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Path of a Warrior is a compilation of the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth novellas.[2] It features Redtail, Tawnypelt, and Shadowstar as the main protagonists of their respective novellas.


A paperback collection of three thrilling novellas in the #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series—available here for the first time!
Each novella in this collection features a stand-alone story from the Warriors world—giving both first-time readers and dedicated fans a chance to experience spectacular new adventures in the series that has sold more than twenty-three million copies!
Discover untold stories about three dedicated warriors: a ThunderClan warrior who dared to stand in the way of the ambitious cat who would become Tigerstar; a ShadowClan deputy who made the difficult decision to step down for the good of her Clan; and the brave warrior who was the first leader to lose her ninth life.

This collection includes:

Detailed plot description

In Redtail's Debt, Redtail's journey of life in ThunderClan is explored, including his fateful confrontation with an ambitious warrior...
In Tawnypelt's Clan, Tawnypelt takes the time to realize who she has become, and what she must do...
In Shadowstar's Life, Shadowstar struggles with the loss of a friend as she tries to find the truth behind a deceitful plot...

Publication history

  • Path of a Warrior (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 9 April 2019[1]
  • Path of a Warrior (EN), HarperCollins (eBook), 9 April 2019[1]


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