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As an apprentice, Pebbleshine was a haughty, stuck-up, and bossy young she-cat. However, as she matured, she became sweet, caring, and curious.[1] Pebbleshine was also shown to be daring and brave on several occasions.[1] Examples of these include when she participates in fighting Dodge's group in the twolegplace and when she attempted to hunt chickens for her clan.[2][3]



"Hawkwing rested his chin on his mate’s back, resolving that he would protect her to the last drop of his blood. He would take care of her, and their kits, and the whole Clan."
—Hawkwing thinking about Pebbleshine Hawkwing's Journey, page 201
At an apprentice, Hawkwing very much dislikes Pebbleshine, and thinks it is annoying how she acts superior to all the other apprentices.[4] However, after he saves Pebbleshine from a fire, she tries to become closer to him and thank him. He rejects her, feeling as though he should have saved his brother Duskpaw instead of Pebbleshine. However, after they are both made warriors, they begin to grow close, and Hawkwing realizes how kind and friendly Pebbleshine is. They becomes mates, and eventually, Pebbleshine reveals to Hawkwing that she’s expecting kits. Hawkwing is overjoyed, and vows to protect her and the kits. Unfortunately, soon after this, Pebbleshine is taken away in a Twoleg monster. Hawkwing is devastated, and clings to the desperate hope that she will come back.[1] But she never does, and Hawkwing mourns for her still, but finds joy in her kits, who somehow found their way to him.[5]


Pebblepaw: "Billystorm! It’s okay. They’ve gone."
Waspwhisker: "I’m sorry, Pebblepaw. He’s dead."
Pebblepaw: "No!"
—Pebblepaw grieving over Billystorm Hawkwing's Journey, page 60
Pebbleshine enjoyed being Billystorm’s apprentice, and they have a good relationship. Pebbleshine is greatly affected when he dies, and mourns for her mentor for a long time, as she feels like it’s her fault he’s dead and that she could have saved him.[1]

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