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Onestar is a selfish and tactless leader. He only cares about himself and his own grudges, as shown when he wouldn’t let ThunderClan help with WindClan’s stoat problem even though they needed support.[1] He is rude and inconsiderate when dealing with other leaders, as seen when he compares Bramblestar to his father, Tigerstar, after little to no provocation.[1] Onestar’s irresponsibility is eventually what kills him, as the product of his affair with a kittypet named Smoke, Darktail, is the cause of his demise.[2] However, as a warrior, he was fair, and logical.[3]



When he was a warrior called Onewhisker, Onestar had a secret affair with this kittypet, and he thought that she was beautiful and sweet. He told her of Clan life, and she was fascinated and happy to be his mate. Eventually, Smoke became pregnant with Onestar’s kits. She asked to join WindClan, but Onestar rejected her, partly for her own safety, as she was too delicate for life in the wild, and partly because he didn't want Smoke to see that he was just an ordinary warrior and not the glorious hero he made himself out to be. Smoke gave birth to the kits on her way back to her home, and because no one was there to help her give birth, all but one kit died. Smoke took the kit to WindClan and begged Onestar to let her kit join, but Onestar once again turns her down for the same reasons as before. Smoke becomes bitter and vengeful, and raises her kit to hate the father who rejected him.[4]


Darktail was raised on stories of his father’s and the Clans' rejection, and harbors a deep grudge against Onestar. Onestar learns that Darktail is his son, and the two battle each other during the battle against the Clans and the Kin. They roll into the lake, where father and son drown together while trying to kill each other.[4]


Whitetail and Onestar were mates, and had Heathertail together. However, when Whitetail learns of Onestar’s past affair with Smoke, she is outraged and says that she never knew he would do such a thing.[4]


Onestar is very protective of his daughter. They are both very stubborn cats, and often argue and disagree. Onestar does love his daughter, but gets easily frustrated with her ‘silly’ ideas.[1]


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