"I wish you weren't so fat and clumsy now. You never want to jump off anything high anymore!"
— Patch to Sasha before he leaves with the captain in Escape from the Forest, page 82

Patch is a black-and-white tom with a white belly, paws, muzzle, and tail-tip.[3]


In Tigerstar and Sasha

Escape from the Forest

Sasha first finds Patch in a bag, floating down the river. The captain fishes him out, reporting that he is barely alive and unconscious. At first, Sasha doesn't know what to do, but soon after she curls up beside him, warming him, causing him to regain consciousness. He asks where he is, and Sasha soothes him. She tells him he's safe and on a boat. The captain names him Patch, and almost immediately, the captain and Patch grow a special bond which Sasha notices. Sasha feels happy that the captain can help take care of him so that she does not have to all by herself. She watches him play with the laces of a boot and a pair of socks on the ground inside the boat. Sasha notes that Patch's arrival is a signal of change, and at least when she has to leave to have her kits, the captain won't be all alone.
When the river freezes on a cold morning, Patch calls for Sasha's attention, telling her that the river is solid. Patch starts to walk out on the ice. This causes Sasha to be alarmed, and she yells for him to get off. He tells her he's alright, but soon after he comes back onto the dock. The captain is preparing to leave, but Sasha decides not to come along. Unaware of this, Patch attempts to play with her before he leaves, but she isn't interested. He jumps into the front seat of the monster, asking her if she's afraid to jump in, at which time Sasha tells Patch that she isn't coming along. Patch stays with the captain while Sasha returns to the forest, but he seems to be sad about her leaving.

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"The captain and the little one have already bonded. That's plain to see. It makes me happy."
—Sasha's thoughts Escape from the Forest, page 76

"Wheeeee! Look at me!"
—Patch when jumping from the top of the captain's monster Escape from the Forest, page 82

"Everything will be fine, I promise you. You'll have the captain to look after you... And you need to look after him, too."
—Sasha before she leaves Patch Escape from the Forest, page 84

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