"Tallpaw understood why [Palebird] always seemed so distant. If she didn't let herself feel anything, she might protect herself from her grief for Finchkit."
Tallpaw about his mother in Tallstar's Revenge, page 201

Palebird is a thin,[7] soft-furred,[8] black-and-white she-cat.[2]

Palebird was a WindClan warrior, a former tunneler, and the mother of Tallstar. Alongside Tallstar, she gave birth to a daughter, Finchkit, whose early death struck Palebird hard, causing her relationship with her son to be distant. She remained a queen even after he left the nursery, and when her mate, Sandgorse, was killed in a cave-in, Palebird found happiness with Woollytail. The two had four kits: Wrenflight, Flykit, Bristlekit, and Rabbitkit, and though her choice to start a new family deeply troubled Talltail, the two ultimately made amends.


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"Tallpaw stared at his mother in confusion. He couldn't remember the last time Palebird had told him that she loved him."
—Tallpaw surprised by his mother Tallstar's Revenge, page 222
In Tallstar's Revenge, Palebird gives birth to two kits: Tallkit and Finchkit. However, the kitting is hard, and Finchkit dies soon after birth, leaving Palebird heartbroken. When Tallpaw is apprenticed as a moor runner, Palebird is furious. She remains in the nursery throughout his training, and when ShadowClan attacks the WindClan camp, Palebird is devastated when her friend, Brackenwing, is killed. After Sandgorse dies, Palebird becomes close to Woollytail and is soon expecting his kits. Four kits are born: Wrenkit, Flykit, Bristlekit, and Rabbitkit. However, when Talltail announces he is leaving WindClan, Palebird doesn't believe he will be gone long. She is grateful when he returns after saving his siblings from a hawk, and moons later, appears in StarClan to grant him a life for the love of a mother.


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"Don't be silly. We tunnel because we're stronger and cleverer than all the other Clans together."
—Palebird to Tallkit Tallstar's Revenge, page 9

Palebird: "Tallpaw. I’m glad you can’t become a tunneler."
Tallpaw: "But it’s what Sandgorse would have wanted!"
Palebird: "He wouldn’t have wanted you to die as he did. And I couldn’t bear to lose another cat I love."
—Palebird consoling her son Tallstar's Revenge, page 222

Doespring: "When did you turn so selfish, Talltail? Palebird's lost so much. You should be pleased for her."
Talltail: "Should I? I'm a warrior now; I can have my own opinion. Palebird should have stayed faithful to Sandgorse. It's only been a few moons since the accident. Anyone would think she's glad he's gone so she can have Woollytail as her mate!"
Doespring: "You think too much about your self, and not enough about your Clan, Talltail. You say you're old enough to have your own opinion. But you're also old enough to understand that loyalty to your Clan is more important than anything. Palebird is happy. So's Woollytail. It's great news that there'll be more kits in WindClan. You're the only one who's not pleased."
—Talltail and Doespring while hunting together Tallstar's Revenge, pages 259-260

"Talltail was pleased to see Palebird catching her own prey again. She seemed a lot more cheerful now that she had begun to leave the camp to hunt."
—Talltail about Palebird's deposition Tallstar's Revenge, page 485

"Suddenly he felt Palebird's love for him more strongly than he'd ever known before — a burning certainty that he'd never doubt again."
—Talltail recieving Palebird's life Tallstar's Revenge, page 495

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