"Don't be afraid. Palefoot only wants to help."
Sagewhisker to Flametail about Palefoot in Night Whispers, page 84

Palefoot is a gray tabby tom.[2]

In Night Whispers, Palefoot is a former ShadowClan cat. He is the first of the StarClan cats Flametail sees when he visits the Moonpool, appearing with many other ShadowClan ancestors. As Flametail runs from his fiery vision, Palefoot yowls at him to stop, calling him a fool. The yowling startles Flametail, who is then comforted by Sagewhisker. Sagewhisker tells Flametail not to be frightened, and that Palefoot only wants to help. The ShadowClan ancestors warn him of a danger coming that the Clans must face individually, with no alliances to hold ShadowClan back. Palefoot then specifically warns Flametail to stay away from the pool of water near them.



"No, you fool!"
—Palefoot yowling at Flametail to come back Night Whispers, page 83

"Stay away from the water."
—Palefoot's warning to Flametail Night Whispers, page 84

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