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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Thunder Rising

Owl Eyes is born to Tom and Turtle Tail along with his siblings Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart.
Gray Wing feels the same connection with the kits as he did with Fluttering Bird and Jagged Peak, and thinks of them as perfect. Gray Wing remarks that Owl Eyes, along with siblings, were fighters. As Owl Eye’s fur dries and fluffs out, the difference between his siblings is his dark gray pelt. When his sister is settled back in, it he snuggles closer with his brother.
A moon later, Owl Eyes and his siblings tumble from their sleeping tunnel and play with Jagged Peak. They are growing stronger and more active, but Turtle Tail still keeps an eye on them. Turtle Tail informs Gray Wing of the names of her kits, and mentions that the gray tom’s name is Owl Eyes. Owl Eyes instantly whipped around and stares at Gray Wing at the mention of his name, his eyes a wide and brilliant amber. Gray Wing comments that it is a great name. Turtle Tail allows the kits to go onto the moor and Owl Eyes boasted he is going to catch a mouse. As they go out, they charge up the slope, and halt in amazement as they see the moor.
Owl Eyes and his siblings then run excitedly throughout the moor, chasing butterflies and batting beetles in the grass. Owl Eyes leaps on a caterpillar and announced he can now hunt, which Turtle Tail replies he did. She whispers to Gray Wing that the caterpillar did not stand a chance. Gray Wing relaxes and enjoys the kits' little antics. When Bumble asks to join the group, the kits, who listen with wide eyes, begin bouncing up and down with excitement. When the kits reach the hollow with Bumble, Owl Eyes announces to Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots that Bumble is going to live with them. Turtle Tail later sweeps her tail to gather her kits for a nap.
When Gray Wing wakes up from sleeping with Turtle Tail, he sees Rainswept Flower with Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart standing around the dip's edge in a half circle. They gaze down at him, fur buffeted by brisk wind. Sparrow Fur asks if they are going to live in their den now before the three kits then let out excited squeaks, launching themselves into the dip, and scramble and bury themselves into Gray Wing and Turtle Tail. Afterwards, Owl Eyes and his siblings play at the bottom of their hollow, and they squeal in excitement as they leap on top of one another, and roll around in debris.
It is explained about the kit’s game that Owl Eyes is the fox, and they have to roll out of the way when Owl Eyes attacks. Gray Wing thinks of it as a good training game. Owl Eyes races towards Pebble Heart, snarling his a fox and he will eat him up. Owl Eyes hurls at Pebble Heart but then turns around and hurls himself at Sparrow Fur. He draws back his lips into a snarl and he whips around to Gray Wing and says that he is the fiercest fox in the forest.
Owl Eyes commented he was scared when Gray Wing said he was an even bigger fox. He jumps to the side as Gray Wing pounces, giving a blow to his ear before rolling out of range. Gray Wing suddenly collapses and Owl Eyes and his siblings crowd around him, eyes huge and anxious, their bodies making it harder for Gray Wing to breathe. However, he decides not to bat them out of the way. Turtle Tail informs them to get back, thrusting the kits back gently. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur huddle closer to Gray Wing, touching their noses to his, and Owl Eyes begs Gray Wing to get better. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur fix their gazes on Gray Wing, eyes full of hope and love, and Turtle Tail replies that he was going to get better. Cloud Spots then gestures the kits from Gray Wing, and Turtle Tail gathers and herds them. Once Cloud Spots and Gray Wing are left alone, the former notes that it wasn't merely the kits who needed him.
The next day, Turtle Tail sleeps with her kits, and they sprawl over their mother's body. As Gray Wing goes out to hunt for Turtle Tail, he realizes that if he had not left the mountains, he would not have become the father of Owl Eyes and his siblings, and if the cold season is easy as the last, Owl Eyes and his siblings would grow up strong and healthy. However, the kits scamper up to him. Owl Eyes announced that they wanted to hunt with Gray Wing, for real. Not pretended foxes, but Gray Wing declines. He although finally gives in.
Gray Wing informs the kits that they would get cold, but to stay close together and with him, and to do what he says. Owl Eyes and his siblings nod vigorously, and follow Gray Wing in the moor, excitement showing merely in their twitching whiskers and eyes. Once Gray Wing locates a hare and informs the kits to look at it, and they stare in his tail's direction. Pebble Heart points out it was a kit, and Sparrow Fur inquires if its parents would be bothered if it didn't come home. Owl Eyes also looked on sadly. Gray Wing explains to the kits that they needed to hunt to survive, recalling Fluttering Bird's death. Owl Eyes and his siblings then share uncertain glances, before Gray Wing shows them how to hunt.
He inquires to the kits why it was considered good for the breeze to blow their way, and Sparrow Fur responds for them.
However, once Gray Wing successfully does hunt the hare, his lungs act up, and the kits gather around him while letting out anxious squeaks, their bodies press against him. One of them inquires if he was ill once more, and another yowls with pain. Gray Wing apologizes, realizing he shoved them. The kits look at each other and Owl Eyes finally muttered its okay. Owl Eyes and his siblings assist Gray Wing by carrying the hare to camp. Once they arrive, Gray Wing remarks to Turtle Tail that her kits did well on their first hunt. Owl Eyes explains that Pebble Heart to his mother brought him a juniper berry.
Turtle Tail orders her kits to carry the hare to the center of camp, and Jagged Peak offers to assist them. Owl Eyes and his siblings then drag the hare away, and Turtle Tail notes that Gray Wing couldn't teach his kits - or good as his own - to hunt without a problem, and inquires why he pushed him aside. Once Gray Wing explains, Turtle Tail replies that she didn't want to hear about him pushing the kits away. When Gray Wing calls for a meeting, Owl Eyes is suddenly being leaped on by Sparrow Fur, claiming she would get him, and Turtle Tail separates them. When Moon Shadow dies, Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur scamper up to join Pebble Heart, and Gray Wing informs them that Jagged Peak would look after them for the time being. Owl Eyes asked why they can’t go with Gray Wing but Gray Wing adds that they didn't need to see Moon Shadow's burial. Once he leads the kits to Jagged Peak, they bounce around them as he leads them across the camp.
Once he returns, Owl Eyes is said to go missing, and Jagged Peak explains that he was helping Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart when he had left. Sparrow Fur reluctantly admits that Owl Eyes claimed he was to catch a hare. Gray Wing asks why she didn't tell Jagged Peak, and Sparrow Fur flinches away, replying that she didn't believe he meant it, and thought he was boasting. She adds that she didn't know he would perform such action, and Gray Wing decides to go find him.
Gray Wing picked up Owl Eyes scent at the edge of the hollow, but drowned in the reek of dogs. Gray Wing realizes it is unlikely that he would find the kit he came to love as his own before he falls into danger. Gray Wing and a search party heads for the direction the scent had led. Gray Wing is scared that a smear of blood on a gorse branch was Owl Eyes’ but they could not tell. They keep going until they picked up Owl Eyes’ scent, leading towards the forest. Owl Eyes is finally found between some reeds, having caught a vole. Owl Eyes is shoved in a hole for shelter along with the rest of the search party. The tunnel entrance collapses so the group try to look for another entrance. Owl Eyes commented that this is exciting, but then remembered he dropped his vole by the stream. The group comes to a central cave. The earth was held together by tangled roots and the floor was covered in dead leaves and bracken. Owl Eyes announced the place was yucky and he doesn’t like it there. Jackdaw's Cry gives him a stern lecture, saying they wouldn't be there in the first place if he didn't leave camp. Owl Eyes protests that he was only doing it for a bit of fun, and he did catch a vole. The group suddenly ran into a badger and flees for the next exit tunnel. When they were safe, Gray Wing realizes that Owl Eyes had a scratch down one of his back legs. He tells Gray Wing his leg is fine, even though his teeth are chattering. Owl Eyes limps back to the hollow. He apologizes and says he shouldn’t have left camp on his own like that. When they reached the hollow, Turtle Tail gives him a flurry of licks and scorns him. Owl Eyes announces proudly that he caught a vole. He let Pebble Heart lick his wound and asks how Pebble Heart knew licking it vigorously would stop an infection.

The First Battle

When Gray Wing talks to Stoneteller, he thinks of Owl Eyes and his siblings sleeping next to him, and his love for them. He wonders why he misses them, although they are physically with him.
During the discussion of whether the moor cats should attack the forest cats first or not, he and his siblings are playing on the edge of the clearing. Rolling his eyes at Sparrow Fur’s complaining, he asks why they can’t play Jump the Bird. He points towards a stretch of sandy clearing and says they could play out there when Gray Wing tells them to stay out of the way. They go to climb the brambles, and Turtle Tail warns them to be careful. Gray Wing reassures that they have sharp claws so they'll keep hold. He notes that they are still small but are strong as rabbits. The bramble shivers under their weight, and Rainswept Flower says they can't fight as they kits to raise. After being turned away a few times to see Thunder, Owl Eyes asks again and Gray Wing says yes. He and his littermates surround the young tom and asks him lots of questions, including Owl Eyes asking if he will stay for good this time. As Gray Wing hops on the rock to speak, Owl Eyes runs to his mother's side, and asking why they can't hear. Turtle Tail tells Sparrow Fur to take her brothers under the bramble and they walk off, paws dragging.
Owl Eyes stops by a rabbit and sniffs it. He tells Jagged Peak he was hungry and tears away a tiny mouthful. Turtle Tail leans past her son to grab a piece. She soon sits back and watches Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart eat. As they finish their meal, his mother beckons them to her nest and Owl Eyes squashes between Gray Wing and Turtle Tail. He accidentally stands on Sparrow Fur’s tail. Sparrow Fur complains and Owl Eyes retorts that Sparrow Fur should keep her tail tucked in but is hushed by his mother. Pebble Heart has a nightmare, and describes that he was with Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes and they are all alone. Gray Wing stretches his tail over all the kits in reassurance.
The next day, Owl Eyes is seen clambering over his mother, mewing happily. He asks if he can have a turn next at Jagged Peak’s training session with Sparrow Fur.
Thunder and Jagged Peak have an argument and Owl Eyes looks at the two tom's, blinking on confusion. He asks what's wrong with learning to fight. Jagged Peak ignores the kits and continues arguing. He soon tells the kits to go as they want to talk, but Owl Eyes frowns and points out they want to fight. He goes anyway, following his sister. Jagged Peak then points out Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes chasing after Pebble Heart, saying they belonged on the moor and he wants to teach them to defend what is theirs. Thunder complains to Turtle Tail, and the queen glances at her kits, saying Gray Wing won't allow them to go to battle but feels better they know how to protect themselves. Thunder asks why can't wait they wait until they know if Clear Sky will attack kits, and Turtle Tail replies if he thinks they should.
When Wind Runner and Gorse Fur tell Gray Wing they were expecting kits, he thinks of Owl Eyes and his brother and sister. He remembers that they were always hungry and getting under paws but weren't resented. As he jumps onto the rock to announce this news, he spots Owl Eyes with Turtle Tail and her other kits on the clearing. His worries of battle evaporate as he thinks these kits will grow safe in their moor home. The kits line up beside their mother as neat as owlets.
The next day after Thunder talks to Clear Sky, he runs across Owl Eyes’ father, Tom, and he asks how the kits and Turtle Tail were. While that is happening, Gray Wing shakes Sparrow Fur off his shoulders, saying he cannot give her a longer badger ride. Sparrow Fur complains that he carried Owl Eyes around the hollow twice. Turtle Tail noses her daughter to Owl Eyes, who is play fighting with Jagged Peak. Turtle Tail urges Sparrow Fur to join them as his brother needs help. The dark gray kit is under Jagged Peak’s belly, flailing his paws and giving frustrated squeaks. Sparrow Fur gasps her brother’s name and rushes to save him. Jagged Peak playfully warns her to hurry as he’s going to squash Owl Eyes flat. The kits tumble around Jagged Peak as they play fight. Thunder soon tells Gray Wing about his meeting with the kittypet, and Gray Wing sees Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur trying to out-pounce each other in the grass. He decides that they would never meet their father. Turtle Tail glances at her kits and says that Tom will find their kits if she doesn’t come to meet them so has to go.
After Tom gets in a scuffle with the moor cats, Tom asks where his kits are. Gray Wing accidentally gives away their location in the hollow. Turtle Tail tries to cover him, but when Tom asks if they would like to meet him, she gives away how much she truly loved them.
He and his siblings blink sleepily when Turtle Tail and the other adult cats rush around during Wind Runner's kitting. Turtle Tail swings Owl Eyes out of his nest by his scruff, telling the kits to go play in the grass. The kits’ agree to help keep an eye on Gray Wing because of his wheezing fits while the others check on Wind Runner. After the kitting, Thunder asks if the kits are supposed to look the way they are. Turtle Tail reassures that her kits did, and he probably did too. Afterwards, Turtle Tail asks where her kits are. Thunder suggests they are still playing in the grass, but Turtle Tail points out she cannot hear them. Turtle Tail panics about their safety and the whole camp begins looking for them.
Clear Sky comes across Tom and the kits. Owl Eyes is watching Clear Sky with eyes wide and scared. When asked by Thunder and Lightning Tail, Clear Sky denies ever seeing them, and the two continue to search for them. They cross a river and Thunder pictures Tom taking Sparrow Fur across before swimming back for Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart.
When they find Tom, Thunder hears Owl Eyes complaining he his hungry. Tom tells him food is coming soon and Owl Eyes asks how soon. He complains he doesn’t like it here, staring at the clutter in the Twoleg den, nose wrinkling. Tom tells them to hide when he hears his housefolk coming, and Owl Eyes squeezes under a massive stained pelt. After it leaves, Owl Eyes ducks from the pelt and complains that Tom didn’t even look for them for the game. When Thunder and Lightning Tail reveal themselves, Owl Eyes asks if Turtle Tail is with them. Thunder replies to the kit they came themselves and Gray Wing and Turtle Tail want them to come home. Owl Eyes also asks what does Thunder mean when he talks about the Twolegs not knowing the kits are there. His fur spikes as he anxiously glances at the entrance. Back at camp, Gray Wing imagines Owl Eyes strutting the clearing and boasting about how he crossed the river. Thunder tries a trick to persuade the kits to come back, saying they’ll be missed on the moor. He fondly looks at them as the kits bound to him. River Ripple weaves around Sparrow Fur and stops at Owl Eyes, wondering if they’ll be giving new names. Thunder feels guilty they are being cruel, but knows this will get them back. Owl Eyes bunches beside his siblings as they watch Lightning Tail being stroked by Twolegs. He trembles and presses against Thunder, asking if the Twolegs will pet him too. Thunder replies of course. When Tom lashes out at Lightning Tail, Owl Eyes gasps his trying to hurt Lightning Tail in dismay. Thunder suggests that he doesn’t like sharing his Twolegs, and Owl Eyes growls he doesn’t want to share Twolegs, he wants to home where there are no Twolegs. Thunder tells them to escape they need to be courageous and quiet and Owl Eyes blinks and asks why. Thunder replies it will be dangerous. Owl Eyes falls beside his sister and agrees that he is ready to go. River Ripple takes the kits with Thunder urging him to hurry as he doesn’t want the kits to see Tom’s vicious side. After both Thunder and Lightning Tail catch up, Owl Eyes complains that his paws are wet. He happily points out the river and says they’ll be home soon. River Ripple decides to go back to his own home, and Owl Eyes asks where he is going. The silver tom replies his going back to his nest, and asks if they are tired too.
Owl Eyes and his siblings race into the camp, calling for Turtle Tail. Owl Eyes is at his sister’s heels as he calls to Turtle Tail’s nest that they went to the Twolegplace and went where she used to live. He clusters with his sister when they realize that they can’t see Turtle Tail. Lightning Tail reveals that Turtle Tail was killed. Owl Eyes asks if she is coming home, and Pebble Heart responds she’s not. Owl Eyes joins his brother and sister, curling up at Gray Wing's belly before drifting to sleep. Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing that they belong on the moor in a tone of absolute certainty.
The next morning, Owl Eyes and his siblings are preparing for Emberkit’s burial as well as their official farewell for Turtle Tail. Rainswept Flower grooms Owl Eyes ruffled pelt, urging them to be neat and ready for the burial. During Emberkit’s burial, Owl Eyes huddles with Rainswept Flower and Sparrow Fur. They watch as Gray Wing drops Emberkit’s body into a hole with glistened eyes. Gray Wing then joins his adopted kits, arching his tail over them. Later, Owl Eyes stares blankly in the distance as Gray Wing paces. Before he leaves, Gray Wing says goodbye to the kits and Owl Eyes asks if Gray Wing will be okay. Gray Wing replies of course, pressing his cheek to the dark gray kit. He reassures he’s just meeting his brother and has others with him.
A battle starts at the meeting, and Thunder rushes to the hollow to find help. The kits are nestled against Rainswept Flower in their nest, their eyes bright and round. Thunder sharply asks Pebble Heart what he dreamed, but Owl Eyes jumps to shield his brother, demanding the tom to leave his brother alone. Pebble Heart reassures that’s it’s okay and gently pushes Owl Eyes to the side. Thunder persuades Jagged Peak to stay and protect the kits, imagining Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart reassuring Wind Runner while desperately waiting for someone to come back. Owl Eyes flicks his tail and declares he wants to come, but Thunder touches his muzzle to the kit and says he is too young. Owl Eyes scowls he knows how to fight. After the battle, spirits of the deceased talk to the living, including Turtle Tail. She thanks Thunder for leaving her body where her kits won’t see it, and thanking River Ripple for helping to find them. Her meow lingers as she feels grief for having to leave her kits behind. River Ripple points out that Thunder would have found them anyway; he just made the found a little quicker is all. Turtle Tail tells Gray Wing his campmates need him as well as their kits too.

The Blazing Star

Owl Eyes is first seen with his sister, Sparrow Fur, running and eager to join in with a training session. Thunder calls sharply to them saying that they know better when they tumble into the group. Owl Eyes is later seen with Pebble Heart and Sparrow Fur, batting a ball of moss to one another at the edge of the hollow as Tall Shadow watches over. They are collected by Mouse Ear and Thunder when Tall Shadow calls for a meeting and taken to sit near the rock. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur start to exchange looks of distress when Thunder announced that Tom, their father is now in Clear Sky's group. Sparrow Fur asks if they are talking about their father, and Thunder understands their curiosity and maybe a little loyalty for their father. Thunder dismisses this as he doesn’t have time to talk to them. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur exchange more glances when they’re told they can train to be better fighters. Holly points out they need to defend themselves in case there’s an attack on the camp. Sparrow Fur asks Gray Wing why everyone is acting like Tom is an enemy while the kits cluster around him. Gray Wing starts to explain, but Owl Eyes interrupts he's their father and thinks that since every cat doesn't like Tom, every cat doesn't like them either. Gray Wing tells them to not worry about that as they have contributed to the group and it doesn’t matter what their father did. Sparrow Fur objects they don’t know what Tom did anyway.
Holly has the kits stop questioning by hosting a training session. She demonstrates a move, explaining to lie on their back and show their belly. Owl Eyes points out that puts them in danger, glancing around in nervousness when he realized the older cats are looking at him. He says Gray Wing told him and his siblings that they should never show their belly to their enemy. Holly admits that is true but shows it makes their enemy underestimate them so they can counter easily. Shattered Ice asks Owl Eyes if he can trick him with that move, calling him young one. The kit enthusiastically gets into the exercise, and Thunder is relieved that Shattered Ice is being gentle on the smaller tom. Pebble Heart is also practicing but gives a yowl. Owl Eyes pads over and halts beside his brother while clawing the ground in anxiety. He asks his brother what he knows is wrong, which is revealed that Pebble Heart found rotten and sick prey. Gray Wing explains what the spirit-cats told them about a Blazing Star. Owl Eyes jumps in excitement, suggesting that it means they should follow a shooting star to new territory. Sparrow Fur gives a shove, asking when he last saw a shooting star. She calls him a mouse-brain.
As Pebble Heart has to cross a Thunderpath, Thunder convinces him to cross by mentioning he’ll have a spectacular story to tell his siblings. Morning Whisker is very sick, and Owl Eyes slips to his adopted father’s side to touch noses. He anxiously asks if the she-kit will be okay, and Gray Wing admits he doesn’t know. Beckoning to Owl Eyes, Gray Wing asks where Sparrow Fur is. Owl Eyes says she is going to find their father, and Gray Wing flinches at the mention Owl Eyes calls Tom his father. He asks why Sparrow Fur would go without telling him. Owl Eyes doesn’t meet the tom’s gaze while scrabbling at the ground with his forepaws. He explains Jagged Peak said it was okay and they are all one big group now. Gray Wing responds they sort of are one big group. Gray Wing confronts Jagged Peak, saying Owl Eyes claims he gave Sparrow Fur permission. Gray Wing admits to himself that the kits are growing up though. Jagged Peak points out they are nearly full grown, and aren’t helpless and can make their own decisions. He points out all three kits wanted to train with Tom and tells Gray Wing he cannot protect the kits forever. Jagged Peak reveals he will be a father, and hopes he’ll be a great father like Gray Wing was with Turtle Tail’s kits.
Owl Eyes is helping Cloud Spots and Pebble Heart treat Morning Whisker by chewing up some tansy while looking on. Gray Wing beckons the two brothers’ over, explaining he has bad news. He gently explains that Sparrow Fur is hurt while at Clear Sky’s camp. Seeing their dismay, he decides not to explain yet that their father is dead, thinking he can explain when they go for a walk on the moor. He explains he needs to bring their sister home and asks for them to come and help as seeing her brothers will help Sparrow Fur feel better. Owl Eyes eagerly nods and says he’ll come, asking if they are going now. Pebble Heart doesn’t come, so Gray Wing tells Owl Eyes to come on. They both leave the hollow with the older tom asking Owl Eyes why Sparrow Fur is so determined to meet his father as they cross the moor. Owl Eyes seems uncomfortable as he says they have always been curious about their father since it’s hard only knowing about half their kin, especially when Turtle Tail is dead and they feel like orphans. Gray Wing silently asks if him trying his best to raise these kits doesn’t count. Owl Eyes glances at his adopted father, realizing his mistake. He says they have always loved him, eyes widening in guilt as he realized Gray Wing’s pain in his face. He explains they will always love him, but tries to explain something else. Gray Wing finishes for him, saying he isn’t really his father. Owl Eyes pleads they just want to know their other father, whose blood they share with. He asks if that is too much to ask, and Gray Wing thinks it is.
Gray Wing cannot hide the truth any longer from the sensitive tom, and asks to stop for a moment. He says there’s something he needs to tell him, and explains his father Tom is dead. Owl Eyes’ eyes fill with horror as he stares at Gray Wing, asking how. He explains One Eye was hurting Sparrow Fur and Tom saved her, but was killed by One Eye. He rests his tail on Owl Eyes’ shoulder, saying he is sorry. Owl Eyes droops his head as he says he cannot go now. Gray Wing apologizes for not telling sooner, and Owl Eyes doesn’t look up at all, his meow shaking. He says that he needs to go back to camp as he cannot face Clear Sky since he allowed One Eye join his group. He meets Gray Wing’s gaze, his eyes filled with grief and anger. Gray Wing’s heart seems to break at the thought of what Turtle Tail’s kits had to endure in their short lives. He explains he understands and Owl Eyes turns away to return to camp. His shoulders are hunched and his tail is dragging on the ground. He eventually increases his pace to a run, as if he can outrun the news of Tom’s death. At Clear Sky’s camp, Gray Wing tells Sparrow Fur it’s time to return home as her brothers are waiting for her. Sparrow Fur refuses, and Clear Sky asks if she wants to be with her kin. Sparrow Fur says it’ll be nice to see Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart, but still wishes to stay.
Owl Eyes arrives back at camp, subdued with his head down. Thunder asks what his doing as he thought he was going with Gray Wing to get Sparrow Fur. Owl Eyes says he changed his mind as if every word is being dragged. Thunder wants to ask him as it’s not like Owl Eyes to make his sister cope without him but the tom clearly will not talk about it. Owl Eyes settles with Holly and Jagged Peak, and Thunder hopes he’ll come clean with the reason he didn’t go to see his sister soon. Three days have pass and Owl Eyes hasn’t said anything, and Gray Wing hasn’t returned. Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart are frantic over this disappearance since it hasn’t been long since Turtle Tail died and now their adopted father is gone. They finally find Gray Wing, and Tall Shadow points out they were all worried, especially Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart. Gray Wing promises it won’t happen again. He goes back to River Ripple’s camp where’s he’s been staying, and admits he hasn’t stopped thinking about his adopted kits. He wonders about Owl Eyes, hoping he isn’t forgotten or overlooked since his brother is much more mature. He wonders if he still plays and enjoys his kit moons.
Owl Eyes is part of a hunting party, crouched beside Thunder and Lightning Tail with impatient flicks of his tail. They all wait, looking stiff and tense. Thunder tells Owl Eyes to not move until he tells him to, and tells them instructions on catching a rabbit that’s completely unaware of them. He tells Owl Eyes to remain where he is and jump out if the rabbit doubles back. Owl Eyes tells the older tom he is ready, whiskers twitching in excitement. The hunt is on and the rabbit runs Owl Eyes’ way. The dark gray tom jumps from his hiding place, lashing his tail and his claws tearing the grass. Thunder quickly finishes the rabbit, and Owl Eyes compliments on his catch, coming up to it. Thunder says they both helped, and comments to Owl Eyes he looked pretty scary. Thunder then realizes the rabbit is sick, and orders Owl Eyes to back away. After they take care of the rabbit, Owl Eyes complains it is getting harder to catch enough prey as it seems like all of it is sick. Lightning Tail agrees with him, both toms saying out loud what Thunder is thinking. Thunder mentions Gray Wing, and Owl Eyes winces. Thunder instantly regrets it, knowing how much the kit misses the tom and feels guilty. Owl Eyes says it’s his fault as he was angry about his father’s death and left Gray Wing to get Sparrow Fur. Thunder reassures that Gray Wing will return soon, rubbing his cheek to Owl Eyes’ muzzle but the young cat doesn’t seem convinced. He doesn’t reply when he picks up a mouse and heads to camp. Thunder and Lightning Tail match his pawsteps with Thunder thinking he misses Gray Wing too.
Star Flower meets them, and Thunder orders Lightning Tail to take Owl Eyes back to camp right away. Lightning Tail beckons his tail and Owl Eyes pads after him, blinking in bewilderment. Sparrow Fur finally returns and her brothers crouch a fox-length away from her, worried gazes burning her pelt. Gray Wing has returned but that’s not on everyone’s mind. One Eye has driven out Clear Sky and Sparrow Fur and taken over Clear Sky’s camp, as well as the sickness is still spreading throughout the territory. Thunder informs what Star Flower told him about a plant called the Blazing Star, and suggests it is the cure for the sickness. His words are drowned by Owl Eyes’ and Jagged Peak’s enthusiasm, saying they need to find some and offering to go. Clear Sky waves his tail for silence, but that doesn’t work so raises his voice over the young cat’s excitement. However, it’s realized that the Blazing Star is on the other side of the Thunderpath. Owl Eyes points this out, his wide with apprehension. Gray Wing gives him a pitiful glance and asks if his is giving up. Owl Eyes indignantly says no, explaining they should be really careful as cats have died on the Thunderpath. His meow shakes as he adds he doesn’t want any other cat to die. Sparrow Fur brushes her paw against her brother’s side to try to comfort him.
As Tall Shadow calls for a meeting, Mouse Ear breaks away from his game with Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes and leads them to join the meeting. They make a plan on attacking One Eye, drawing marks on the ground. Owl Eyes creeps forward to look at these marks, eyes stretching as wide as the eyes of a bird he was named after. He breathes out if they mean attacking One Eye at an empty, open space. Gray Wing confirms that is exactly what he means. Afterwards, Thunder talks to Star Flower and the she-cat mentions she spent time with Gray Wing’s adopted kits. She lists their names, and comments they are very cute. Thunder agrees that they are great. Later, more plans are made for the attack. Gray Wing explains that Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur are hiding in the bushes, and Thunder protests they shouldn’t join this as they are still kits. Gray Wing asks if he tried controlling kits that are nearly full grown, and points out he was just like them. Thunder admits to himself he’d want to help if he was their age. The plan starts falling apart and the attacking party is surrounded. A screech comes from bushes, and Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur hurls themselves into the large group of rogues in a blur of movement. Gray Wing thinks this is too dangerous for kits but the courageous jump worked as the rogues are distracted and confused so the surrounded group escapes.
They regroup and Gray Wing suggests using the sun to blind the rogues and using the thorn tree where Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes were hiding. The plan is a success but Clear Sky has been badly injured. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur dash up to Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt who are treating him. They are carrying medicine in their jaws and pawfuls of cobwebs. They soon rush back over with more cobwebs, reassuring the leader he is getting the best treatment there is.

A Forest Divided

Clear Sky arrives at Tall Shadow’s camp and meets Owl Eyes. He notices the tom’s shoulders have broadened and his forehead is as wide as Gray Wing’s. He exclaims he has grown, and Owl Eyes replies that Pebble Heart has too. He pads away and calls into the gorse, calling to Tall Shadow that Clear Sky is present. Tall Shadow says that she already knows. Pebble Heart follows Owl Eyes along the snowy grass with their sister calling there is shelter where she is. Clear Sky thinks that Gray Wing raised others kits when he couldn’t raise his own. Later, Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes nose their way in the snowy grass and pads to a meeting. Owl Eyes is yawning as Dappled Pelt explains they are casting stones. Owl Eyes sits beside her and asks why, and the tortoiseshell explains they are going to decide where each cat is going to live. They explain it’s because the spirit-cats told them to hurry up about the prophecy of spreading and growing like the Blazing Star, but the real reason the group is separating because the hollow is too open to withstand the snow. Sparrow Fur weaves between her brothers and asks if they can choose it. Gray Wing says yes and explains that their mother told him they all must follow their hearts.
The casting of stones start, and Sparrow Fur chooses to go with Clear Sky. Owl Eyes scampers past her and grabs a stone in his mouth. He tosses it in Clear Sky’s circle beside Sparrow Fur, voting to join Clear Sky’s camp. He looks at his brother since they are leaving him, asking if it’s okay. Pebble Heart says it’s okay and explains a Thunderpath separates them but they will always be littermates. He touches his Owl Eyes’ cheek. After the vote, Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes pace at the entrance with Lightning Tail standing beside them. Clear Sky promises to Gray Wing to keep an eye on them, tipping his head to the siblings. Gray Wing asks how he can separate from them, but Thunder says they are not kits anymore. Thunder knows despite nearly being fully grown, Gray Wing will always love them as a father. Thunder lifts his gaze to Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur, and the tom jumps to catch a snowflake with eyes shining in excitement. Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing he’s said goodbye to them, now it’s his turn. Gray Wing never imagined the littermates would separate like this, and says they are all he has left of Turtle Tail. Pebble Heart tells him they will not leave until he says goodbye.
Gray Wing goes to Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes and tells them they look excited. It sounds like an accusation, so he quickly says he means they look happy, and they must have made the correct decision. Owl Eyes blinks and points out he is wheezing. Gray Wing explains it’s just the cold. He looks at the cats, surprised how much they have grown. They’ve lost their kit fluff and have sleek fur with delicate muscles beneath. Owl Eyes has the same lean, lithe shape of his mother. Gray Wing asks if they’ll remember their mother even at their new home. Owl Eyes trembles his tail as he replies he still remembers her scent. Gray Wing wonders if he’ll remember it in the musty forest, but only says their mother was a courageous cat and the kindest cat he’s ever known. He mentions that their mother will be proud to see them face the future with bravery. Owl Eyes dips his head and asks if he is proud too. Gray Wing touches the gray tom’s head and promises he’ll always be proud of them. He instructs them if they ever need him to go and find him. Gray Wing feels their gazes burn his fur as he walks away, and Clear Sky promises again to look after them. The siblings charge through the camp entrance to their new home.
As Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur settle in, Acorn Fur teaches them to hunt forest prey. Clear Sky and Thunder are watching as the leader wants to see how well they are settling in. Acorn Fur tells Owl Eyes to try again, laying a mouse in the clearing. She says that he needs to reach the mouse in a pounce as with so many hiding places for prey, they have no second chances. Owl Eyes crouches behind an oak’s roots, his gaze anxiously trained on the quarry. Sparrow Fur tells him to hurry up, but Acorn Fur tells her to let Owl Eyes concentrate. She says that the tom needs to practice but a leaf flutters down. Owl Eyes’ looks at it distractedly. Acorn Fur whips her tail at him, ordering him to focus on the mouse, not the leaf. Owl Eyes gasps his apologies, and Thunder feels pity of the tom. He remembers that Owl Eyes’ last try sent him sliding past the mouse with paws slipping in the mud. He thinks that his next pounce won’t be that great either if Acorn Fur continues making him nervous. Thunder explains it is good to be alert as danger is harder to see in the forest. Acorn Fur objects he still needs to focus on his prey instead of falling leaves or he’ll never catch anything.
Owl Eyes peers through the branches and promises he’ll get used to all the sights and sounds of the forest, fur twitching in nervousness. Thunder could tell he isn’t comfortable yet living beneath the trees. He points out to Acorn Fur that Owl Eyes is young, and the two cats start teasing each other. Acorn Fur eventually turns to Owl Eyes and explains he’ll be able to know the difference between a mouse and a fox soon enough. She tells him to for now, concentrate on the mouse and promises to keep watch for danger. Clear Sky tells Acorn Fur to let Sparrow Fur hunt real prey while kicking the dead mouse. Owl Eyes never takes his eyes off it. Clear Sky sends Sparrow Fur to hunt proper prey, and Acorn Fur beckons to Owl Eyes, offering to come too. Owl Eyes refuses to stop staring at the mouse, asking if he should pounce. Acorn Fur tells him to leave it as they’ll get it on their way back. The she-cat herds Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes past brambles into a swath of bracken. Lightning Tail finds Clear Sky and Thunder and tells them he promised to help Acorn Fur train Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur.
Afterwards, the littermates pick through the fresh-kill pile. Sparrow Fur offers a shrew to Cloud Spots, and the tom asks if she caught it. Owl Eyes snorts she did, stating she’s been bragging about it since they came back from their hunt. He hooks a mangy starling and asks if he wants something with feathers, offering his catch. Sparrow Fur glares at her brother, snapping he wants her catch, not his. Pink Eyes and Quick Water decide to have the starling, so Owl Eyes picks it up in his teeth and bounds across the camp. He drops it at Pink Eyes’ paws and apologizes that it’s scrawny. Pink Eyes points out its leaf-bare and says she is happy they have any prey. Owl Eyes glances to the camp wall and says Blossom's patrol will return and will bring more food. Clear Sky thinks he’ll send Owl Eyes with Sparrow Fur and Leaf soon for another hunting patrol. The next day, Owl Eyes huffs to Thunder he’s finally awake as he lands beside him. Thunder asks if it’s late, and Owl Eyes replies Clear Sky has already sent hunting patrols. He doesn’t take his eyes off Thistle and Clover as he says it’s their second day of training. Birch tells Clover her pose means she has less stalking to do and Owl Eyes flicks his tail in annoyance, asking what is wrong with stalking. He is ignored however.
Owl Eyes sniffs he thinks Clover and Thistle should be taught to stalk, not jump. Alder glances at him, explaining that Clear Sky asked them to train the kits, not him. Birch tells Owl Eyes he is in a sour mood since Sparrow Fur was chosen for a second hunting patrol, not him. Owl Eyes flattens his ears and says he hunts better than her in rain as Sparrow Fur hates getting wet. He stalks across the camp and curls among beech roots, fur spiking from the rain. He miserably shoves his nose under his paw and closes his eyes to rest. Birch soon asks the kits if they want to practice stalking like Owl Eyes previously suggested. Owl Eyes’ ear gives a twitch but he doesn’t move his muzzle. Thunder asks Clear Sky if he can go hunt, and the leader says he needs to stay and protect the kits. Thunder points out they have Birch, Alder and Owl Eyes. Later, Owl Eyes paces beside his sister as she says she was too young to hunt in the tunnels. Owl Eyes’ claims they never have a chance to hunt now while giving Clear Sky a look, clearly angry he had to stay in camp all day. Blossom weaves past him and says she is sure Clear Sky will let him hunt tomorrow but Owl Eyes says yeah right, not convinced.
Thunder confronts Clear Sky on his restrictions of hunting, asking about Owl Eyes. He points out the tom has been desperate to go out and hunt but he has to stay in camp and will go to sleep hungry. Thunder bets he wished he joined Tall Shadow’s group as they probably hunt dawn to dusk. Thunder tells Clear Sky he is not easy to boss around like Owl Eyes is. Clear Sky gives in, telling Thunder to take Owl Eyes hunting. Thunder crosses the clearing to the tom. After talking to Star Flower, Thunder calls to Owl Eyes that Clear Sky wants them to hunt and Leaf joins them. Owl Eyes bursts through the camp entrance after the toms, fur prickling in excitement. He asks where they’ll hunt, gazing the forest happily. Leaf chooses where and Owl Eyes, with tail high bounds after him. Small and light, Owl Eyes runs through the forest faster, zigzagging easily through the undergrowth, veering a bramble and ducking under branches. Thunder stays a tail-length behind him. They eventually stop beside bracken, and Thunder nods to Owl Eyes, telling him to go to the other side of the copse as if they flush the prey out, it’ll run to him. Owl Eyes nods and silently picks his way around trees. He fur shows in the shadows where his in place.
They flush out a rabbit and Owl Eyes yowls it’s okay as his got it. He’s running at the rabbit’s tail, quickly lunging and catching it with his forepaws. Owl Eyes trots to the rest of the group with the rabbit swinging under his chin. Back at camp as Leaf snaps he is entitled to the mouse he caught, Blossom points out Owl Eyes caught the rabbit and was happy to share it. Leaf tells her that’s only because Thunder let him have a squirrel while he got half a shrew. Leaf tells Clear Sky that Thunder let him hunt, and the leader sternly tells Thunder he told him to take Owl Eyes. Thunder decides to leave, and Owl Eyes shifts his paws as a murmur settles over the camp. Owl Eyes nods to Thunder and asks to come as Thunder is going to form his own group. Thunder stammers to him and others wanting to join they can come if they wish. Owl Eyes gazes at Sparrow Fur with hope and asks if she is coming. Sparrow Fur tells him that she will not come. After Thunder and Clear Sky privately talk, the cats that are leaving gather eagerly around him before leaving.
Owl Eyes follows the group at their tails but soon calls to Thunder. Thunder asks what is wrong as Owl Eyes stares down the slope, fur bristling. He says they are being followed. Thunder asks if he can see anything, but Owl Eyes shakes his head and claims he heard voices. It’s Milkweed and her kits, and they want to join the new group. Thunder lets them, and catches back up with Owl Eyes and the others. As they start climbing another slope, Owl Eyes complains his paws hurt. They find a wall of gorse, and Owl Eyes lands clumsily beside Thunder, saying it’s great. His round eyes shine in the moonlight but Thunder says it would be if they can get in. Owl Eyes finds it, squeezing under a gap. They find a clearing, and decide to rest for the night at least. Lightning Tail asks if some cat should guard, and Owl Eyes offers to do it. He points out he can sit on top of the cliff and keep an eye out for intruders. They stay in the hollow with even Pink Eyes settling too. It’s mentioned that the tom occasionally goes to hunt with Owl Eyes.
Gray Wing thinks that since Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur has moved to Clear Sky’s camp, Pebble Heart must be lonely, not knowing that Owl Eyes is part of Thunder’s group now. Back at Thunder’s camp, Owl Eyes noses his way through entrance while shaking snow from his muzzle. He exclaims that Thunder is back, since he went to Tall Shadow’s camp. He hurries across the camp, but Thunder explains he has to leave again. Lightning Tail offers to go but Thunder says he needs him to stand guard. Owl Eyes tells Thunder Lightning Tail should go with him as they’ll be okay. He explains that Pink Eyes can smell a fox as far away as the moor, and Leaf and Milkweed will protect the kits if they have trouble. Thunder stares into the tom’s eager eyes and agrees. Owl Eyes tells him he can trust him to protect the camp. Puffing his chest, Owl Eyes trots away and sits beside Pink Eyes. At Clear Sky’s camp, Sparrow Fur asks about her brother and Thunder reports he is fine, he is just guard the camp right now. Quiet Rain, Gray Wing’s, Jagged Peak’s and Clear Sky’s mother has come to the forest. Gray Wing explains to her that Turtle Tail was carrying another's kits when they became mates. He explains they he and Turtle Tail raised them together. He also mentions that Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes live in the oak forest now.

Path of Stars

Gray Wing thinks that Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart and Sparrow Fur were like his kits, and he misses them now since they left the moor to live under pine and oak trees. He is still proud they trusted their instincts and chose their new homes. Turtle Tail tells Gray Wing he has been a father to many and uses her kits as an example. At Thunder’s camp, Owl Eyes asks his leader if he can join a hunting patrol, scrambling from his nest. Thunder is glad to see the tom so eager, and asks if he likes to lead instead. Owl Eyes politely says yes, lifting his tail in excitement. Thunder thinks Leaf is older and experienced so should understand younger cats need to practice leading as well as following, but Leaf agrees to it. Cloud Spots asks if Pink Eyes’ mouse is all they found, but Thunder says he is sure Leaf and Owl Eyes will find more. Cloud Spots offers to join them. Thistle also offers, but he is turned down. Owl Eyes tells him that he can check the ravine for mice while they are gone. Later, he hurries to the camp entrance with Leaf at his tail. Grit rains down the ravine as Owl Eyes leads his patrol into the forest.
Thunder hopes that Owl Eyes’ patrol finds more prey than he and Lightning Tail did. He decides if they don’t, he’ll try hunting again. There’s a rustle and Clover announces that it's Owl Eyes as she can smell him. Thistle tells her she is guessing and asks how she can smell from where they are, but Pink Eyes confirms it is Owl Eyes. Paws thump the ground beyond the camp, seemingly in a hurry. Owl Eyes bursts through the camp entrance with eyes full of alarm. He announces Clear Sky is coming and has Acorn Fur, Sparrow Fur and Alder with him. Thunder asks if he spoke to them, and Owl Eyes reports that Cloud Spots and Leaf are with him now and Leaf sent him back to warn Thunder. Later, Pebble Heart arrives at Thunder’s camp to see Owl Eyes. After rogues steal a hunting patrol’s prey, Owl Eyes says he wishes he was there as he would claw their ears. He is pawing the earth beside Pink Eyes. Milkweed worries about her kits safety because of the rogue attacks, and Owl Eyes rushes to her side. He reassures that he’ll keep an eye on her kits and tells her not to worry. Lightning Tail suggests training so they can fight off the rogues, and Owl Eyes suggests starting right away. At Wind Runner’s camp, Gray Wing mentions all the cats he helped raise, including Owl Eyes.
Slash’s camp disperses and most joins the Early Settler groups. Due to fears they may attack their own groups, Thunder warns his group to be careful. Owl Eyes pads from a tangle of branches and promises to keep an eye on Milkweed. He reports he is going to show Pink Eyes a route he found that’s easier to climb to and from camp. Pink Eyes follows the tom to the sunshine, muttering he can navigate the old route. Owl Eyes replies his eyesight has gotten worse and a wrong leap and he’ll fall. He explains this route is safer as the ledges are closer together. Pink Eyes follows Owl Eyes through the camp barrier, snorting he can see enough to jump a few ledges. Thunder and Violet meets the two at the top of the cliff as they stare down it. Pink Eyes asks Owl Eyes if it truly matters if she can see the bottom as long as she can see the next ledge. Owl Eyes tells him to follow him and remember the route. When the conversation between the four cats is about the new members of the Early Settlers, Owl Eyes’ neck fur ripples. He pointedly says they tried to make Ember feel welcome but he seems determined to act like an outsider. Violet tells him Ember needs time, that’s all.
Before there is a meeting to formally welcome the new members of the group, Pink Eyes huddles against Owl Eyes for comfort. Slash interrupts the meeting and cryptically reveals he has attacked Wind Runner’s camp. Owl Eyes offers to help Gray Wing to get back there, hurrying forward and pressing to his side. Gray Wing is instantly surprised at the tom’s strength, remembering how he used to clamber over his flank. Now, Gray Wing feels Owl Eyes’ powerful muscles against his side. Sun Shadow helps and the two toms guide Gray Wing up a slope. Gray Wing stumbles and Sun Shadow and Owl Eyes press more against him, helping him navigate the deep snow. Gray Wing demands to go faster, so Owl Eyes leans closer to help lift him up. As they stagger through the camp entrance, Gray Wing shakes free of Owl Eyes. Slash has taken Black Ear, so Wind Runner puts Owl Eyes as part of the patrol to search around the pines as Slash might of taken the tom-kit there.
Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur waits for a patrol to catch up, tails flicking with impatience. Thunder leads the patrol, racing past the two cats. Thunder asks if the rogues left a trail, and Owl Eyes yowls he has found some. He sniffs snow that’s been churned up as Thunder races to his side. Owl Eyes tumbles after Thunder and Sparrow Fur down the dip. He points out a trail at the bottom and follows it, saying they must have gone that way. There’s another trail and it seems like the rogues split up. Owl Eyes seems confused as he asks why. Sparrow Fur says they have taken Black Ear and hid him somewhere, and Owl Eyes tail twitches, suggesting the kit would need a guard. They realize Swallow wasn’t at the meeting, and Owl Eyes concludes they did indeed split up. He nods to each track, noting that Slash and his rogues traveled to the clearing while Swallow took Black Ear away somewhere. Thunder declares they need to find where Black Ear is hiding, but Owl Eyes points out they would have moved him by now. He shifts his paws in impatience as he asks which trail they need to follow. They decide to follow the trail that will lead to the former hiding place.
Owl Eyes chases his sister in a shadowy cave between boulders. He excitedly reports they haven’t been long gone and they can catch up easily since they’ll be slowed down by Black Ear. They try to exit the cave but meet a fox, and Owl Eyes stiffens. The fox pokes its muzzle in, and Thunder backs into Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur. Owl Eyes comments it is too big as it struggles to get in. Thunder suggests quickly getting out and running, but Owl Eyes points out it will give chase, his voice trembling. Thunder decides to attack the fox, telling Owl Eyes to get its tail. He nods to the siblings and asks if they are ready. Owl Eyes lashes his tail and declares he is ready. As Thunder slashes at the fox, its backs out so Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur barge past him. Owl Eyes goes to tug desperately at the fox’s tail. When the fox is unbalanced, Owl Eyes yanks its tail to one side, making it fall. Clear Sky arrives to help and they drive away the fox. Owl Eyes darts to the trail leading away from the outcrop, reporting where Swallow hid Black Ear and that it happened while Slash was at the gathering. He mentions that Slash and the rest came back to get Black Ear afterwards.
They continue following the trail, with Owl Eyes veering down the slope, his gaze flickering from side to side. Sparrow Fur rushes after her brother as he races into bushes and bursts from it. They find Black Ear, and Owl Eyes pushes beside Thunder and Clear Sky to see the rogues beside the Thunderpath with Black Ear. Owl Eyes suggests to get Black Ear, they can let the rogues cross the Thunderpath then follow them into the pines. Clear Sky objects they’ll lose their trail there. Sparrow Fur tells them to wait for the monster to go, and Owl Eyes asks what to do then. Clear Sky growls to attack. The rogues start crossing the Thunderpath but Swallow accidentally drops Black Ear and abandons him as a monster is coming. Owl Eyes gasps in disbelief, yowling that the monster will kill him. Clear Sky saves Black Ear, and the group drags him and the kit off the Thunderpath to safety. Fur bristling, Owl Eyes exclaims they thought he was killed, staring at the leader. They move to go to Tall Shadow’s camp and Owl Eyes slides beside Clear Sky and presses against his shoulder, telling him to lean on him. Clear Sky wants to refuse but rests his weight on the tom.
When they reach Tall Shadow’s camp, Jagged Peak asks what happened. Owl Eyes presses harder against Clear Sky, reporting that Slash attacked Wind Runner’s camp during the meeting. They took Black Ear but they have got him back. Clear Sky goes to rest, leaving Owl Eyes outside. As Gray Wing starts to slowly lose his life, he thinks that Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes should be present alongside Pebble Heart. He remembers the two siblings helped rescue Black Ear and thinks Turtle Tail would be so proud of them. He recalls Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes have matured over time from feisty kits to trustworthy and courageous cats.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Owl Eyes is part of a hunting patrol, following Thunder and carrying prey. He glances to the barrier of the camp and reports to Cloud Spots that Violet Dawn asked him if the medicine cat had any chervil, since that morning she had a bellyache. Cloud Spots asks where she is, and Owl Eyes reports she is helping Apple Blossom and Snail Shell gather moss. Cloud Spots promises to get some for Violet Dawn.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Coming Soon

Shadowstar's Life

Thunderstar admits to Shadowstar how difficult it was for him to move on and pick another deputy after Lightning Tail was killed by dogs. He goes on to say that Owl Eyes was an excellent choice to succeed Lightning Tail, and it is good to have a cat the Clan can trust.
Owl Eyes sits close to Thunderstar when Shadowstar comes to visit ThunderClan's camp. He, along with his leader and four of his strongest warriors, make Shadowstar uneasy, and the ShadowClan leader wonders if this would be a battle that resulted in another deputy's death.
During a fight with WindClan, ShadowClan, ThunderClan, and SkyClan, Gorse Fur is seen tussling with Owl Eyes, holding his own against WindClan's second-in-command.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

On Turtle Tail's page, it mentions that Turtle Tail became pregnant with Tom's kits. When Bumble tells her that the Twolegs will take away her kits after their born, Turtle Tail returns to the moor. Gray Wing becomes the father of Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur.

Secrets of the Clans

As an apprentice, he goes out at night, and watches the owl living in the Owl Tree. He follows the owl when it hunts, which, in turn, reveals the secrets of hunting at night. He soon grows up to be the best hunter in ThunderClan.
Although it is unknown what happens to ThunderClan's first deputy, Lightningtail, Owleyes succeeds him, and eventually becomes Owlstar: Thunderstar's successor.
He appears when Mosskit goes to StarClan, and asks Moonflower to think about what would have happened if Bluestar, then Bluefur, had stayed in the nursery with her kits and Thistleclaw became the deputy, and approves Snowfur's decision to take care of Mosskit. He is mentioned to be among the oldest StarClan spirits.
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