These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Pebbleshine's Kits that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Pebbleshine finds prey in the back of a monster.
  • Waspwhisker and Blossomheart, along with her, hunt the prey while Hawkwing and Curlypaw keep watch.
  • The other cats jump out when the Twoleg comes along, warning her to come out too.
  • She is in the middle of catching one of the prey, and tells them she would come out.
  • The monster starts moving, and it is too late for Pebbleshine to come out.
  • Hawkwing attempts to save her and fails. Pebbleshine yowls she would come back.
  • She eats the prey she caught, and Pebbleshine feels like wailing, but she knows its too late for her. Finally, she dozes off.

  • Pebbleshine wakes and the monster stops growling. She hears a bang, and crouches low in hopes of not being seen.
    • She starts to relax and Pebbleshine eats the last of her chicken she had killed.
    • She jumps out of the monster and quickly looks around for familiar landmarks. Discouraged, she sets out to a barn.
  • When she is crossing the last stretch of open land, she whirls around to hear a dog barking.
    • A cat stops the dog and introduces the two as Bunny and Bug.
  • Amazed that dogs can have names, Pebbleshine goes into the barn and catches a mouse.
    • Bug states she had not seen the SkyClan.
  • The next day, Pebbleshine sees Bug play-fighting with Bunny.
  • They hunt together in the barn, and catch a few pieces of prey.
  • Pebbleshine leaves Bug to find SkyClan and wishes her good luck.

  • Pebbleshine walks alongside the Thunderpath. She is sure her kits were StarClan's promise that SkyClan would survive and realizes she needed to get onto another monster to get back to her Clan.
  • She reaches a Twoleg nest and Pebbleshine jumps on onto one.
    • Pebbleshine is spotted by a Twoleg, but she escapes.
  • A gray kittypet hisses at her, and tells her to get out. Pebbleshine spins around and stalks toward the kittypet, making herself look bigger and scarier, unsheathing her claws.
  • A orange tom and a black-and-white she-cat tells Coco to back off, they introduce themselves.
  • The two young cats bring her to a stream, where Pebbleshine laps at the cool water.
  • The kittypets decide to bring her to a monster camp they knew.

  • Olive and Milo decide that they would eat before they go.
  • They start toward their destination.
  • Pebbleshine realizes the monster camp was not the same.
  • They part, the kittypets going back to their home.
  • Pebbleshine is certain her kits would be alright, and silently tells herself she would find the lake.

  • Pebbleshine had gotten practiced at hunting alone, and determined, stalks a pidgeon.
  • She falls into a Twoleg nest.
  • Tired, Pebbleshine falls asleep and wakes in a dream. Hawkwing nudges her to her feet.
    • Waspwhisker, Echosong, Tinycloud, Macgyver and other SkyClan cats stand behind Leafstar.
    • Hawkwing tells her their kits had important destinies, and also adds that she should go toward the setting sun.
  • Pebbleshine carefully looks around and notices a two sticks. She finds a way out.
    • She leaps out and convinces herself that she could find SkyClan, and that her kits would be fine.

  • She thinks about Tree, who had saved her life.
  • Pebbleshine continues to head toward the setting sun, trusting the message.
  • Pain shoots her belly, and she knows her kits were coming now.
    • She goes as far as she can, then goes into a tunnel to give birth.
    • A pale yellow tom appears, and gives her a stick to bite onto for the pain.
    • She gives birth to two she-cats, one black-and-white and the other gray.

  • Pebbleshine marvels how beautiful her kits were, and silently promises to bring them to SkyClan.
  • She devours a shrew, and makes her way back to the tunnel.
  • Pebbleshine scents a badger, and hopes it was just passing through.
  • Pebbleshine slashes at the badger, leading it toward the Thunderpath.
  • Pebbleshine races out onto the Thunderpath, taunting it, but is cut off as a flsh of light sweeps over her, and she goes flying into the air, letting out a choking cry.

  • She opens her eyes and finds she is on the surface of a Thunderpath.
  • A Twoleg gently picks up Pebbleshine, and she tries to escape, yowling she needed to get back to her kits.
  • The sun warms her fur, and she doesn't feel pain.
    • She recognizes the pale yellow tom, who introduces himself as Micah, the first SkyClan medicine cat.
    • Billystorm greets her, and confirms that Pebbleshine was dead.
    • She also finds Duskpaw, Bouncefire and Snipkit among the StarClan cats.
    • Micah shows her a pool, where she sees a a dark ginger tom and a silver-gray she-cat.
    • Micah says they would find her kits and that one day they would meet Hawkwing and SkyClan.
    • She decides to join the living world as a ghost.
    • Pebbleshine revels in the memories of her long quest to find SkyClan, and asks what she had to do.

  • Pebbleshine's Clanmates call out good wishes, and she follows Micah's instructions.
  • She is on a hill near her kits. The Clan cats she had seen in the pool are still in the area.
  • Pebbleshine hears them mention a warrior name, Sandstorm.
  • She pads toward the silver-gray she-cat, and directs images of her kits to the apprentice.
  • The two apprentices find Pebbleshine's kits.
  • Pebbleshine curls around her kits. Pebbleshine promises that she would stay with them.
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