"I believe that Stream will go with you."
— Petal to Earth in Tree's Roots, chapter 4

Petal is a she-cat.[1]


In the Novellas

Tree's Roots

Petal is seen talking to Moonlight and another Sister, and nods at something Moonlight said before trotting away. Later, she is sharing tongues in the sunshine with Hawk.
After the storm, Petal grieves for her son, Stream, who was struck by lightning. Moonlight brushes her tail across Petal's back as she crosses the clearing, but only mentions how she's going to collect herbs to treat injuries. Petal doesn't say anything. That night, the Sisters perform a ceremony for Haze, a she-kit who died in the storm, but they don't do anything for Stream. However, during the ceremony, Petal sees Stream's ghost, and her eyes brighten as she asks her kit if he's well. Earth watches as Petal listens intently to her son's response.
When Earth is being sent away to wander, Petal gently noses the young tom's ear, whispering that she believes Stream will go with him.




Stream:[1] Deceased, verified ghost
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Hawk:[2] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Flurry:[3] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Sparrow:[3] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Snail:[2] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Chestnut:[1] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Snow:[4] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Tempest:[4] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Stone:[4] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Grass:[4] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moonlight:[4] Deceased, verified ghost
Ice:[1] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Tree:[5] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Squirrel:[6] Living (As of (Squirrelflight's Hope)
Leaf:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moon:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Needleclaw:[7] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Rootspring:[7] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Furze:[4] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Creek:[4] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Sunrise:[4] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Haze:[1] Deceased, verified ghost
Mud:[1] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Spider:[8] Status unknown
Cloud:[9] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed kits:[8] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed sons:[8] Status unknown


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