"Pepper was his littermate, and now he can't bear for any cat to mention Sol."
Jingo speaking of the effect Pepper's death had on Jet in Sunrise, page 131

Pepper is a tom.[3]

In Sunrise, Pepper was among the group of loners banded together by Sol. In reaction to Flower's death, Sol organized a group to attack and drive out the dogs picking out Pepper to act as bait. Pepper was told to go catch some prey and get the dogs to chase him into a small den where the others would lie in wait to follow the dogs.

During the plan of attack, the group of cats saw Pepper streaking across the stone space with the dogs in on his tail. At the sound of a terrible shriek, the other cats in the group pelted into the den but Pepper was already dead. While Jingo and Hussar are retelling the story, Jet interrupts and shows his animosity towards subject of Sol, and Jingo explains that Pepper was Jet's littermate.




Jet:[1] Living (As of Hollyleaf's Story)


  • Sunrise(First appearance; mentioned only)


"We were hiding on one of the roofs of the other dens, and we saw Pepper streaking across the stone space with the dogs on his tail. I've never heard such a racket they were making! Then we heard this awful shriek-"
―Hussar describing Pepper's death Sunrise, page 131

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