"I will fight alongside you, and with StarClan's blessing, we will win. But if I were you, I'd be careful about dismissing our ancestors so lightly. We owe them everything, and it is a debt that will never be repaid."
— Petalfall to Cloudstorm in Battles of the Clans, page 78

Petalfall is a rose-cream-furred she-cat[7] with dark[4] green eyes,[7] and no teeth.[8]


In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Petalfall is now an elder of SkyClan. Cloudstar mentions that she should be leader instead of him, but she became very weak from a sickness and began to have seizures, so she was forced to retire from her place as Flystar's deputy of SkyClan. As the prey in SkyClan territory begins to disappear due to the Twoleg activity coming to the camp, she begins to not eat her share of prey, as there is little of it. Petalfall becomes weak, sick, and thin, and her seizures occur more often. One night, she is very weak, and Fawnstep gives her two poppy seeds to ease the pain and make her sleep. Before she sleeps, she makes Cloudstar promise her that SkyClan will survive, which he does, pleasing her. Cloudstar goes out to see what the Twolegs are doing, and when he returns, Fawnstep tells him that Petalfall had died just moments before he came back.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Petalfall is an ancient SkyClan deputy, under the leadership of Flystar. A group of kittypets have been stealing prey from SkyClan's territory, and it is beginning to become a problem for the Clan. One warrior, Cloudstorm, points out that the kittypets never come onto SkyClan territory all at once, and then suggests that they invade Twolegplace to hunt down the offenders. He also says that while in Twolegplace, they can use fences instead of trees to perform their sky combat moves. Petalfall agrees with him, and they put the plan in motion immediately, since the SkyClan leader, Flystar, is away at the Moonstone. Cloudstorm speaks with Petalfall before the battle, and she expresses concern that perhaps Flystar would return with news that StarClan does not want them to fight.
Cloudstorm is not worried, and states that they have the warrior code and the skills to protect themselves. He tells her that they should be grateful to StarClan, but that their actions are their own. He goes on to say that StarClan doesn't risk themselves for the living, and that SkyClan has to win this battle themselves. Petalfall is taken aback by his callousness, but agrees to go on with the plan. Her Clan successfully wins the battle against the kittypets. After the battle, Flystar returns from the Moonstone and thanks the warriors that helped in the battle. He also orders more patrols for the next moon, to prevent any similar incidents. Petalfall meets Cloudstorm's gaze during the meeting, and he lifts his chin proudly.

Character pixels

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  • She has been mistakenly described with faded blue eyes.[9]


Petalfall: "And we must have faith in Cloudstar, too. He has led us well until now, and we should listen to him."
Cloudstar: "Thank you, Petalfall. You need to get some rest. One of the apprentices will bring you something to eat."
Petalfall: "Ah, don't trouble the young ones with chasing after me. Let them feed the rest of the Clan first. Toothless old badgers like me don't deserve the pick of the fresh-kill pile."
—Petalfall insisting not to be fed first Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 4

Petalfall: "Don't lie to me, Cloudstar. I may be old, but I'm not dumb. I know we are in great trouble. Oh my poor Clan. We have survived so much, yet now we will be destroyed by Twolegs."
Cloudstar: "No, Petalfall! SkyClan can still survive this!"
Petalfall: "Promise me, Cloudstar. Promise me you will not let the Twolegs drive us from our home."
Cloudstar: "I promise. This is where SkyClan belongs. For as long as I have my nine lives, we will never leave the forest."
—Cloudstar promising Petalfall that SkyClan will survive Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 6

"Petalfall died a few moments ago. She was peaceful at the end. She slept well after you promised her SkyClan would be okay."
―Fawnstep about Petalfall Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 7

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