"You don't think I came here to join, do you? Why would I leave a couple of perfectly good housefolk who give me everything I want? I didn't spend moons training them for nothing."
— Oscar mocking Firestar and the newly built SkyClan in Firestar's Quest, pages 321-322

Oscar is a black tom[2] with emerald-green eyes.[3]


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Oscar is a kittypet who appears at the meeting Firestar holds to hopefully gather rogues, loners, and kittypets to join SkyClan. When Firestar asks him to join SkyClan, he refuses. Oscar's rejection upon joining the Clan causes Firestar to ponder if he is the medicine cat that they are looking for. He later appears when Firestar shows Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw the territory of Twolegplace. Sparrowpaw tells him not to call him Boris anymore, as his new name is Sparrowpaw, which Oscar insults. Firestar asks Oscar if he has had any strange dreams, hoping he would not, and Oscar says no.
His final appearance is when Firestar looks for the medicine cat that Skywatcher promised he would find. The medicine cat turns out to be the kittypet Echo, and then Oscar mocks them, telling them that he does not believe in StarClan, and that Echo is crazy to join Firestar and the other cats. Oscar asks Echo if she is really going, just because of a few dreams, and she tells him that it is not for him to understand. Oscar is mentioned to look dumbfounded as Firestar and the rest of the cats leave the Twolegplace.



"I just wanted to find out what stupid ideas you'd come up with. And they are stupid. You're all mouse-brained."
—Oscar to the new SkyClan Firestar's Quest, page 322

Sparrowpaw: "And don't call me Boris. I'm Sparrowpaw now."
Oscar: "Sparrowpaw! What sort of name is that?"
—Oscar to Sparrowpaw Firestar's Quest, page 412

Oscar: "Hang on. You're not really going, are you? Just because of a few dreams?"
Echo: "This is not for you to understand."
—Echo leaving with Firestar Firestar's Quest, page 415

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