The pack leader is a huge[1] male[2] guard dog[3] with a massive black-and-tan head,[2] a short black and brown pelt,[4] blunt claws,[5] and sharp teeth.[3] He leads the pack, a group of ferocious guard dogs.


In The Prophecies Begin arc

A Dangerous Path

He and the other dogs are brought to the Treecut place by some Twolegs to guard it from pillagers after the fire has devastated the forest. The dogs are enticed by the prey smells coming from the forest, and later, the pack leader discovers a hole under the fence, where they can escape. After some digging, he and the rest of the pack leave the compound, and set out to hunt prey in ThunderClan territory, sheltering in a cave at Snakerocks.
When the ThunderClan cats try to lure the dogs to the gorge, the pack leader is seen leading the dogs who chase the cats. Fireheart leads them to the gorge in his turn, but Tigerstar appears and leaps on him, holding him down until the dogs catch up. The pack leader lifts him by the scruff and shakes him, but Bluestar appears and drives the pack leader over the edge, where he drowns. The surviving dogs scatter and leave the forest.


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