Owlstar is a dark gray[3] tom[2] with large, unblinking amber eyes.[3]


In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

As an apprentice, he goes out at night, and watches the owl living in the Owl Tree. He follows the owl when it hunts, which, in turn, reveals the secrets of hunting at night. He soon grows up to be the best hunter in ThunderClan.
Although it is unknown what happens to ThunderClan's first deputy, Lightningtail, Owleyes succeeds him, and eventually becomes Owlstar; Thunderstar's successor.
He appears when Mosskit goes to StarClan, and asks Moonflower to think about what would have happened if Bluestar, then Bluefur, had stayed in the nursery with her kits and Thistleclaw became the deputy, and approves Snowfur's decision to take care of Mosskit. He is mentioned to be among the oldest StarClan spirits.


  • Vicky thinks he and Owl Eyes, another deputy of Thunderstar's with the same description and very similar names, could be the same cat.[4]

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"Halfway up the trunk is a hole that is home to a tawny owl that flies out at night. Legend has it that an early ThunderClan apprentice learned the secrets of night hunting from one such owl. Every night, as the moon rose, he would wait at the foot of the Owl-Tree. When the owl swooped out, he followed, like the owl's shadow cast by the moon on the ground. Eventually this bold apprentice became a great leader known as Owlstar. In the hunt, he was as silent and deadly as the tawny owl."
—Narration Secrets of the Clans, page 11

"ThunderClan's second leader was a legendary hunter, who learned the ways of the tawny owl to stalk prey by night in silence."
—Narrator on Owlstar Secrets of the Clans, page 22

"But we can guess. If Bluefur stays in the nursery with her kits, Thistleclaw will become deputy instead. He is an ambitious, violent cat, and we know it. He would lead his warriors to attack other Clans-the last thing this forest needs right now. Would you rather see more warriors coming to join us because of his bloody leadership?"
—Owlstar to Moonflower Secrets of the Clans, page 76

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