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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Thunder Rising

Pebble Heart is born to Tom and Turtle Tail, along with his siblings Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes.
Gray Wing feels the same connection with the kits as he did with Fluttering Bird and Jagged Peak, and thinks of them as perfect. Gray Wing then remarks that the kits were fighters. When looking at Turtle Tail's kits, Pebble Heart’s fur is said to have dried and fluffed out, the difference between his siblings is he has a gray tabby pelt with a splotch of white fur on his chest. When his sister settles back in, he snuggles closer to his brother.
A moon later, Pebble Heart and his siblings tumble from their sleeping tunnel, and play with Jagged Peak. It is said that they are growing strong and active, and Turtle Tail keeps an eye on them. Turtle Tail then informs him of the names of her kits, and mentions that the tabby tom’s name is Pebble Heart, because of the white mark on his chest. The kit informs Gray Wing that they like having names, giving an excited bounce. As they go out, they charge up the slope, and halt up in amazement as they see the moor. Pebble Heart exclaims it’s huge and he never knew the world was so big.
Pebble Heart and his siblings then run excitedly throughout the moor, chasing butterflies, and batting beetles in the grass. When Bumble asks to join the group, the kits, who listen with wide eyes, begin bouncing up and down with excitement. Pebble Heart tells Bumble to live with them, but Turtle Tail tells them to hush. Turtle Tail later sweeps her tail to gather her kits for a nap.
When Gray Wing wakes up from sleeping, he sees Rainswept Flower with Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart standing around the dip's edge in a half circle, and gaze down at him, fur buffeted by brisk wind. Sparrow Fur asks something before the three kits then let out excited squeaks, launching themselves into the dip, and scramble and bury themselves into Gray Wing and Turtle Tail. Afterwards, Pebble Heart and his siblings play at the bottom of their hollow, and they squeal in excitement as they leap on top of one another, and roll around in debris.
Pebble Heart is targeted by Owl Eyes for their fox game. Pebble Heart shrieks, but he dives to one side as Owl Eyes leaps at him. He lands on his back waving his paws in the air.
Gray Wing suddenly collapses and Pebble Heart and his siblings crowd around him, eyes huge and anxious, and their bodies make it harder for Gray Wing to breathe. However, he decides not to bat them out of the way, and Turtle Tail informs them to get back, thrusting the kits back gently. Pebble Heart pokes her nose in Turtle Tail’s side and comments he thinks Gray Wing needs coltsfoot for his breathing. He asks if he could go and see if Cloud Spots has some. Turtle Tail os puzzled and asks how he knew about coltsfoot. Pebble Heart replies that Dappled Pelt told him. Turtle Tail nods and instantly Pebble Heart sped off.
Pebble Heart comes back in time to hear Turtle Tail say that Gray Wing is the best father any kit could have. He lets the leaves in his jaws fall and hurls himself at his mother, wriggling in a bundled delight. He comments that is the best thing he heard ever, and that now they really know they belong. Cloud Spots then gestures the kits away from Gray Wing, and Turtle Tail gathers them up. Once Cloud Spots and Gray Wing are left alone, the former notes that it wasn't merely the kits who needed him.
Suddenly, Pebble Heart returns, begging to help treat Gray Wing. Cloud Spots accepts and instructs Pebble Heart to chew up the coltsfoot leaves and dribble the juice into Gray Wing’s mouth. Pebble Heart obeys eagerly, chomping the leaves and letting the juice trickle into Gray Wing’s gaping jaws.
The next day, Turtle Tail sleeps with her kits, and they sprawl over their mother's body. As Gray Wing goes out to hunt for Turtle Tail, he realizes that if he had not left the mountains, he would not have become the father of Pebble Heart and his siblings, and if the cold season is as easy as the last was, Pebble Heart and his siblings would grow up strong and healthy. The kits scamper up to him and say that they want to hunt with him, but Gray Wing declines. Pebble Heart promises they will be good.
Gray Wing informs the kits that they would be cold, but to stay close together and close to him, and to do what he says. Pebble Heart and his siblings then nod vigorously, and follow Gray wing in the moor, excitement showing merely in their whisker twitches and eyes. Once Gray Wing locates a hare, he informs the kits to look at it, and they stare in his tail's direction. Pebble Heart points out it was a kit, and Sparrow Fur inquires if its parents would be bothered if it didn't come home. Gray Wing explains to the kits that they need to hunt to survive, recalling Fluttering Bird's death. Pebble Heart and his siblings then share uncertain glances, before Gray Wing shows them how to hunt.
He inquires to the kits why it was considered good for the breeze to blow their way, and Sparrow Fur responds for them. However, once Gray Wing successfully hunts the hare, his lungs act up, and the kits gather around him, letting out anxious squeaks, and their bodies press against him. One of them inquires if he was ill once more, and when Gray Wing pushes them away, a kit yowls with pain. Gray Wing apologizes, and the kits look at each other. Pebble Heart comes scampering up and asks to listen to Gray Wing’s chest. He listens and tells Gray Wing that it’s not too bad and he brought a juniper berry to help. Gray Wing is surprised it helped, and asks how he knew it would.
Pebble Heart tells him he just worked it out himself. Gray Wing said he hopes he doesn't start eating random stuff to see what it does. Pebble Heart exclaims he doesn’t, and that he listens to Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots so he knows which herbs are good and which herbs are dangerous. Gray Wing notes that there is something special about Pebble Heart, with his knowledge of herbs for a kit so young. Gray Wing asks if Pebble Heart has dreams, but Pebble Heart says no, guiltily, giving away he is lying. Pebble Heart and his siblings then assist Gray Wing in carrying the hare to back to camp, and once they arrive, Gray Wing remarks to Turtle Tail that her kits did well on their first hunt.
Turtle Tail orders her kits to carry the hare to the center of camp, and Jagged Peak offers to assist them. Pebble Heart and his siblings then drag the hare away, and Turtle Tail notes that Gray Wing couldn't teach the kits that are practically his own to hunt without having problems with his breathing, and inquires why he pushed the kits aside. Once Gray Wing explains, Turtle Tail replies that she didn't want to hear about him pushing the kits away. After Gray Wing has finished the meeting, Pebble Heart scampers up to his nest and asks if he is okay. Turtle Tail comments that Pebble Heart has been keeping an eye on Gray Wing. Gray Wing says that that’s good.
Gray Wing awakes to see Pebble Heart sleeping on his side, his body twitching and his paws working as if he was running in his sleep. Pebble Heart suddenly explodes into movement, leaping to his paws, his eyes wide and staring. He turns to Gray Wing with a hiss, but was quickly calms. Gray Wing asks if he has had the dream before. Pebble Heart curls into a small ball, trembling as he presses himself against Gray Wing’s side. Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing that he has been having dreams for a while now, and he knows his siblings haven’t had any dreams. He asks if he was being a mouse-brain.
Gray Wing urges him to tell him about the dreams. Pebble Heart says that he was walking down a long, dark tunnel. There was a glittering light at the end, as if a star was shining underground. He tells Gray Wing that it was exciting, so he wanted to go to the end of the tunnel where the light was. He found it weird. He couldn’t see any other cats but felt like they were trying to tell him something, but he couldn’t hear what they were saying. He thought that he would understand if he reached the star thing, but he woke up before he could reach it. Gray Wing reassures him that he is not the only one who has such dreams, and is reminded of Stoneteller.
Pebble Heart describes the dream he had that night. He says that there was a big fight. Cats were screeching and clawing each other. He thinks Clear Sky was there. He adds he has dreamed of it before. Gray Wing is suddenly interrupted by a grief stricken yowl. Pebble Heart scampers after Gray Wing to find Moon Shadow dead. Gray Wing informs the kits that Jagged Peak would look after them for the time being. Once he leads the kits to Jagged Peak, they bounce around him as he leads them across the camp.
Once he returns, Owl Eyes is said to go missing, and Jagged Peak explains that he was helping Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart when he left. Gray Wing informs him that he had to watch all three kits, and the kits stand close together tail-lengths down the slope, eyes wide and frightened. Gray Wing inquires if the kits knew about his disappearance, but Pebble Heart shakes his head. Once Owl Eyes is found, Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart rush up to their sibling, burying their noses in his fur. Pebble Heart cleans Owl Eyes’ wound and explains that Cloud Spots told him that keeping wounds clean stops infection.
Later, Pebble Heart pokes Gray Wing and presses against his side, explaining that he had another dream. He explains there’s something bad at the edge of the forest, something very bad. He thinks some cat ought to go and look. Gray Wing isn’t sure to ask a cat to investigate. He is asking Pebble Heart if he saw anything before Wind Runner races into the hollow. Pebble Heart draws back to let Tall Shadow and Gray Wing talk in private.
After Wind Runner announces what Clear Sky has done to Misty and her kits, Gray Wing turns to Pebble Heart and asks if this is what the dream was about. Pebble Heart responds no. He's not sure, but he doesn’t think the bad thing has happened yet.
When Gray Wing is heading to the forest to confront Clear Sky, Gray Wing realizes that he trusts Pebble Heart, who is going to be an extraordinary cat.

The First Battle

When Gray Wing is talking to Stoneteller, he thinks of Pebble Heart and his siblings sleeping next to him, and his love for them.
During the discussion of whether the moor cats should attack first or not, he and his siblings are playing at the edge of the clearing. He tells his sister that there wasn't enough room to play Jump the Bird. He joins his siblings in the brambles when Gray Wing tells them to stay out of the way. When Thunder returns to the moor camp, Pebble Heart and his littermates surround him and ask the young tom lots of questions.
As Gray Wing hops on the rock to speak, Pebble Heart runs to his mother's side, and when she tells them to go play, he walks off, paws dragging. Turtle Tail offers him prey, but he only takes a little. He, Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, Turtle Tail, and Gray Wing all curl up in their nest to sleep. Later that night, Gray Wing is suddenly woken by Pebble Heart's cries and struggling in his sleep. He realizes the young kit is having a dream and comforts him. When he wakes up, Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing that there was so much blood and that kin weren't supposed to fight. He also tells Gray Wing that he and Turtle Tail were gone in his dream. He and his siblings were all alone. Gray Wing continues to reassure him, saying that he will always be close.
The next day, Thunder is checking in on Frost when Pebble Heart comes into the den. He discusses what herbs Cloud Spots was giving the injured tom, surprising Thunder with his knowledge of herbs. Thunder and Jagged Peak have an argument and Jagged Peak points out Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes chasing after Pebble Heart, saying they belonged on the moor.
When Wind Runner and Gorse Fur tell Gray Wing they are expecting kits, he thinks of Pebble Heart and his brother and sister. As he jumps onto the rock to announce this news, he spots Pebble Heart with Turtle Tail and her other kits on the clearing. That night, Gray Wing is woken by a soft murmuring and gets up to investigate. Pebble Heart wakes up and mews Gray Wing's name, but the dark gray tom assures him that he will be back soon.
The next day, after Thunder talks to Clear Sky, he runs across Pebble Heart's father, Tom, and he asks how the kits and Turtle Tail were. When Thunder tells Gray Wing about his meeting with the kittypet, Gray Wing hears Pebble Heart asking Cloud Spots lots of questions under the gorse and his siblings playing in the grass, and he decides that they will never meet their father.
After getting a nick on the ear and some other injuries in a scuffle with the moor cats, Tom asks where his kits are. Gray Wing accidentally gives away their location in the hollow. Turtle Tail tries to cover him, but when Tom asks if they would like to meet him, she gives away how much she truly loves them.
Pebble Heart and his siblings blink sleepily when Turtle Tail and the other adult cats rush around during Wind Runner's kitting. He agrees to help keep an eye on Gray Wing because of his wheezing fits while the others check on Wind Runner. After the kitting, Turtle Tail suddenly pricks her ears, saying she can’t hear Pebble Heart and her other kits. All the cats in the camp begin looking for them.
Clear Sky comes across Tom and the kits and notices that the tabby tom, Pebble Heart, looked as if he was observant and inquisitive. When asked by Thunder and Lightning Tail, he denies ever seeing them, and the two continue to search for them.
When they find Tom, Thunder hears Pebble Heart tell Tom that Turtle Tail would be worried if they didn't go back soon. Tom tells them to hide when he hears his housefolk coming, and Pebble Heart hides behind a pile of clutter. After it leaves, he asks why a Twoleg had come into the small den, and Tom replies that it gives them food. He asks where Turtle Tail was if the den would be their new home, and Tom snaps that they don’t need her. Pebble Heart mews that they were tracking rabbits on the moor, and becomes frightened when Tom asks if he knew if a fox had been tracking them.
Thunder tells Pebble Heart how if he stays, that Cloud Spots will miss him greatly. He replies that he still has so much to learn. As Lightning Tail lets one of Tom's Twolegs pet him, Pebble Heart watches, horrified. When Thunder tells him that as a kittypet, Pebble Heart would have to do the same, he backs away and says he wouldn't ever. After Tom begins to get jealous of Lightning Tail receiving attention from his housefolk, Pebble Heart wonders if he wouldn't want to share with his kits either.
Thunder convinces the kits to go back to the moor with River Ripple after assuring Pebble Heart that he would be coming shortly. He tells his siblings to hurry up so they could see their mother after Thunder and Lightning Tail catch up with them. He and his siblings race into the camp, calling for Turtle Tail. When they find out she died, Pebble Heart realizes that she is never coming home. He joins his brother and sister, curling up at Gray Wing's belly, but before drifting to sleep, tells Gray Wing that they belong on the moor in a tone of absolute certainty. The next morning, when they bury Emberkit, he backs away from the grave and gathers some burnet leaves to give him strength for his journey. Gorse Fur thanks him.
Pebble Heart watches Gray Wing pace in the clearing with a solemn gaze. Before he leaves, Gray Wing says goodbye to the kits, and Pebble Heart tells him to be careful, as danger lies in the hollow. Thunder asks what he means, but Gray Wing tells him doesn't know. When Thunder presses him, he tells Thunder that Pebble Heart has special dreams, and saw death before Turtle Tail died.

The Blazing Star

Pebble Heart emerges from the den he shares with Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Gray Wing to meet his adopted father, and walks alongside him as the older cat returns to camp. Gray Wing remarks that ever since the death of his mother, Turtle Tail, the younger cat had grown more wise, thoughtful, and patient. He believes that the little tom has a great destiny ahead of him, and notes how well his healing skills have gotten. Gray Wing asks Pebble Heart if he has had any other dreams, and Pebble Heart says no. Noting the hesitance in his voice, Gray Wing decides not to push the matter any further, believing his adopted son will reveal his secrets when he chooses to, and pushing for answers wouldn't benefit any cat.
After Thunder returns to camp, he spots Pebble Heart playing moss-ball with Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Jagged Peak. Looking up, he sees Tall Shadow, their leader, keeping a close eye on them. After overhearing Mouse Ear, Pebble Heart breaks away from his game with his siblings, and bounds over to Thunder, asking if everything is okay. Gray Wing tells Pebble Heart that everything is fine, but Thunder wonders if they should actually confide in Pebble Heart about the trouble with One Eye, due to the little cat's talent and skill. Tall Shadow soon calls a meeting, and Thunder and Mouse Ear collect Pebble Heart and his siblings and join the rest of the cats. They are soon joined by Lightning Tail, with Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots sitting near them.
Later, Mouse Ear and the others are training the younger cats, with Mouse Ear training Pebble Heart. Mouse Ear tries not to hurt Pebble Heart by being gentle with him, although Thunder says they'll never properly learn any battle moves that way. Pebble Heart suddenly lets out a screech, and Mouse Ear springs back in alarm, claiming he didn't hurt Pebble Heart at all. Thunder soon notices Mud Paws, who is standing over a mouse. Upon closer inspection, Pebble Heart backs away, his nose bothered by the smell coming from the dead creature. Thunder orders every cat to get back, and Pebble Heart reveals that the dead mouse was sick, and wasn't from a sickness that any herb could cure.
After the decision search for an herb to cure sick cats, Pebble Heart blocks the way for Thunder, refusing to let him pass unless the little tom is allowed to come with. Thunder, realizing that Pebble Heart has his own reasons for wanting to come, decides to let the kit join them, even though his initial reaction was to refuse for not wanting kits to get in the way. Soon, they depart, although it is not long before the cats encounter trouble. Pebble Heart, upon seeing a dead bird, screeches, telling the cats present to back away from the dead bird. Yowling again, he tries to get One Eye, who had previously attacked Thunder for treading on his prey, to not eat his prey. Tall Shadow, after finally seeing what made Pebble Heart panic, orders all cats to stay away from the dead bird.
Pebble Heart is uneasy and worried throughout their trip to get the Blazing Star, and when they get to the a Thunderpath, it takes Thunder coaxing him in order to get him to cross. The young kit is in awe of the Monsters that live on the Thunderpath, and wonders how they can go so fast. They soon arrive, and Pebble Heart tells Thunder and the other cats that he believes things are going to change in the forest. During the trip back, Pebble Heart stats to lag behind, and he doesn't make eye contact with Thunder at all.
When Morning Whisker, one of Wind Runner's kits, gets sick, Pebble Heart is one of the cats to take care of her. Although Gray Wing isn't happy that Pebble Heart is exposing himself to an ill and dying kit, Pebble Heart reassures his father that he will be fine, and that Cloud Spots had taught him. The little cat says that using tansy helps, and as long as he doesn't touch any of the wounds or let Morning Whisker breathe on him, he should be okay. Thunder makes the decision to bar any and all cats from making physical contact with Morning Whisker, including Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots, angering Wind Runner.
Pebble Heart does his best to take care of Morning Whisker, and takes Cloud Spots' advice to not touch her sores. When Gray Wing asks Pebble Heart to go with him to fetch Sparrow Fur, who is with Clear Sky, Pebble Heart refuses, saying that while Sparrow Fur is injured, she will survive. The young cat feels that he needs to stay with Morning Whisker, and Gray Wing doesn't argue with him. Pebble Heart tires himself from his constant looking after Morning Whisker, and gives his full attention to the ailing kit. Wind Runner, who attempts to lick Morning Whisker in comfort, snaps at Pebble Heart as he denies her access to her kit.
Not long after, Morning Whisker passes away, and Wind Runner, full of pain and sorrow, attempts to go to her kit. Pebble Heart blocks her way yet again, and this time, Wind Runner lashes out at him, with claws unsheathed. Thunder, seeing this interaction, dives between Pebble Heart and Wind Runner, taking the blow meant for the smaller cat. Tall Shadow intervenes, and asks Wind Runner what she wants to do, and she decides to send Morning Whisker to live with the spirit-cats. Tall Shadow assigns Cloud Spots and Pebble Heart to wrap Morning Whisker in leaves, and the two cats do so, being careful not to touch the deceased kit's wounds.
After Sparrow Fur returns, Pebble Heart and Owl Eyes watch over her as Cloud Spots checks her injuries. Pebble Heart is again seen looking after Holly, and when Tall Shadow calls a meeting, he temporarily stops doing so in order to tell the group of cats bombarding Jagged Peak, Clear Sky, and Lightning Tail with questions about the Blazing Star, One Eye, and their recent skirmish to back off. After their discussion, Pebble Heart returns to caring for Holly, and he later attends to Sparrow Fur and her injuries, as they have not yet healed.
When Gray Wing, Thunder, and the others leave to confront One Eye, Pebble Heart stays behind to care for Holly, who is expecting Jagged Peak's kits. Pebble Heart later helps the queen give birth to Storm Pelt, Eagle Feather, and Dew Nose, and their happy mewling tells Gray Wing and the other moorland cats that Holly and her new litter are doing well.

A Forest Divided

Pebble Heart is treating a scratch on Tall Shadow's paw when Clear Sky comes to visit Tall Shadow and her camp. Having not seen Owl Eyes in a while, Clear Sky remarks how big he's gotten, and Owl Eyes says that Pebble Heart has grown too. Owl Eyes calls for Tall Shadow, and Pebble Heart follows her out of the den, saying that he will put fresh ointment on her paw tomorrow. Tall Shadow thanks Pebble Heart, and the young cat goes to join Owl Eyes, walking across the grass in their camp.
After Clear Sky is attacked by a badger, Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots treat his wounds. Cloud Spots tells Clear Sky to lie still, so Pebble Heart can treat his wounds, and the young cat determines that Clear Sky's wound isn't deep, and the jaggedness of the wound will help it heal. He says that it will heal in a few days, and to help it along, he's chewed up some dock in the poultice mixture that he put onto the wound. He advises Clear Sky to put some dock in his nest when he sleeps, as that will help it heal even further and soothe the pain he feels. Pebble Heart also adds the leftover poultice into leaves and gives it to Clear Sky so he can use it when he goes home.
Soon, Pebble Heart and the other cats in Tall Shadow's group are left with a choice; follow their hearts and choose where you live. Pebble Heart suggests fetching Wind Runner, feeling she should have a say in it, but Gray Wing says she'll be able to make that choice in the future. Pebble Heart, among many others, chooses to go to the pine forest with Tall Shadow, although he is shocked and distraught when his mentor, Cloud Spots, chooses to go to the forest with Clear Sky. Cloud Spots reassures Pebble Heart that he will know what to do, and that he has nothing more to teach the young cat. Gray Wing stays with Pebble Heart as well, feeling that the young tom still needs him.
Before they leave, Pebble Heart stops and glances towards his den, where his herbs are stored. He panics, and wonders what to do about the herbs that he has stored, since he does not want to leave them behind. Moments later, the branches around the den shake, and Cloud Spots emerges from the den with a bundle of leaves in his jaws. He drops the pile at Pebble Heart's feet, saying that what he has will keep the cats going for now, and he can look for others once they settle down. Pebble Heart asks about Cloud Spots, and the black-and-white cat says he'll make a small batch for himself as well, and adds that there might be better herbs in the forest. Pebble Heart agrees, and also says the pines may also give good herbs.
Cloud Spots and Pebble Heart agree to travel to see one another if they find any new herbs or methods, and the two also plan to meet every new moon to discuss what they've learned and discovered. They decide to make their meeting place at the four trees, and Cloud Spots disappears into his den to gather herbs as Pebble Heart leaves with Gray Wing. Pebble Heart snatches up his herbs and dashes after the other cats, running to catch up. As snow starts to fall, Pebble Heart and Tall Shadow crouch near the kits to keep them safe, and Pebble Heart soon dashes over the Thunderpath, his pelt barely visible due to the harshness of the sudden blizzard.
After Jagged Peak helps Gray Wing cross the Thunderpath, he nods to Pebble Heart, telling the younger cat that Gray Wing is having trouble breathing again. Dropping his herb bundle, Pebble Heart searches through it for coltsfoot, as he says he can smell it. He says that although it's dry from Greenleaf, it should work and help Gray Wing. Pebble Heart holds out a stalk for Gray Wing as the elder cat takes it and eats it. Gray Wing thanks Pebble Heart, saying that it helps, and Pebble Heart murmurs that he hopes there's more in the pine forest. Pebble Heart suggests finding a place to bunker down, and they soon find a place for him, Gray Wing, and the kits before Jagged Peak and the others go hunting.
Pebble Heart meets up with Gray Wing after he decides to take a walk in the pine forest near their camp. Silently walking up behind Gray Wing, he startles the cat, who mistakenly thought he could have been Slate, one of the cats from Wind Runner's group. Pebble Heart says that Slate said she might visit the forest cats today, noting Gray Wing's reaction. He tells Gray Wing that he should go back to camp, because his breathing is acting up again, taking notice of the wheezing coming from his adopted father. Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing that the coltsfoot he has is the last of the season, and he went all the way to the Thunderpath to get it. Gray Wing is surprised that Pebble Heart made the journey by himself, but the younger cat reminds him that he's not a kit anymore, and Gray Wing doesn't always have to protect him all the time.
Pausing, Pebble Heart looks at Gray Wing, who has not answered him. Watching Gray Wing sink to his belly and gasping for breath, Pebble Heart jumps into action. He pummels Gray Wing's flank with his paws, and makes his way around to his chest, attempting to help Gray Wing even out his breath. Gray Wing thanks Pebble Heart as the young cat turns to walk away, saying that he will go and get coltsfoot. He helps Gray Wing back to camp, telling him to go into camp first. Letting Gray Wing rest, he trots over to his herb storage and emerges moments later with another stalk of coltsfoot in his jaws.
Pebble Heart promises Gray Wing that he will bring some of the herb to his nest every morning, but Gray Wing objects. He says that he'll go and see Pebble Heart instead, and get the herb himself. Near the herbs, Gray Wing notices Pebble Heart's nest, barely more than pine twigs and moss. Gray Wing says that Pebble Heart must be cold, and suggests building Pebble Heart a den of his own to sleep in. The young healer says that he's no colder than any other cat, but says that he was thinking of hollowing out some earth in the brambles for a den.
Hearing this, Holly says it's a wonderful idea, and asks where the best place would be for the kits. As Gray Wing and Holly keep talking, Mud Paws pads up to Pebble Heart, asking for something to ease the pain in his shoulder, as he wrenched it the other day chasing a squirrel. Pebble Heart says a comfrey lining in his nest should help with the pain, but in order to do that, he would need to go and get some. Mud Paws offers to come help look, stating that four eyes are better than two, and Gray Wing encourages the two cats to stay close together. Pebble Heart tries to reassure Gray Wing that the two cats can look after themselves, and is more concerned with Gray Wing's excessive worrying and how it would take a toll on his health.
When Gray Wing goes to meet Slate and the others in Wind Runner's camp, he hears from Reed about a great healing technique and says that he will have to tell Pebble Heart that. Upon hearing the name, Reed mews that Slate said he was a natural healer, and he would like to meet Pebble Heart one day, and Gray Wing assures Reed that he will. Gray Wing says that he should get back to Tall Shadow's camp, as Pebble Heart would be worried about him. Slate and Wind Runner try and persuade him to stay, saying that Pebble Heart isn’t a kit any longer.
Pebble Heart meets Quiet Rain, Gray Wing's mother, and instantly scents the infection on her pelt. He comes dashing forward, and wants to know if there are any other injuries that he should be aware of. Quiet Rain snorts, saying that there's only the one worth mentioning. Quiet Rain says that at least Pebble Heart is honest, and gets a glare from Tall Shadow in return. Ignoring the argument between the two older cats, Pebble Heart deems that Quiet Rain needs a poultice mixture, and goes to do so. He tells Quiet Rain to rest and eat in the meantime, as she will need her strength, as the infection has gone deep into her skin.
Moments later, Thunder and the others escort Quiet Rain to Pebble Heart's den, who orders Quiet Rain to sit down. He opens the leaves that have the mixture, and presses the poultice into her wound. Quiet Rain flinches, but says nothing, and Sun Shadow, her companion, wonders if she will be okay. Pebble Heart says that Quiet Rain will heal in time, and Tall Shadow and the others step away to let Pebble Heart continue with his work. Gray Wing later tells Quiet Rain that Pebble Heart is one of Turtle Tail's kits, and the one who has been caring for her.

Path of Stars

After rescuing Star Flower, Clear Sky's mate, Gray Wing races into the clearing of Tall Shadow's camp. He is meet by Holly and Pebble Heart, both of whom want to know what's wrong. He asks if Tall Shadow is okay, and also wants to know if Gray Wing is okay. Gray Wing nods, and says that it's actually Star Flower, whose kits are coming too early. Pebble Heart is shocked, and looks at Jagged Peak with a very worried and panicked expression. Pebble Heart demands to go with the cats to help Star Flower, and no other cat stops him. While he doesn't want Gray Wing to go, once he realizes that Gray Wing is the only one who knows where Star Flower is, he agrees to let Gray Wing rest once they've found the queen.
They make their way to the ditches near the Thunderpath, and Pebble Heart and Mouse Ear dash off beyond the thickest part of the forest, near where Gray Wing says Star Flower is. While Pebble Heart accidentally goes the wrong way, a quick yowl from Holly brings him and Mouse Ear to them. Pebble Heart sees Reed and asks if there are any signs of the kits yet, but Reed says no, and that it shouldn't be long, due to Star Flower's condition. They decide to take the chance and move Star Flower to Tall Shadow's camp, to keep her safe from any of the rogue cats that could still be around.
Pebble Heart and Reed stay back, while Wind Runner and Holly help Star Flower deliver her kits. While Pebble Heart doesn't know anything about delivering kits, he pays close attention to everything the she-cats are doing, and also asks Star Flower if he can feel her belly, in case he has to help any of his campmates give birth in the future. Running his paw over the queen's belly, Pebble Heart gets lost in his thoughts, deep in concentration. Soon, Star Flower gives birth to three healthy, but small, kits, and Pebble Heart and the other cats advise Clear Sky to let Star Flower and her newborns stay in Tall Shadow's camp for a few days so they can grow. Pebble Heart doesn't want Clear Sky to expose his new kits to any unnecessary dangers; Tall Shadow and Wind Runner agree with him. Pebble Heart later takes the news of Star Flower's successful birth to Owl Eyes and Thunder.
When Lightning Tail and Thunder decide to rescue Violet and her friends from Slash's group of rogues, there are many injuries, due to a dog getting loose and attacking the cats. Thunder sends Lightning Tail to fetch Pebble Heart, who immediately comes to tend to their injuries. Frog's injuries catch his eye, and Pebble Heart is extremely concerned about the lump on his spine. The healer isn't sure if Frog's back is broken or just sprained, but he hopes that it isn't the former. He orders all able-bodied cats to thoroughly clean their wounds, and help their campmates clean theirs if they are unable. Soon, Gray Wing joins the group, very impressed with Pebble Heart's skill and kindness when treating cats.
The rogues decide to leave their makeshift camp, and Pebble Heart declares that Frog needs to be carried, since he is unable to walk or care for himself. Raven and Moss volunteer to carry him, and Pebble Heart says that his back needs to be kept flat to avoid further damage. Willow, his sister, stays close to him, whispering encouragement in his ear. Soon, Pebble Heart gets the idea to use bark to balance Frog, and Lightning Tail and Moss soon dart off to go find some. Pine ask where his father went, and the kit's mother, Dawn, reassures him that Moss will be back soon. Pebble Heart, Moss, and Lightning Tail return moments later, and Pebble Heart tells Frog that he needs to be moved onto the bark. Frog says he can bear the pain, and Willow asks Pebble Heart to be careful. Pebble Heart guides Frog's head onto the bark, with Lightning Tail and Moss taking care of Frog's hindquarters.
The cats try their best to transport Frog, and Pebble Heart assures Willow that Frog is still alive, but his breathing is weak. Willow begs Pebble Heart to help, but the younger cat says that Frog's injury is on the inside, so there is nothing he can do. Willow tries to wake Frog up, but to no avail. Feeling Frog's flank, Pebble Heart sadly announces that Frog is gone, and apologizes to Willow.
During a meeting at the four trees with each group's leader, Pebble Heart is present. He sniffs the frost-covered plants, wilted and weak from the cold weather. When Wind Runner doubts the usefulness of their new campmates, Pebble Heart tells her that no cat really likes change, but perhaps the cats might be a gift to them. He looks up at the skies, as if he is searching for a sign. The rogue cats later officially join each of their groups, with Pebble Heart suggesting a new name for Raven — Raven Pelt.
Pebble Heart joins Gray Wing, Owl Eyes, and the others as they make their way to Wind Runner's camp, only to find that many of their campmates have been attacked. Gray Wing is proud that Pebble Heart and his siblings want to help, and Pebble Heart and Owl Eyes try and keep Gray Wing sturdy as they make their way back to Wind Runner's camp. They soon see that Slate, White Tail, and Silver Stripe were attacked by Slash, and that Black Ear, one of Gray Wing and Slate's kits, was kidnapped in the process. Spotted Fur, one of their other campmates, tries to defend their camp, and is hurt while trying to protect the kits. Pebble Heart stays behind to help treat battle wounds, and sends Fern Leaf to look for herbs.
Pebble Heart checks Black Ear after he is found, and also makes a poultice mixture for Clear Sky, whose tail was badly hurt in the process of saving Black Ear. Pebble Heart assures Slate, Holly, and the other cats that Black Ear will be fine, especially now since he has been fed and kept warm by his mother and campmates.
All of Gray Wing's kin, including Pebble Heart, are present for Gray Wing's final moments. Gray Wing says that out of all of Turtle Tail's kits, Pebble Heart was the only one who hadn't changed; quiet and thoughtful from the moment he was born, Turtle Tail's kit had been kind and full of wisdom. Gray Wing nudges Black Ear, and tells him that if he ever has any problems, to talk to Pebble Heart, and the wise, kind, and caring cat will do his best to help him. Gray Wing suggests naming each group a Clan, and Pebble Heart exclaims that each of their Clans is like one of the petals on the Blazing Star.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

During a dream, Half Moon says that each of the cats chosen by the spirit cats will advise their leader, and Moon Shadow is the cat to tell Moth Flight that she will be the cat to deliver this message. Pebble Heart from ShadowClan is one of the four other cats chosen, and Turtle Tail, Pebble Heart's mother, whispers in his ear about knowing he was special. The sleeping tom stirs in his sleep as Turtle Tail touches her muzzle to his ear, but soon turns and sinks back into a deep sleep.
During a meeting at the four trees, Moth Flight delivers a message to all the Clans; she tells Pebble Heart, Dappled Pelt, and Cloud Spots that they are to be the medicine cats for ShadowClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan, respectively. After being pressured by the other cats for who SkyClan's medicine cat would be, she is comforted by Pebble Heart, who calmly asks her if she knows. Micah emerges from the bushes, and reveals that he is to be medicine cat to SkyClan.
While shocked, Cloud Spots defends Moth Flight's claim, saying that he had a dream where he saw Pebble Heart, Moth Flight, Dappled Pelt, and Micah, along with himself, in a cave. Pebble Heart says that the only dream he's had is one of Turtle Tail, and Moth Flight gets excited. She asks if Turtle Tail told Pebble Heart to take care of his Clanmates, and he replies that yes, she did.
Pebble Heart says that it will take moons to learn what each herb does, and agrees to learn everything that he can from his Clanmates in ShadowClan. They agree to meet every half-moon at Highstones, and Pebble Heart is officially made ShadowClan's medicine cat by Tall Shadow.
Pebble Heart meets with the other medicine cats at Highstones, and makes his journey there accompanied by Dappled Pelt. Pebble Heart is excited, saying that he can't wait to speak with the spirit cats. His voice trembles when they make their way inside the cave, and Pebble Heart kicks up stones as they advance further into the darkness. All five medicine cats settle down near the Moonstone, and they soon meet with their ancestors.
Unsure of the white cat in front of him, Pebble Heart sniffs her. Dappled Pelt, however, recognizes her instantly, and calls her Stoneteller. Soon, Pebble Heart finds his mother, and she is accompanied by Gray Wing. Pebble Heart is delighted to see Turtle Tail and Gray Wing together in the afterlife, and purrs happily. Soon, the real meeting begins, and Pebble Heart and the others rejoice as their ancestors are given a name— StarClan. The StarClan cats tell each of the medicine cats that they should share what they know with one another.
Pebble Heart shifts, and awakens from his starry dream. Dappled Pelt says that Half Moon must want them to learn new skills, and Pebble Heart agrees, saying that each of the medicine cats has a chance to become a better healer than Half Moon ever was. As they discuss different methods, Pebble Heart says that he is coming up with ways to utilize tree sap, although he hasn't discovered much more than finding out that it makes leaves stick to wounds to keep dirt out.
When Micah suggests each cat leave their Clans to stay with the others to learn, Pebble Heart says that it will probably be hard to get Tall Shadow to allow other cats to stay in ShadowClan. Pebble Heart agrees to try and persuade each of the leaders, saying that that more each cat knows, the more they can help their Clanmates. Pebble Heart overhears Micah ask Moth Flight about Rocky, and says that Sun Shadow and Raven Pelt have been coughing for days.
After Micah dies, Pebble Heart visits Moth Flight to pay his respects. He tells Moth Flight that Micah is safe now, and says that Moth Flight should go back to WindClan and mourn her loss. She says no, and noticing the she-cat's distress, he offers her thyme. Nudging the leaves towards her, he explains that this herb will calm her. Pebble Heart offers Moth Flight a temporary solace in ShadowClan, explaining that she needs time to recover, and that Tall Shadow will allow her to stay if Pebble Heart asks her. He says that Reed Tail knows enough to care for WindClan until Moth Flight's return
Wind Runner approaches, and asks what Pebble Heart is talking about. The medicine cat calmly explains that he wants Moth Flight to spend some time away from her duties after the devastating loss of Micah. Worry darkening her eyes, she asks Moth Flight if this is what she wants, and the medicine cat nods and leans on Pebble Heart. Wind Runner nods, and says that she will send Dust Muzzle to check on her soon, but Pebble Heart warns that she shouldn't check on Moth Flight too early. He says that Moth Flight will be in good paws until she is ready to return to WindClan.
They soon travel to ShadowClan, with Pebble Heart gently guiding them. Tall Shadow approaches, and Pebble Heart says that he believes Moth Flight will grieve more easily, away from things that remind her of Micah. Sun Shadow surrenders his den to Moth Flight, and Pebble Heart approaches her with herbs in his jaws. Pebble Heart says that the poppy seeds have come from Dappled Pelt, and that Moth Flight needs peace more than sympathy. He tells Moth Flight to only eat two or three poppy seeds, and offers to sit with Moth Flight. She declines his offer, but Pebble Heart says that he will be back later to check up on her.
Pebble Heart is true to his word, and awakens Moth Flight. Worried, Pebble Heart asks if Moth Flight is doing okay. He admits that he is not used to giving cats poppy seeds, and was extremely worried that Moth Flight would have slept for days. He nudges a water-soaked mossball towards Moth Flight, saying that he thought she might be thirsty. Pebble Heart also brings Moth Flight fresh prey, and urges her to eat. Moth Flight refuses, but is told again by Pebble Heart that she has to eat.
Annoyed, Moth Flight lashes out at Pebble Heart, saying that she can't even get a decent night's sleep because StarClan keeps sending her dreams. This pricks Pebble Heart's interest, and he asks her about those dreams. Moth Flight says that she keeps getting dreams about the same things over and over again. She thinks that it's some kind of ceremony, and Pebble Heart says that it's important. He tries to get Moth Flight to explain in detail the ceremony, so he and she can work it out, and while Moth Flight is annoyed, she does so.
When Moth Flight tells Pebble Heart that there was a she-cat who had come back to life, Pebble Heart is shocked. He wonders what kinds of gifts that StarClan could give a living cat, and when Moth Flight doubts that she'd want that kind of gift, he objects. Pebble Heart mews to Moth Flight that she is the cat StarClan chose. He praises Moth Flight's bravery, and says that she would probably endure anything if StarClan wished it. He then invites her to visit Juniper Branch, who is expecting Raven Pelt's kits. She declines, and Pebble Heart ducks out of her den.
Pebble Heart awakens Moth Flight, saying that he needs her help, as Juniper Branch's kits are coming too early. Frantically, Pebble Heart says that he doesn't know what to do, and he's afraid that he'll lose the kits and Juniper Branch. Worried, the two cats dash over, although they are met with objection from Raven Pelt, who says that Moth Flight knows nothing about kitting. Pebble Heart sternly returns his comment, saying Raven Pelt didn't either, and sends the tom to go fetch water-soaked moss for his mate. The two medicine cats determine that Juniper Branch's belly is swollen, and they attempt to get her to calm down enough to reduce the swelling. Moth Flight sends Pebble Heart to get sticks to help Juniper Branch, and he returns moments later with said twigs in his jaws. Moth Flight sends him away again, this time to get thyme, poppy seeds, and other herbs that could help.
The two medicine cats successfully deliver Juniper Branch's kits, although one of them had complications. Pebble Heart, upon seeing the motionless she-kit, asks Moth Flight what to do. The white she-cat, remembering what happened with Drizzle, suggests that the newborn may have water in her lungs, and the two cats attempt to save her. Pebble Heart blocks Juniper Branch's view as Moth Flight applies pressure to the newborn's chest, attempting to pump the water out. They are successful, and Pebble Heart and Moth Flight leave Juniper Branch, Raven Pelt, and the newborn kits to rest.
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In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

He is mentioned when Lightning Tail tells Apple Blossom and Snail Shell about the time he and Thunderstar rescued Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Pebble Heart from Twolegs when they had been their age.

Shadowstar's Life

Pebble Heart is first seen after the Gathering, where he looks at Shadowstar and Sun Shadow, to which Shadowstar signals for him to lead the Clan home. He cleans Sun Shadow's wounds from the dogs the best he can, but it was clear that he had passed away. Shadowstar notices Pebble Heart's amber eyes, which triggers a memory of amber eyes watching her and Sun Shadow as they died and wonders if Pebble Heart was watching them.
Shadowstar interferes with a fight between Mouse Ear and Juniper Branch, she sends them off to Pebble Heart to treat their wounds.
Shadowstar exits her den, seeing Pebble Heart help get a thorn out of Shade Pelt's pad. She observes Pebble Heart fully treat the cat and thinks about how much he cares for the Clan, reassuring himself that it wouldn't have been Pebble Heart watching them die.
Once Shade Pelt leaves, Pebble Heart begins to treat Shadowstar's leg injury. He confirms that Shadowstar is well enough to hunt and patrol, but must let him know if her injury begins to hurt. Pebble Heart points out how Shadowstar had been keeping to herself, and asks if she's okay. Shadowstar admits to him what she is worried about, and Pebble Heart makes her do breathing exercises to relax. He finally tells Shadowstar she needs to pick a successor to Sun Shadow, but Shadowstar admits that he doesn't have much trust in her Clan and admits to being on her last life, to which Pebble Heart shows concern, but Shadowstar shrugs it off. Shadowstar tells Pebble Heart about the amber eyes she saw when she died and Pebble Heart understands and Shadowstar feels more relieved and leaves him.
He attends the Gathering and sits next to Cloud Spots and Acorn Fur. He joins Shadowstar, Raven Pelt, and Mud Paws on a patrol to search for potential territory for SkyClan near Highstones. He replies the Moonstone cannot be on any Clan's territory and the land was too far from the other Clans. Shadowstar has him search for potential herbs, and he rushes to her aid when Quick Water tries to kill Shadowstar. He checks her wounds but realizes she's fine.
They journey to SkyClan's camp to confront Skystar and he nods in greeting to his sister, Sparrow Fur. He agrees that he saw Quick Water near the Thunderpath. He blinks warmly at Shadowstar when she announces Raven Pelt as her new deputy. That night, Pebble Heart has a terrible dream and Shadowstar wakes him up. He shares his dream of trees falling on top of each other, signaling the end of the Clans. They agree not to tell the rest of the Clan.
When Shadowstar orders Raven Pelt to lead the Clan back home, he and Pebble Heart hesitate, but Shadowstar affirms she'll be fine. Before the battle with SkyClan and ThunderClan, she shares a starling with Pebble Heart and they reflect on when they first came to the pine forest. Shadowstar replies she's grateful Pebble Heart joined ShadowClan and leans against his shoulder in comfort, in an attempt to say goodbye to her Clanmate.

The Ultimate Guide

Pebble Heart is mentioned very briefly on Storm and Turtle Tail's page, where it is said that Gray Wing had become the father to him and his brother, Owl Eyes, and his sister, Sparrow Fur after his mother returned. He is again referred to on Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots' page. Cloud Spots had formed a close bond with Pebble Heart, who became ShadowClan's first medicine cat, and trained him in herbs.
Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned on Moth Flight's page that she had received a vision that she will become WindClan's very first medicine cat. Also revealed in that vision were the medicine cats of ShadowClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan.
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