, reinforced with dog teeth, slices at Onewhisker's belly, and he yowls in pain, but Scourge, whom spotted Firestar, turns, leaving Onewhisker to crawl away.

In The New Prophecy arc


At the Gathering, Tallstar asks Leopardstar to grant him and his Clan permission to cross their borders into their territory to drink, saying that the streams have dried up in their territory and Onewhisker had fallen, trying to go down the river that ran between a deep, sheer-sided gorge for water, thanking StarClan that he was not hurt.
Brambleclaw, Dustpelt, and Squirrelpaw are all apart of the patrol that spots the WindClan patrol consisting of Onewhisker, Mudclaw, and Crowpaw, crossing the ThunderClan border. Dustpelt challenges the WindClan patrol, and when Mudclaw tells the ThunderClan warrior that they're not stealing prey, Squirrelpaw turns to the WindClan apprentice, Crowpaw, and asks what he has. Onewhisker, whom is mentioned to be thoroughly embarrassed to be caught on ThunderClan territory like this, as being one of Firestar's closest friends, tells Squirrelpaw that it isn't a ThunderClan vole, for it ran across the border with RiverClan. Brambleclaw tells Onewhisker that he was stealing prey from RiverClan, even if what he said was true.
When Crowpaw launches himself at Brambleclaw and starts a fight, Onewhisker drags Crowpaw off, scolding him in the process. When Crowpaw protests by saying that they called them thieves, Onewhisker tells him that they were right, and turns to apologize to Dustpelt. Onewhisker tells Dustpelt that they knew they shouldn't have taken it, but there is hardly any prey on the moor and the kits and elders are hungry, and he breaks off, asking what they were going to do next. Dustpelt replies with no need to do anything, for it wasn't their prey, but warns them to get off their territory. Brambleclaw notices that even though the WindClan deputy, Mudclaw, nudges Crowpaw to his paws, he does not add his apology on to Onewhisker's.


Onewhisker is first seen on the patrol that ventures deep into the heart of ThunderClan territory to beg for their help. Squirrelpaw is astonished at the condition he and the rest of the WindClan warriors are in, observing that both he and Tornear were so thin that they looked like they were made of twigs and leaves, and Squirrelpaw half-fears that the breeze will blow them away. When Tawnypelt comes to the ThunderClan camp to ask them for their help to stop the Twolegs from invading their camp, Onewhisker is seen, whispering to his leader. He tells Tallstar that he is on his last life, and asks him to stay in the ThunderClan camp. But Tallstar replies that whether he is on his first life or his ninth, his duty is to the forest, and he will not miss this battle. Onewhisker accepts his reply with a nod.
When the cats from all the Clans reach the ShadowClan camp, Firestar starts giving out orders, and Onewhisker asks him what he should do, but Firestar tells him he will get to him soon. Finally, Firestar turns to both him and Tallstar, and tells them both to defend their escape route. Afterwards, the ThunderClan cats are panicking, unable to find Tallpoppy and her three kits. Onewhisker points with his noise to a clearing surrounded by pale-barked saplings, and he races over with Squirrelpaw and Tallstar to grab the kits.
An ancient birch starts to topple over, and both Squirrelpaw and Tallstar escape, but Onewhisker is still reaching for the final kit, and Squirrelpaw watches in horror as the tree hurtles towards him. Firestar suddenly leaps forward and hurls himself against Onewhisker's flank, and the WindClan warrior is flung clear. As Onewhisker escapes, the tree hits the ground, hitting Firestar instead of Onewhisker, meaning that the ThunderClan leader risked his life for his old friend. Brambleclaw orders Onewhisker to get the other cats to the Thunderpath. Onewhisker promises that they'll wait for them at the tunnel.
As Firestar recovers from losing a life, he asks if Onewhisker had rescued the kit, and Brambleclaw tells him that they're both safe. After the Twoleg attack, ThunderClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan shelter at Sunningrocks, but RiverClan makes the journey with them. Onewhisker is seen gathering around Tallstar, whom had collapsed at the base of the rock, too tired to climb any farther. When Littlecloud starts looking for injuries, Onewhisker alerts him that Tallstar has a gash on his hind leg.
When Mistyfoot tells Firestar that she knows a time has come to make a decision about leaving the forest, she adds that many of the cats know that the river is drying up, and Onewhisker also tells them that the Twolegs have changed the course of the water, and that their warriors had seen them digging great holes around the gorge to channel the river away. Firestar, his eyes brightening with the fact that ThunderClan, RiverClan, and WindClan are all making the journey to find a new home due to the Twoleg destruction, alerts Onewhisker to tell his Clanmates that the two Clans, ThunderClan and RiverClan, are traveling with them.
As the cats are crossing the muddy ridge, Onewhisker tells Firestar that the Twoleg monsters are everywhere on the moor, and where they are is the quietest place to cross. Onewhisker does not appear afterwards, but it is most likely that he crossed the mountains with the other Clans and stayed with the Tribe of Rushing Water, then finding their new home, a lake, with all the warriors of StarClan shining in the waves.


Onewhisker is first seen besides Tallstar, in the marshland where the Clan cats are sheltering prior to finding new territories. The elderly leader is being nudged to his by Barkface, and Onewhisker gently licks his fur in encouragement. As all the leaders of the Clans gather to assign tasks and make decisions, Mudclaw, the deputy of WindClan, shoulders Firestar forward and starts to decide where the hunting patrols will go out. Onewhisker is furious at how Mudclaw behaves as if he is leader, and protests against it, saying that last time he looked, Tallstar was still leader of WindClan. In a cold voice, Mudclaw tells him that Tallstar won't be leader for much longer, and that some cat has to take charge. Onewhisker is still angry, and tells Mudclaw to show a bit of respect. He states that Tallstar was leader when Mudclaw was a small kit mewling in the nursery, and Mudclaw retorts back that he isn't a kit now, but instead he is deputy. He informs Onewhisker that Tallstar hadn't done much to lead them since they left the forest.
Firestar breaks into the fight, ending it and telling Onewhisker that he knows that he is worried about Tallstar, but Mudclaw is only doing his duty. Onewhisker growls and sits down, saying that he needn't act like he's leader already, flashing a side to side glance to all the cats around him, as if daring them to make a comment about his outburst. Firestar turns to Mudclaw, saying that Onewhisker has a fair point, and that it is difficult for a deputy to stand in for their leader—difficult for the rest of the Clan as well as their deputy. Blackstar ends the conversation by ordering them to talk about their leadership in private.
When the medicine cats gather, Barkface breaks off from the group to go next to Tallstar. Onewhisker is sitting vigil next to his dying leader, and Barkface exchanges a word or two with him. Barkface starts his own vigil with Onewhisker. When all the Clans break apart, Leafpaw spots Thornclaw saying goodbye to Ashfoot and Onewhisker. As he meets Leafpaw's gaze, Thornclaw jumps, as if he feels disloyal to his Clan because he is friends with them.
Barkface comes over to the ThunderClan warrior, Brambleclaw, asking him to find Firestar, because Tallstar is asking for him. As Brambleclaw obliges, Barkface dashes off, saying that he's got to find Onewhisker. Where Tallstar is dying, he asks for Onewhisker, and Onewhisker dashes in, saying that he only went to the lake to get the dying leader a drink. Tallstar's voice is stronger as he deems that there is something that he must do before he goes to StarClan. He tells Firestar and Onewhisker that Mudclaw is a brave warrior, but he is not the cat to lead WindClan. In the last moons, he had learned that the future of the Clan lies in friendship, and that he wants no rivalry between WindClan and ThunderClan while he is gone. He then appoints Onewhisker as the new deputy of WindClan, but not using the correct words.
Onewhisker sounds horrified and tells Tallstar no. Tallstar tells Onewhisker to treat his friends when he leads his Clan, and Onewhisker tells Tallstar that he will do his best. Tallstar's breathing gradually stops, and Firestar reminds Onewhisker that he must tell his Clan. Onewhisker protests, saying that Tallstar was dying and he couldn't think clearly, but Firestar reassures him. He firmly tells Onewhisker that Tallstar knew exactly what he wanted, and Barkface, whom had arrived after Tallstar dies, is shocked, asking what Tallstar said. Firestar explains, and after Barkface hears, he turns to comfort Onewhisker, saying that he can't do anything about it, and asking if StarClan would give nine lives to Mudclaw, knowing what Tallstar had said. Onewhisker exclaims Mudclaw's name, and wonders what he will say to him. Firestar presses against Onewhisker, saying that he will tell the Clans if it makes it easier.
Onewhisker is relieved, and thanks Firestar. As the cats gather to where the other Clans are, Onewhisker is prepared to settle down in the roots of the tree stump, but Firestar beckons to a place beside him, asking what his Clan will think if he sits down there like an ordinary warrior. Onewhisker flashes Brambleclaw a doubtful look as he encourages him, and jumps up to sit besides Firestar. Firestar announces that Tallstar is dead, and the WindClan deputy, Mudclaw, pushes his way through the group of cats and demands why no cat told him that Tallstar was dead. Webfoot, a WindClan warrior, reminds Mudclaw that he is their leader, and that they need him to help the Clan settle in a new home. Firestar asks them to listen what he's trying to tell them, and announces that just before he died, Tallstar had made Onewhisker his deputy.
Cats protest from the crowd, and Onewhisker announces that this is as much of a shock to him as it is to Mudclaw. He asks Mudclaw to carry on being WindClan's deputy, and that he will need his support and experience every pawstep of the way. Mudclaw, furious, asks them if they think he believes the load of fox-dung, as he calls it. Mudclaw says that Tallstar practically handed over his Clan to Firestar before they left for the Great Journey, and now that Firestar tells the Clans that his friend, Onewhisker, is to lead WindClan. He asks if any cat saw Tallstar's convenient change of mind, and Brambleclaw speaks up. He tells Mudclaw that he was there when Tallstar made Onewhisker his deputy, and Mudclaw narrows his eyes at him, sarcastically saying that it was a surprise that another ThunderClan cat saw. He asks what Firestar offered Brambleclaw if he backed him up - and also asks if he promised to make him deputy of ThunderClan, in Graystripe's absence. Brambleclaw steals a glance at Firestar, who's eyes blaze with cold fury.
Crowfeather speaks, saying that he will follow Onewhisker, after Mudclaw asks who will follow him. Crowfeather tells the Clan that Brambleclaw does not lie, as he knows the tabby warrior well. The WindClan cat meets Onewhisker's gaze, and tells him that he greets him as the new leader of his Clan. Cats cheer in the crowd, calling Onewhisker's leader name, Onestar, but it is noted that some sound uncertain and others openly defiant. Onewhisker thanks Crowfeather, but asks him not to call him Onestar yet, as he hasn't received his nine lives or name from StarClan. Mudclaw snarls at Onewhisker, telling him that he never will. The two cats nearly fight, but Firestar breaks it up, and Mudclaw tells Onewhisker that if he thinks he will serve as his deputy, he is wrong.
Onewhisker seems to accept his decision, and Firestar persuades Onewhisker to appoint another deputy now. For a moment, Brambleclaw wonders if he will choose the warrior Crowfeather, but shakes off the idea, as Crowfeather was made a warrior too recently and he was friendly with ThunderClan, and concludes that Onewhisker needed an experienced deputy who was popular in WindClan, but not too much with the other Clans. Onewhisker appoints Ashfoot, Crowfeather's mother, and when Ashfoot comes up to thank him, Onewhisker interrupts her, saying that he didn't want a deputy who thinks they deserve power, but one who will make the Clan strong as they reach their new home. Onewhisker parts to sit vigil with Tallstar.
Leafpaw, the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice, constantly frets about what will happen if Onewhisker doesn't receive his nine lives, as the Clans have no Moonstone in their new territories, and it was very far from there. When Cinderpelt, her mentor, asks Leafpaw about what is bothering her, she tells her about her worries about Onewhisker, and Cinderpelt comforts her, saying that they will find a new Moonstone place. Leafpaw asks when, and adds that Onewhisker needs his lives and name now. When the cats gather to announce the proper boundaries, the leaders jump onto a tree stump, and Onewhisker sits on the roots of the tree stump - as there is no room on the stump for four cats. Mudclaw gives a small, satisfied nod. Onewhisker claims the territory from the horseplace, to a stream that Firestar mentions. As the Clans start to travel, Onewhisker pauses, saying that they'll leave ThunderClan there, after they traveled together. He thanks Firestar for his help, and Firestar lowers his voice, saying that if there is any trouble, ThunderClan would be glad to help. Onewhisker leads his Clans up the hills.
After having some of her Clan's elders be affected by a stomach ache that came from tainted water Mothwing offered to the Clans, Leafpaw travels to WindClan and offers to help Barkface in caring for the elders, as she knew that it was most likely that WindClan was in the greatest danger. As she is guided to the WindClan camp by Tornear and Whitetail, Leafpaw spots Onewhisker and Ashfoot talking in the center of the camp, and Tornear heads down the slope to tell Onewhisker that Leafpaw is there. Onewhisker assigns Crowfeather to watch over Leafpaw, and walks away. As Leafpaw finishes up, Onewhisker thanks her, and tells her that Tornear told him of the dispute about the stretch of trees in WindClan territory. He decides to put his markers on the foot of the hills, leaving the trees to ThunderClan.
As the four Clans are going to the horseplace to hold their Gathering, a cream-colored she-cat, named Daisy, exclaims that there are so many of them. Onewhisker tells Brambleclaw about how Mudclaw felt uncomfortable about the way Onewhisker gave a whole slice of territory to ThunderClan in exchange for healing herbs. Brambleclaw reassures Hawkfrost that he's sure Onewhisker could be a great leader, and Hawkfrost is curious to as if StarClan have not given Onewhisker their full approval—as he does not have his name and nine lives. The conversation about Onewhisker and Mudclaw gives way into Brambleclaw being the ThunderClan deputy - and as Squirrelflight appears, Hawkfrost tells her what they were discussing. Again, Onewhisker has to sit at the roots of the tree stump, and cats note how Onewhisker doesn't look like a proper leader.
As the leaders are confirming the boundaries for sure, Firestar declares that the boundary of ThunderClan and WindClan should be set on the stream, so each Clan will have access to plenty of water, also granting back the stretch of trees Onewhisker offered to ThunderClan. When it is Onewhisker's turn to report the news, he announces that two of the elders were ill, but with ThunderClan's help, they quickly recovered. Leafpaw tells Squirrelflight that he shouldn't have mentioned that, as it made WindClan look like they cannot cope with ThunderClan's help. Squirrelflight replies by saying that maybe they can't. When Leafpaw finds the new Moonpool with Sorreltail, she comes and reports it to WindClan, After Barkface announces that the night after the medicine cat gathering that he will go with Onewhisker to receive his nine lives, a flash of panic is visible in Onewhisker's eyes, and he refuses, saying that they will go later than that, as it is a long trek, and Barkface would be worn out.
Mudclaw leads a rebellion against Onewhisker, with Hawkfrost aiding him in the process, and ShadowClan and RiverClan warriors come to help - and even some of Onewhisker's Clanmates, two being Webfoot and Nightcloud. As ThunderClan come to help, the cats see Onewhisker and Webfoot wrestling together. Brambleclaw leaps forward to help, but Mudclaw attacks Onewhisker in the same moment. When Firestar appears, Mudclaw taunts him, asking if he thinks it's his Clan and that WindClan will have a new leader, a strong cat who can make the Clan great. Firestar tells him that Onewhisker is the leader of WindClan, and the two cats battle.
Hawkfrost tells Brambleclaw that Mudclaw persuaded him to join him, promising to leave RiverClan in peace if he got some of his Clanmates to help drive out Onewhisker. Mudclaw, beneath Hawkfrost's paws, tells Hawkfrost to tell him what else he promised—how Hawkfrost came to him and offered his help if Mudclaw made him WindClan's deputy—and helped him take control of RiverClan later. Hawkfrost denies that, and Mudclaw calls him a liar, and when Hawkfrost looks at Brambleclaw, he asks him if he honestly never had any doubts about Onewhisker's leadership. Mudclaw escapes, and a bolt of lightning sends a tree crashing down on Mudclaw, killing him. As the fight breaks up, Brambleclaw notes that Onewhisker has a long gash in his shoulder, and his eyes were hollow with the knowledge that his Clanmates had been traitors, secretly plotting against him. Hawkfrost drags Mudclaw's body up to Onewhisker, reporting that the tree had crushed him and his leadership was safe.
The cats take Mudclaw's death and the crashing tree as a sign—that StarClan sent the lightning to have the tree crash down on Mudclaw, signaling that Onewhisker was the true leader of WindClan. Onewhisker forgives his Clanmates and the rest of the cats who had taken part in the rebellion, and Onewhisker notes that he is honored to receive his nine lives. At the end of the book, the cats suggest that they could use the tree that had saved Onewhisker's leadership as a bridge to get to the Island, to hold Gatherings there.


Firestar announces that last night, Onewhisker should have traveled to the Moonpool to gain his lives and his name, adding that his leadership won't be secure unless every one of his Clanmates accept him. Firestar announces that he will lead a patrol to check on WindClan, and Mousefur protests against it, saying that's WindClan's problem. Squirrelflight speaks up, asking that if they risked their lives for Onewhisker, they should make it worth the effort. Brambleclaw, leading the patrol with Squirrelflight, Ashfur, and Rainwhisker accompanying him, catch a WindClan patrol, and when Brambleclaw asks how Onewhisker is, Whitetail corrects him by saying Onestar - proving that he got his name and nine lives. Brambleclaw asks Webfoot to congratulate him for the ThunderClan cats, and Webfoot asks if Firestar thought Onestar wouldn't get his nine lives.
After Brambleclaw tells Webfoot that he wanted to be sure, Webfoot suggests that he lets WindClan get on with their own lives. Squirrelflight protests hotly, saying that Onestar wouldn't be leader if it weren't for ThunderClan. The leader of the patrol tells her that he wasn't the only cat who believed that Mudclaw was the rightful leader for WindClan—but when the tree crushed him, he knew he was wrong. Squirrelflight tells Ashfur that if Onestar trusts Webfoot, he must have bees in his brain, and that he should better watch his tail. Webfoot dismisses the ThunderClan patrol afterwards.
When the patrol reports back to camp, Firestar asks if Onewhisker was Onestar now, and Brambleclaw tells him yes. Brambleclaw also tells Firestar that his Clan doesn't seem to think that the two Clans are allies anymore, and Dustpelt tells Brambleclaw that he might not be Onestar's favorite cat since his half brother, Hawkfrost, plotted against him - and that Onestar might think the two of them were working together all along. Brambleclaw, infuriated by what Dustpelt says, reminds him that Onestar forgave all the cats whom had plotted against him, even Hawkfrost. Firestar wants to send a patrol to ThunderClan himself, because he doubts he can trust Webfoot to safely report what was happening in WindClan.
When a fox is found in ThunderClan's territory, Firestar takes a patrol to WindClan to warn them of the danger. As the cats whom fought the fox, Ashfur, Squirrelflight, and Brambleclaw, are explaining to Onestar, Onestar finishes their sentences, saying that the fox sheltered among some rocks near the foot of a hill, saying that his warriors tracked it and were keeping an eye on it. When Brambleclaw tells him that it is more savage than most foxes, Onestar insists that WindClan can deal with it, and goes on to explain that WindClan can take care of itself. Firestar apologizes for offending him and says that he will see him at the next Gathering, and they leave.
At the next Gathering, Firestar tells his Clan that Onestar had told him, Leopardstar, and Blackstar that each Clan should have a chance to explore the island before starting the Gathering. When Firestar finds an oak tree to sit on to address the Clans, Onestar leaps on a branch higher than the other leaders so he can look down on them. When it is his time to speak, it is noted by Squirrelflight that there was no trace of uncertainty or nervousness in his eyes when Tallstar had appointed him leader, and it looked like he had led his Clan for many moons. He reports that all was well with WindClan, and that he had traveled to the Moonpool to receive his name and nine lives. Also, he mentions that Ashfoot, Tornear, and Crowfeather drove away a fox from the territory, and that two of WindClan's apprentices were made warriors, Weaselfur and Owlwhisker. When Leopardstar draws a claim to the marshes, Onestar looks as if he would like the marshes to supply the medicine cat of more herbs, but it is mentioned that WindClan already has the largest expanse of territory, and he agrees to let RiverClan have them.
During another Gathering, after Leopardstar reports of ThunderClan's medicine cat, Leafpool, helping their own medicine cat, Mothwing, during a bout of sickness from poison, and after Blackstar announces that ThunderClan had helped them warn off two kittypets that had been threatening his Clan and even gone as far to kill an apprentice, Onestar jumps to his paws, asking what sort of Clan leaders they were, accepting help from another Clan. He states that ThunderClan should stop paying so much attention to the problems of the other Clans, and they act like they are stronger than the rest of them. When Cloudtail points out that he was grateful for their help when his Clan was starving, Onestar insists that that was different. As wails of protest break from the Clans, Onestar looks up at the moon, and states that no clouds were covering it, and it was shining bright—so StarClan agreed with him.
When Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight come to the WindClan camp in hope of Squirrelflight's sister, Leafpool, whom was in love with Crowfeather and assumed that she had ran away to WindClan with him, Onestar accuses them of stealing one of his warriors, explaining that Crowfeather hadn't slept in the warriors' den. When Squirrelflight tells him of Leafpool's love for his warrior, Onestar lets out an angry hiss at the fact that a medicine cat had broken the laws of StarClan. Defending her sister, Squirrelflight tells him that medicine cats too have feelings. The cats decide to send out a search patrol to look for Crowfeather and Leafpool, and Onestar does not object when the two ThunderClan cats volunteer to come. However, the patrol does not find any trace of the two cats.
When badgers attack ThunderClan's camp, Midnight comes and informs WindClan of the attack, and asks for their help. Onestar is one of the warriors in the patrol to help ThunderClan defeat the badgers. Onestar battles a badger with Nightcloud, halting in front of Brambleclaw. When he expresses his shock at how the cats came, Onestar nods, saying that there might be four Clans in the forest, but that doesn't mean they can't help each other. When the battle is over, Onestar explains to Firestar how Midnight asked for their help, and Firestar thanks Onestar, saying that ThunderClan would have been destroyed if they hadn't turned up in time to help. Onestar tells him that he had helped WindClan in the past and it only would have been right if they helped him in return.


Once more, Firestar thanks Onestar for his help, and he offers to keep a couple warriors at the camp to help ThunderClan until they are strong enough, but Firestar kindly refuses, saying it won't be necessary. After Firestar offers to have some of their warriors be treated by Leafpool, Onestar thinks that they are fit to travel and thanks StarClan. Then, after Gathering all of the WindClan warriors and Crowfeather, who had returned to the Clans with Leafpool after running away, he takes them back to camp.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

After Firestar gives ShadowClan a barren piece of land, Dustpelt comments that Onestar and Leopardstar looked very interested, adding that they obviously thought that ThunderClan couldn't defend their territory. Onestar starts the Gathering, and reports that WindClan has a new apprentice, Breezepaw. He adds that leaf-bare had been kind to his Clan in the last moon. At the same Gathering, the old ThunderClan warrior, Graystripe, who was thought to be dead, shows up. Blackstar, looks at Graystripe's companion, Millie with open hostility, and Leopardstar reminds him to not forget the truce. Blackstar retorts that the truce was for warriors, and Onestar adds that the entire Gathering was for warriors.
At the Moonpool, Jaypaw spies on Barkface's dream and hears Tallstar tell the tom that he must warn Onestar that dogs are coming with the Twolegs who bring the sheep to the moor. When the dogs come to the moor, ThunderClan sends a patrol to help the WindClan cats trying to get the dogs away from their territory, Brambleclaw asks Firestar if WindClan will accept their aide, and Firestar replies that he thinks that they will, adding that Onestar's no fool. After the cats lead the dogs away, Tornear tells Onestar that they chased the dogs off. After Crowfeather informs Onestar that ThunderClan helped chase the dogs away, Onestar thanks ThunderClan.
At another Gathering Blackstar blames ThunderClan for a lack of prey, saying that they were weakening Clan blood by letting non-Clan cats to join the Clan, but Onestar tells the cats at the Gathering that Blackstar acts like StarClan should give the cats nothing but blessings. Squirrelflight suggests to the leaders, that they hold a daylight Gathering, to try and ease some tension between the Clans, and Onestar is shown to be keen about the idea.
At the daylight Gathering, Onestar asks Hollypaw if she's ready for her part in the games. After Hollypaw wins the fighting match against the WindClan apprentice. Heatherpaw, Onestar announces that Hollypaw's the winner. As the daylight Gathering draws to a close, Firestar announces that all of the leaders agreed that the Gathering was a draw, every cat fought and hunted very well. Onestar announces, though, that Heatherpaw shall get the first piece of prey, as she climbed to the top of Sky Oak. As Jaypaw pads away from the Gathering, Onestar says that Jaypaw deserves a special mention above all of the others, and Firestar finishes, telling the Clans how Jaypaw had saved Lionpaw and Breezepaw.

Dark River

At the beginning of the book, Onestar and his Clan are seen at the Gathering. Firestar inquires if the other clans have anything to say, and Onestar turns away from him, signaling he had nothing to share.
Onestar is mentioned briefly when Jaypaw shares a dream he had about RiverClan being in danger. Firestar refuses to help and points out that Onestar's probably had enough of ThunderClan meddling, as have the other Clans.
On the way to a Gathering, ThunderClan starts calling WindClan squirrel thieves. WindClan cats grow angry about this, but Onestar walks on, not acknowledging what the ThunderClan cats were saying. Once WindClan reach the tree-bridge Onestar steps back and lets ThunderClan pass first. Firestar thanks him and Onestar simply dips his head. Once on the island, Onestar asks Leopardstar if she has brought her whole Clan to the Gathering. She replies that she did and Onestar is shocked. However, Firestar begins the meeting and Onestar climbs up to sit beside him on a branch. Leopardstar shares her clan news, saying RiverClan is having a small problem and that they must leave their camp for a short time, to which Onestar asks with hostility, where they are hunting. He then poses the question of where they will go if they can never return to their camp. Onestar points out that three territories can't support four Clans, implying that RiverClan would be forced away from the lake. Firestar tries to settle the conflict, saying they'll solve it as four Clans at the next full moon, and Onestar flicks his tail, muttering. The hostility between Firestar and Onestar grows when Firestar reports plenty of prey, shooting a glance at Onestar. Onestar says that prey is running well on their territory as well. He then moves on, asking if Blackstar has news to share.
Later, Firestar asks Leafpool and Jaypaw to go talk to Onestar, with hopes of finding out what's going on in WindClan, so that a pointless battle doesn't have to be fought. Firestar asks that they make it clear to Onestar that they would rather fight a battle driven by real need.
When they finally leave to go speak with him, they find out he's out on a hunting patrol. WindClan seems startled and anxious when they find out that the ThunderClan cats are there to speak to their leader. Onestar returns shortly after and demands why the cats are there. He seems flustered and wary to find out Firestar sent them, asking if they are in trouble. When Leafpool responds that they aren't, he snaps that there was no reason to come then, and that there isn't a special relationship between ThunderClan and WindClan any longer. He shoves Crowfeather aside when he begins arguing with Leafpool, demanding the warrior to get out of his way. Onestar is startled when Leafpool begins to address him more fiercely, but gradually calms down, explaining the situation, saying that RiverClan has not invaded their lands, reasoning that it doesn't mean they won't. He says he will defend what borders he must and take what territory his Clan needs. WindClan warriors begin taunting Leafpool as she presses further, but Onestar orders them to stop, saying that she may be right.
However, Gorsetail bursts into the middle of the discussion, crying out that her kits are missing, originally suggesting a hawk must have carried them off. However, It's mentioned that a RiverClan patrol was seen heading back into their territory and Onestar immediately says Leafpool and Jaypaw must leave. Leafpool asks with a gasp if they're going to attack RiverClan, and he hisses back that WindClan will do what they must to get their kits back. The ThunderClan medicine cats try to argue that there must be a better explanation, but Onestar snarls at them, demanding they go home, and saying that it was a waste of time to come talk.
He is heard from again after the five apprentices (Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Breezepaw, and Heatherpaw) have located the kits. Firestar is heard yowling, saying ThunderClan doesn't have WindClan's missing kits, to which Onestar responds with anger, stating that RiverClan didn't have them either and that they intend to return home with the kits. He stands with Crowfeather and Ashfoot beside him, claws unsheathed. Breezepaw leaps across the gully and stops the two Clans, saying they have the kits. Onestar immediately demands to know where they are. The apprentices quickly follow, kits in tow. He asks where they were found and Hollypaw explains that they were found on the shore. He scolds the kits, saying that they almost fought RiverClan and ThunderClan looking for them. Onestar then sighs, saying that they'll have to apologize to RiverClan for falsely accusing them. Crowfeather insists that RiverClan may still be at blame for other reasons, but Onestar narrows his eyes and says that they may still return to their own territory as they had promised. He has no intentions on going to battle with RiverClan, it seems, saying patrols will continue as normal. Onestar turns to leave, and makes an apology to ThunderClan.


Squirrelflight and Hollypaw visit WindClan to try and see Crowfeather, in order to ask him if he would join the patrol that's returning to the mountains. They run into a WindClan patrol and Whitetail tells them that she cannot just go and fetch Crowfeather, she had to take Squirrelflight and Hollypaw to Onestar first.
Once they get to WindClan's camp, Whitetail gets Ashfoot and Onestar. Onestar greets the two ThunderClan cats and tells them that they were welcome in WindClan's camp. He asks what could WindClan do for the two ThunderClan cats and Squirrelflight launches into a detailed explanation of how the Tribe had asked ThunderClan for help. Onestar narrows his eyes and says that Crowfeather could be away for a moon or more, and Crowfeather adds that he has an apprentice now. Onestar, however, decides that Crowfeather should go, telling them that the Tribe had shown kindness to the traveling cats on the great journey and Tallstar had been shown kindness during his last life from the Tribe. He also decides that Breezepaw should go with the cats to the mountains.
Onestar asks if they would like Breezepaw and Crowfeather to leave now, and Squirrelflight replies that they should, adding that they would all spend the night in the ThunderClan camp. Squirrelflight dips her head to Onestar as a sign of thanks, and the cats leave the camp.


Onestar lets his Clan hunt over the border, going through the tunnels to get into ThunderClan territory. Later, he brings his Clan into battle, attacking the ThunderClan camp when they least expect it. He says that ThunderClan isn't the most important Clan in the forest and that every Clan doesn't need their help. He also claims that WindClan isn't weak and they would take all the territory they needed if they wanted to.
A war is suggested by Firestar out of hostility. When it seems WindClan have been defeated, Onestar's plan comes into action. Three groups split up, one by the border, one by the lake, and one by the abandoned Twoleg house. The war is forced to end as a result of the solar eclipse.

Long Shadows

He appears at a Gathering and is shocked along with the other cats when Blackstar announces that ShadowClan will no longer attend Gatherings. He, along with the rest of the cats present, is shocked at the revelation.


Firestar escorts a patrol of warriors to WindClan and questions him if any of his warriors saw what happened to Ashfur, he takes it badly as it sounds like Firestar accuses WindClan of murder, and hostility drives him to send them away.
He, Blackstar, and Leopardstar all go to ThunderClan camp and tell Firestar that if they don't drive Sol out of the territories, they will join together and drive Sol out themselves. He is also seen briefly at a Gathering, agreeing with Leopardstar and Blackstar about hearing what Hollyleaf had to say as she calls out, requesting to speak.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Onestar first appears, early in the book, at a gathering, reporting the death of Barkface, WindClan's medicine cat. He also hints that WindClan had been taking fish from the lake, and adding them to their fresh-kill pile. After Leopardstar states that she will now start sending patrols around the lake, as RiverClan's main source of food is fish, he threatens Leopardstar, saying, that if any RiverClan patrols set foot on WindClan's territory, they will wish they hadn't.
Firestar convinces him, Leopardstar, and Blackstar to send two warriors each upstream to look for the water from the lake. Onestar agrees, and sends his former apprentice Whitetail and, another warrior of WindClan, Sedgewhisker to represent WindClan.

Fading Echoes

Onestar first appears in this book asking Dovepaw how she knows about the dog that injured Sedgewhisker. She lies, saying she heard the dog coming from WindClan territory and guessed, but Onestar is unconvinced. He sends Heathertail and Breezepelt to take Dovepaw and Ivypaw home.
He then appears at a Gathering reporting about the refilling of the lake, receiving mumbles from Blossompaw saying that he's acting like WindClan did it alone. He then continues by saying he will punish trespassers severely, hinting towards Dovepaw and Ivypaw.

Night Whispers

When Dovepaw uses her senses to hear far away Clans, a WindClan cat asks Swallowtail where Whitetail is. Swallowtail answers that she is sharing Onestar's den for the night.
Later, Dovepaw says that Onestar is washing, but she is then interrupted by Ivypaw. He is seen at the Gathering reporting news, and when Mistystar reports that RiverClan is healthy, he agrees with her, telling the Clans that WindClan is also healthy.

Sign of the Moon

Onestar is first mentioned by Antpelt when Antpelt arrives late to the Dark Forest, saying that Onestar sent him on the moonlight patrol. Onestar is the leader that starts the Gathering. He reports that prey is running well and that Whiskernose had been made a warrior. Dovewing later tells Ivypool that WindClan must be having trouble with dogs, though Onestar didn't mention it at the Gathering.

The Forgotten Warrior

Onestar is seen first following Firestar into the tree at the Gathering. He provokes a fight with Firestar, saying that his Clan had seen a trespasser on their territory, and accuses it of being a ThunderClan cat, asking if Firestar is plotting an invasion. He argues until Firestar ends the argument, saying that if Onestar had anything to report, he had better say it. Onestar promptly announces two new apprentices, Crouchpaw and Larkpaw, before sitting down. Because of his false accusation, not many cats cheer for the new apprentices, and Ivypool thinks of how sad it was that those two apprentices had their special moment ruined because of him.
Later, Onestar, Crowfeather, and Sedgewhisker tell a ThunderClan patrol to drive away Sol at once, and Onestar is notably aggressive and forceful towards the patrol. He threatens that if Firestar doesn't let Sol go, he and WindClan will have to force him.
During the next Gathering, when Jayfeather is accused by Dawnpelt of murdering her brother Flametail, Onestar suggests that Firestar suspend Jayfeather from his medicine cat duties until he can prove his innocence. Lionblaze mentally notes that he sounds reluctant, as if his respect for Jayfeather as a medicine cat outweighs his hostility towards ThunderClan. Although Mistystar and Jayfeather's fellow medicine cats agree with Onestar's suggestion, Jayfeather refuses, sparking tension between the Clans. The Gathering ends when StarClan sends clouds over the moon.

The Last Hope

Onestar is first seen at the Gathering, and says that WindClan has had good hunting that season. When the Dark Forest cats' scents are mentioned, Onestar shuffles his paws and admits that his Clan had sensed the scents also. Onestar agrees with the other leaders that there are no signs of cats at the borders, but traces are always deep in the territory. Onestar growls that if rogues could spread scents, then so could a Clan patrol. Onestar glares at Firestar as he leaves the Great Oak.
Later, Jayfeather crosses through WindClan territory, and Onestar is there. Jayfeather warns the leader to be careful of his warriors. Onestar is outraged, and demands if he thinks his warriors are disloyal. Jayfeather replies simply that cats can be tricked into being disloyal, and leaves.
When the medicine cats and leaders meet, Onestar agrees to fight the Dark Forest.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

During a Gathering, Bramblestar greets Onestar and asks him how the prey is running in WindClan. The brown tabby gruffly responds that it is well enough, and expresses his hopes that the ThunderClan leader's warriors kept close to the lake when he passed through their territory. Bramblestar meows that they obviously did, as ThunderClan would never trespass, and Onestar responds with a grunt. Once the leaders begin climbing the Great Oak, Molewhisker points out the leaders of the other Clans, and tells Alderpaw that he has already seen Onestar, who is on the branch just above Rowanstar.
When the Gathering begins, after Mistystar shares her news, Onestar announces that hunting has been good on the moor. Needlepaw mutters that he must not have done much hunting, and calls him a creaky old mange-pelt, and Sleekpaw agrees that her mentor said that he couldn't catch a blind hedgehog, and particularly not a rabbit. Alderpaw is shocked that they are talking so rudely about a Clan leader, and that ShadowClan warriors would speak like that in front of their apprentices. Onestar continues that some rogues passed through the edges of their territory, and notes that Crowfeather led a patrol to keep an eye out on them. He concludes that the rogues left without making any trouble, and must be long away by now.
When it is Rowanstar's turn to share the Clan news, he mentions that two of their kits have been apprenticed to the new warriors Stonewing and Wasptail. Onestar looks sharply at the ginger tom, and disapprovingly asks if ShadowClan is really giving apprentices to brand-new warriors. Rowanstar retorts that ShadowClan cats are ready for anything by the time they are warriors, and adds that the other Clans need to stay out of ShadowClan business.
When the medicine cats share their prophecy about finding what is in the shadows, Onestar murmurs that their old territory, back in the forest, had been filled with shadows. He is noted to look old and frail, eyes full of memories, as he recalls that they lost so much when they left. Mistystar sympathetically asks how they could possibly find their old territory, and she stretches her tail to draw the tip down the WindClan leader's flank.
Later, when Alderpaw travels to the Gathering after his quest with Twigkit and Violetkit, Onestar is seen streaming down the hillside with his cats, and they head around the lake ahead of them, past the horseplace. During the Gathering, when Bramblestar and Rowanstar argue over who should take Twigkit and Violetkit to their Clans, Mistystar interrupts that she and Onestar would appreciate some more information, as it is the first time they have heard about the quest. From where he crouches on a lower branch, hardly visible, Onestar growls that they would, and asks if it is another case of ThunderClan thinking that they can control the whole forest. Bramblestar says that it isn't one at all, and he explains what happened in the quest, and how they think that 'what they embrace in the prophecy' will be the two kits.
Onestar grumbles that he will never be convinced that the kits are what they are meant to embrace, and exclaims that they are kits, and wouldn't know. Rowanstar points out that they don't have to know anything, but that StarClan guided them to the Clans. Bramblestar says that it would be cruel to move the kits, but Onestar hisses that he would say that, since all that interests him is keeping the kits for ThunderClan. Bramblestar agrees that one of the kits can go to ShadowClan, but Onestar protests that that isn't good enough, since all the Clans, including WindClan and RiverClan, should try to raise the kits together. The other leaders are silent a his suggestion, and Sparkpaw asks Alderpaw if the WindClan tom is mouse-brained, as it would never work. Onestar lets out a hiss of annoyance and retreats even farther into the leaves, glaring out balefully.
Many of the cats below try to get a look at Twigkit and Violetkit, and Mistystar asks if there is anything else to be discussed. however, Onestar growls that she shouldn't be ridiculous, as no cat is going to want to talk about day-to-day business after all of that.

Thunder and Shadow

Onestar loses a life to the rogues under Darktail's rule. This incident causes him to go rather mad, as mentioned by Squirrelflight, punishing his Clanmates for breaking the warrior code the slightest. He holds ShadowClan responsible for the rogues and refuses to give the herb to ShadowClan. Kestrelflight apologizes to Puddleshine about this. After many attempts, Crowfrost holds Twigpaw hostage in return for ThunderClan giving them the herb. However, Onestar realizes what Jayfeather and Alderpaw are trying to do, and refuses to give ThunderClan the herb. Kestrelflight and Harespring are forced to go behind his back to bring the herb to ShadowClan, outraging Onestar. However, most of the cats, including some from his own Clan, look at him accusingly when Rowanstar blames Onestar for ShadowClan's suffering. Nevertheless, Onestar refuses to accept his mistake, calling ShadowClan a bunch of rogues.
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Shattered Sky

Onestar is first seen battling with Darktail. As they fight, with Onestar leaving gashes on Darktail's face, the black-tailed tom leans in and whispers something in Onestar's ear. The WindClan leader looks horrified, and calls for his cats to retreat. This leaves the remaining Clan cats at a serious disadvantage, resulting in them losing the battle.
At the Gathering, Onestar is angrily interrogated by Mistystar about fleeing the battle, with Mistystar flying into a rage about how WindClan cost them the fight, and how maybe she should just close RiverClan's borders. Bramblestar clams Mistystar down, but like her, demands to know why Onestar left the battle. The WindClan leader defensively retorts that he does not have to tell them anything and even tries to steer the conversation away from himself by saying that Darktail being here is Rowanstar's fault because he didn't drive him out. The four leaders continue quarrelling, until StarClan covers the moon, ending the Gathering.
A ThunderClan patrols arrives at the WindClan camp. Onestar asks Bramblestar what he wants, and that if it's about the battle he can go back immediately. Bramblestar calmly responds, and asks him about the time when Firestar left to go on a quest. As he speaks of how Firestar helped rebuild the lost SkyClan, Onestar grows furious. He snarls that ThunderClan had been lying, and that he couldn't trust Bramblestar or even Firestar before him. Squirrelflight retorts that no cat never lied to any other cat, but that Firestar had no reason to spread the story of the lost Clan around, and neither did Bramblestar until as of recently. Onestar snorts and asks what changed Bramblestar's mind. Alderheart steps forward and says that he believes that the prophecy is referring to the lost SkyClan. Onestar curls his lips and hisses that ThunderClan wants him to help a strange Clan and give them WindClan territory. Many WindClan cats growl around the patrol, and Lionblaze and Dovewing slide out their claws. Bramblestar, still calm, says that is not what they intend to do. Alderheart explains about his quest, how he searched for SkyClan, only to find that rogues drove them out, led by Darktail. He says they were the same rogues that attacked Onestar, and the same rogues that took over ShadowClan. Onestar's look on his face turns to horror, and he eventually asks if Darktail was to blame for SkyClan's exile. Alderheart confirms this, and Onestar is silent, until he becomes angry and screeches that WindClan owes SkyClan nothing and that ThunderClan cats need to get out. He says that WindClan's borders are closed. Bramblestar protests, but Onestar refuses to listen. A couple of WindClan warriors escort them to the border. Alderheart thinks about Onestar and comes to the conclusion that he is hiding something.
After the rogues take over RiverClan territory, Mistystar sends a patrol to ask Onestar for help, but a WindClan border patrol turns them away. The Clans send more patrols later on, but Onestar refuses even to talk to the other Clans. Rowanstar openly wonders why Onestar is willingly allowing the Clans to suffer, and no cat can think of an answer to this question.
The rogues later attack WindClan, and Onestar is once again fighting with Darktail. Darktail orders his cats to stop, and proceeds to taunt Onestar. Harespring voices a question that is running through every cat's mind: how does Darktail know Onestar? Onestar replies that Darktail is not to be trusted, and lists what Darktail has done, and challenges him. Darktail coldly replies that it's all fair, especially after what Onestar did to him. He says he knows things that would make WindClan cats' fur stand on end. Harespring asks what Darktail is talking about, and Onestar demands that they should not listen to him. Darktail spins around to face him, and says they should know who he truly is, and that the Onestar they know couldn't have done something like what he did to Darktail. Darktail then launches himself at Onestar, but the Clan cats are prepared, and soon the rogues are forced to retreat. Darktail yowls that they will be back, and Onestar can make sure of that.
Onestar asks for the cats that fought to hear what he has to say. He says that he is the reason that Darktail has come to the forest, and it started when he was Onewhisker. Onestar continues, saying he did not feel worthy of being leader, and that the recent events have proved him right. Crowfeather objects, saying he was a noble leader, but Onestar shakes his head. He reveals that when he was young, he would sneak out to where Ravenpaw and Barley's barn was, back in the old forest territory. There were kittypets there, and he enjoyed entertaining them with his stories. He says it was easy to impress them, and there was one cat, named Smoke, who stood out to him. Onestar reveals that when he was still a warrior, he and Smoke fell in love. He refused to let Smoke join WindClan when she revealed she was expecting his kits, for fear of what his Clanmates would say and for Smoke's own safety, as she was too delicate for life in the wild. Then, one day, Smoke delivered her kits. Sadly, only one of them survived and that kit was Darktail. When Darktail was old enough, Smoke brought him to live with his father. However, Onestar rejected his son for the same reason he'd rejected Smoke. This caused him and Smoke to break up and for her to hate the Clans who rejected her son. She declared she would raise him to hate the Clans and their way of life. Bramblestar then asks the WindClan leader if his son knew that he rejected him and Onestar confirmed, since Darktail was old enough to understand that then. Onestar states that he told himself that his actions were necessary for Darktail and Smoke's well-being, but apparently caused a negative effect in his son's personality, causing him to grow up into the bitter and cold cat he is now, due to the fact that he never got the chance the live the life as a Clan cat and learn what it was.
Onestar continues, stating that Darktail must have gathered rogues to him as his followers, and then found SkyClan and drove them out of their home. When Alderheart arrived at the gorge on his quest, Darktail got the information he'd been seeking for so long: where the Clans went after they left the forest territories. Thus, he finally got the chance to take revenge on his father. Onestar then explains that when the rogues first attacked WindClan, Darktail whispered his intentions to him. This was why Onestar was so adamant that ShadowClan drive out the rogues and furious when they hesitated. Rowanstar snorts at Onestar, saying that if he had told the truth from the start things would have been better. The light brown tabby admits that the dark ginger tom is right, but says that he couldn't bring himself to confess back then. When Mistystar demands to know why Onestar retreated from the battle, the WindClan leader finally admits that he regrets what he did, and reveals that Darktail whispered to him that a cat who rejected and then killed his own son would end up in the Dark Forest. Onestar then reveals that he is on his final life, and he was afraid Darktail is right. Rowanstar reacts to this with incredulity, saying that Onestar wouldn't go to the Dark Forest for trying to save the Clans from a cruel cat like Darktail. Kestrelflight agrees, as the Dark Forest is for cats who are pure evil, and assures Onestar that he was never evil. With his head drooping, Onestar admits that his fear was a selfish one, saying that he was worried StarClan would judge him harshly for his mistakes. After a moment of silence, he sits up straight, looking more like a leader, and apologizes for bringing Darktail's wrath upon the Clans and for abandoning them out of fear for his own well-being. Determined to right his wrongs, Onestar affirms that WindClan will help to deal with the rogues.
In the final battle against the rogues, Bramblestar proceeds to fight Darktail, but Onestar yowls that Darktail is his. Soon, only Darktail and Onestar are the ones fighting. Onestar taunts Darktail, saying he never would've made it as a warrior, and that he should've stayed a kittypet. Darktail launches himself at his father, and they tussle together, tooth against tooth, claw against claw, until they roll into the lake. Still wrestling, they sink into deeper and deeper water with an occasional head, tail, or paw, until both cats sank out of sight. A WindClan warrior cries out Onestar's name, but neither cat resurfaces. The WindClan cats are unable to retrieve his body, and they sit vigil for him, with his medicine cat, Kestrelflight, speaking the words that will guide him to StarClan.

Darkest Night

Harestar succeeds Onestar as leader of WindClan.
At the Gathering, Harestar points out that Onestar brought Darktail's vengeance to the Clans by rejecting Darktail, who was his own son. However, he also asserts that whatever Onestar did to his son, Darktail chose his own evil path, and asks that the Clans forgive and remember WindClan's former leader for facing his mistakes and giving his last life to kill his own son.
At the same Gathering, Mistystar announces that she is going to close RiverClan's borders. Alderheart is shocked, thinking that she's following in the pawsteps of Onestar.
Later, Kestrelflight mentions during the medicine cat half-moon meeting that Mothwing and Willowshine were probably ordered to stay away, as Onestar had done to him once. When the medicine cats dream, Kestrelflight sees his former leader, and dips his head, saying it's good to see him. Onestar returns the sentiment, and Alderheart notices the leader looks a lot different, and is young and strong again.
Kestrelflight wonders if Mothwing and Willowshine received the prophecy, as he himself hadn't been able to share with StarClan when Onestar cut them off. WindClan and ThunderClan's medicine cats later go to RiverClan to pass on the news, but are met with hostility. They get angry at Kestrelflight, because of Onestar's actions, which caused so much heartbreak and pain. The WindClan tom insists that that's in the past, as Harestar is leader now.

In the Super Editions

Tallstar's Revenge

Onekit is briefly seen beside his mother, Wrenflight, and asks her if Heatherstar is dead. She hushes him and tells him to show respect. Onekit then squeaks that Heatherstar will be in StarClan and he wonders if she was watching them.

Firestar's Quest

At the Gathering, Tallstar reports that Onewhisker and WindClan's deputy, Mudclaw, had chased a fox away from the moors, which seemed to prefer WindClan's territory than woodland.
When the Gathering concludes, Firestar, who wants to visit the Moonstone to speak with StarClan, does not leave with the rest of ThunderClan, but instead waits until the clearing is empty before following WindClan and meeting the cat bringing up the rear of the Gathering patrol: Onewhisker. Firestar asks Onewhisker if he may travel to Highstones, in which Onewhisker agrees to let Firestar travel, asking if there is any trouble. Shortly after, Firestar says goodbye to Onewhisker and his Clan after they reach their camp.
Later, when Firestar and his mate, Sandstorm begin their journey to find and restore SkyClan, Onewhisker is with Mudclaw, hunting rabbits. Recognizing Onewhisker's voice, Firestar listens to their conversation as Onewhisker says he can smell ThunderClan scent, but cannot see any cats. Mudclaw says if any cats set paw on their territory, they'll be sorry, but Onewhisker says it's probably some cat on their way to Highstones, to which Mudclaw snarls that whoever it was, they weren't on their way to Highstones, and he calls Onewhisker a mouse-brain for thinking of such a thing.

Crowfeather's Trial

Onestar stands beside a small pile of stones as his Clanmates gather in a ragged circle around him. Onestar tells the Clan that they will honor their fallen Clanmates and each of the stones represent a fallen warrior. He also tells the Clan that every day, a patrol will visit that place, to repeat the names of those who died and to give thanks.
He then turns to his new deputy, Harespring, and tells him to put the last stone in place. Crowfeather thinks that Onestar chose a cat who trained in the Dark Forest to try and unite the Clan again. He looks relaxed, content, and his amber eyes gleaming - as if he truly believed WindClan was united again. Crowfeather knows that Onestar forgives Breezepelt, as well as the other cats who trained in the Dark Forest.
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Bramblestar's Storm

Onestar has appointed a new deputy, Harespring, despite him being a former Dark Forest trainee. On a patrol, the new ThunderClan leader, Bramblestar asks a WindClan patrol how Onestar is doing. Leaftail responds that Onestar is doing fine.
On the way to a Gathering, ThunderClan meets with WindClan. The lake is flooding, and the two clans spit with hostility at each other, so Bramblestar offers for WindClan to go first, stating with the water so high, they don’t want any accidents. Onestar thanks him, and tells his warrior to follow him, despite the protests of the ThunderClan cats. At the Gathering, Blackstar starts to list the fallen warriors of the Great Battle, including WindClan, to which Bramblestar wonders if Onestar should be announcing his own Clan’s fallen. They continue with the Gathering, to which Onestar reports excellent hunting. He mentions that birds have been coming from the sun-drown-place because they are blown by the wind. They don’t see comfortable in grass, making hunting easy for WindClan. Onestar lastly reports that they do not have kits yet, but Sedgewhisker is expecting. Bramblestar wonders why the other leaders are making a deal about kits, and warns them of their strengthened boundaries. A scrap of cloud covers the moon, so Onestar calls that the Gathering is over.
After catching a white bird, Bramblestar remembers that Onestar is hunting these birds. Bramblestar reveals he wasn’t paying much attention, thinking that Onestar was imagining that the bird is from the sun-drown –place, but now he is unsure. Later, when the lake has flooded even more, Onestar decides to move the border so they can accommodate a stream of fresh water, as it’s their only source. A ThunderClan patrol clashes with a WindClan patrol, and Weaselfur retorts that if they have a problem, they can speak to Onestar. When ThunderClan dislodges a tree trunk to stop WindClan crossing the flooded stream, Cloudtail is saddened they are cut off, since Firestar and Tallstar were once friends, but that changed since Onestar became leader. Bramblestar agrees, especially since Onestar got on well with Firestar when he was Onewhisker.
The flood water eventually goes down, and the Clans are able to hold a Gathering. Onestar seems hostile towards the other Clans, and he keeps his Clan separated clustered together at one side of the clearing. He announces that it doesn’t seem ShadowClan is coming, but before anyone could start, ThunderClan cats find the Stick of the Fallen. Onestar, along with the other Clans reveal their own tributes to the fallen cats of the Great Battle. Onestar reveals that WindClan remembers with a pile of stones at the top of the moor, one stone for each cat. A patrol goes there every day to remember and be thankful. They eventually begin the Gathering, and Onestar starts, but Bramblestar interrupts him. Unhappy, Onestar lets him speak. Bramblestar announces that he wishes to create a new rule of the warrior code: That each Clan must help each other so that no Clan will fall. Onestar mutters he is not giving him much choice as of choosing if this will be part of the warrior code or not, so agrees to it. All Clan leaders agree, and this becomes part of the warrior code.

In the Novellas

Dovewing's Silence

Blackstar organizes for the Clan leaders, medicine cats and former trainees in the Dark Forest, to meet on the island to discuss the fate of the former trainees.
Onestar arrives accompanied by his medicine cat Kestrelflight and Breezepelt. Onestar asks why Lionblaze and Dovewing are there, and Bramblestar explains they have valuable information about the Dark Forest. Mistystar mentions she would like to give Icewing a second chance, and Onestar declares he wants the same for Breezepelt. He states they have suffered great losses from the battle, and asks why should he punish one of his few remaining warriors. He continues to say he needs Breezepelt for patrol, not wasted because of something that has finished. He lets his gaze rest of the ThunderClan cats and mentions they have to face the fact that some of their Clanmates were recruited by the Dark Forest for whatever reason. He adds meaningfully that some Clans more than others, hinting ThunderClan has more Dark Forest trainees than any other Clan.
After Ivypool explains how and why the trainees were recruited, Onestar traces his forepaw in the dust. He says that he doesn't need to know why Breezepelt made his choices, but only needs to trust him, which he does. When Bramblestar hints that Breezepelt attacked ThunderClan alongside the Dark Forest, Onestar quickly defends him, saying that Breezepelt would never turn on his Clanmates. That is the essence of the warrior code, and he is his warrior, so it's up to him what happens to Breezepelt. Blackstar protests they need to decide a single course of action together, but Onestar spits that ShadowClan does not decide anything on behalf of WindClan. Mothwing, the RiverClan medicine cat steps forward and suggests each former trainee will swear a new oath of loyalty in front of the Clan. Onestar, along with the other leaders agree to this, and promise to see this is done as soon as they get back to camp.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock tells the kits that Onestar knows about the loneliness that power brings. When Fireheart rescued WindClan from exile, he and Onewhisker were very much alike; young, loyal warriors itching to impress their leaders, so they fostered a friendship.
This continued to pay off for a while, especially when Fireheart tried to stop the battle between ThunderClan and WindClan; Onewhisker helped convince Tallstar that Fireheart was telling the truth. So Firestar was quite pleased when Tallstar changed his deputy before he died, believing that their friendship would continue when Onestar became leader. However, Onestar now felt like he owed a debt to Firestar rather than a simple friendship and realized that he couldn't stay such good friends with Firestar or it would make the Clan seem weak and lose him respect from his Clanmates, many of whom were already supporting Mudclaw. Now, when he feels he most needs an ally he is forced to remember their friendship, but he is well aware of the fact it cannot continue as it used to.

Code of the Clans

In the story, "Too Late for Regrets: Tallstar Explains", Tallstar talks to Bluestar in StarClan, wondering whether he made the right decision to make Onewhisker leader. Stating that Onewhisker would have been as good a deputy as Mudclaw. Tallstar says that Onewhisker will make a great leader. He also mentions he knows that WindClan will be safe under Onewhisker because the tom will have to prove his strength one day, adding that every leader does.

Battles of the Clans

Onestar introduces the book, having found two kittypets on his territory. Instead of chasing them away, he invites them to learn more about the ways of Clan cats, and brings them to each Clan's camp to learn about the different styles of fighting used by each group of cats.
When Tawnypelt is talking about the territories, she tells the kittypets how Onestar had to fight for his leadership. She points out the island and says that the log that they use to get across to the island killed Mudclaw, the cat who should have been leader when Tallstar died.
Onestar is mentioned again when Dapplenose wonders why there are kittypets at a Gathering, and sees Onestar with them.
Onestar then says farewell to the kittypets. He concludes what battles mean to the Clans and says that battle is not always the answer. He says that warriors will keep passing on their skills to apprentices; heroes will be celebrated, and that battles will always be remembered by the winning side. He says that battling is what it means to be a warrior, and that as long as there are cats by the lake, there will be battles.

The Ultimate Guide

He first appears on Tallstar's page. Tallstar dismissed Mudclaw as deputy and appointed Onewhisker as deputy instead. Onestar tried perhaps a little too hard to prove that WindClan no longer needed the friendship of the other Clans to survive.
He next appears on his own page.
As a warrior, Onewhisker was loyal and courageous. After Fireheart rescued WindClan from their temporary home by the Thunderpath, he befriended the soon to be Firestar. Their friendship helped both WindClan and ThunderClan. He helped persuade Tallstar to not attack Bluestar when she falsely accused them of stealing prey. When Onewhisker became Onestar, he wanted to prove that WindClan was strong without the help of another Clan. He fought hard to win the respect of his Clanmates as Mudclaw rebelled. He overcame Mudclaw and his supporters revolt with the help of StarClan, sending a bolt of lightning to send a tree falling, crushing Mudclaw. He was quick to reinforce the borders between ThunderClan and WindClan vigorously soon after. He made it clear that there would be no favors, no tolerance of any trespassing. Onestar used the tunnels linking the two tunnels as means to attack ThunderClan deep within their borders. He ordered his warriors to train underground and narrowly lost. When the Dark Forest attacked, Onestar was forced to unite with Firestar once again.
He is mentioned on Mudclaw's page. Mudclaw felt utterly betrayed when Tallstar appointed Onewhisker as deputy instead of him. Mudclaw's challenge to Onestar's leadership was encouraged by many Clanmates and cats from other Clans, including Hawkfrost, who warned Onestar's reluctance to seize more territory that was originally given to WindClan would leave WindClan hungry and weak. Mudclaw led an attack on Onestar, but were defeated when Firestar fought on Onestar's side. The cats took on Mudclaw's death as a sign that Onestar has StarClan’s approval.
It is mentioned on Heathertail's page that Onestar's determination to prove that he could be strong without Firestar’s help drove Lionpaw to decide not to meet Heatherpaw anymore. When three WindClan kits went missing, Onestar assumed it was ThunderClan. It is also mentioned on Hawkfrost's page that Hawkfrost supported Mudclaw's rebellion against Onestar.

In the Short stories and plays

Beyond the Code: Brightspirit's Mercy

Onestar appears at the Gathering, where he states that every leaf-bare is hard on the Clans, for his Clan is starving. Later in the play, some of his warriors bring back some fresh-kill that was given to them by Jaypaw, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf, who secretly gave some of ThunderClan's plentiful prey to WindClan to help them survive.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

The Clan cats hold a vote after they gather on the Island: to either have Firestar rule each Clan during the harsh season of leaf-bare, or having individual leaders rule their own Clans. Surprisingly, Onestar votes in favor of having Firestar rule the Clans, openly stating that he hopes Firestar's ideas will bring both Onestar and him back to the old days, where the two leaders were good friends.

In the Warriors App

It is mentioned in Onestar's profile that he hated the way some of his Clanmates refused to accept him, though he understood their confusion. He blamed Tallstar, and sought him out in a dream to challenge him. When Tallstar refused to apologize for his decision, Onestar fought him. Onestar won, and Tallstar said that the fight had proved that he had made the right choice. Onestar still bears a scar on his ear from that fight.
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