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"I think we should go on. I've watched my Clanmates starving around me, and I can't do that anymore! Thinking of that gives me courage."
— Petalfur encouraging the patrol to bring back the water in The Fourth Apprentice, page 132

Petalfur is a small[5] gray-and-white she-cat[3] with amber eyes.[6]

Petalfur was a RiverClan warrior under Leopardstar's and Mistystar's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Petalkit to the warriors Icewing and Mintfur, alongside her littermates Grasskit, Beetlekit and Pricklekit. After earning her warrior name of Petalfur, she was selected as one of the two RiverClan representatives to go to the beaver dam with cats from other Clans that she befriended. Despite Rippletail's death, the patrol was able to successfully unblock the dam, letting the lake fill again.

During the battle against the Dark Forest, Petalfur helped defend RiverClan from the spirit intruders. After the battle, she became mates with Mallownose, who rescued her from an unexpected dog attack. Later, she gave birth to his kits, Brackenpelt, Jayclaw, and Owlnose. Moons later, in a battle with the Kin, she was killed and her body was forced to be left behind when her Clan surrendered.


In the Power of Three arc


Petalkit is born to the RiverClan warriors Icewing and Mintfur, alongside her littermates Grasskit, Beetlekit, and Pricklekit.


Moons after her birth, as the medicine cats are waiting to go to the Moonpool, Mothwing and Willowshine are delayed because Petalkit managed to get a thorn lodged in her eye. When Mothwing and Willowshine catch up with the other medicine cats at the Moonpool, Mothwing explains that it took only a good pull to get the thorn out of her eye. Littlecloud of ShadowClan suggests Mothwing use celandine for her damaged eye to speed up the process of healing it.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

"We don't have to destroy it all. If we can move enough of the top branches that the water spills over, the force of the stream will wash the rest of the logs away."
―Petalfur working out a way to destroy the dam The Fourth Apprentice, page 245
Petalkit earns her warrior name of Petalfur, along with her littermates, Grasspelt and Beetlewhisker. When the lake dries up, she, along with the rest of RiverClan, struggles to catch enough fish to eat. As a result, Petalfur and her Clanmate Rippletail are chosen by their leader, Leopardstar, and her deputy, Mistyfoot, to be the RiverClan representatives on a journey patrol searching for water. The pair are escorted to their departure point by Mistyfoot, and the other Clan cats are shocked at how gaunt Petalfur and Rippletail look, and one even comments that Leopardstar must have kept her strongest warriors back at home. At the start of the journey, the patrol meets a few Twoleg kits and one of them picks up Petalfur. The Clan cats' aggression to the Twoleg kit causes them to drop Petalfur, giving them an opportunity to flee.
The cats settle down to eat, though Petalfur and Rippletail stay back, believing that their lack of contribution constitutes their abstention. However, after the other cats persuade them, the RiverClan cats sit down to join their companions. A few moments later, the cats come upon a small puddle that contains fish in it. As Rippletail scoops out a fish, Petalfur swiftly kills it and invites the other cats to have a taste, which some of them are fond of.
When the patrol is warned about dogs coming by the apprentice Dovepaw, she, Rippletail, and the WindClan cats don't know how to climb trees for safety, because there aren't many trees on RiverClan or WindClan territory. Lionblaze, Tigerheart, and Toadfoot help Petalfur and Rippletail along with the WindClan cats by showing them where they need to put their paws. Petalfur is very nervous about it, but manages to stay in the tree until the dogs leave.
When the cats reach the stream where the beavers have blocked it with their dam, she and Rippletail play in the shallow areas, happy to be near water again. However, while the RiverClan cats are playing, the beavers return. The other cats yowl to Rippletail and Petalfur to get out of the water as the beavers first see them. The RiverClan cats barely make it to shore, before the beavers give up and swim away.
That day, the warriors attempt to fight the beavers, but Rippletail is cornered and the beavers give him a severe shoulder wound. He is subsequently dropped into the stream, and dies due to blood loss, despite Petalfur dragging him to safety. In vengeance for Rippletail's death, Petalfur works out a way to destroy the dam after much grieving for her slaughtered Clanmate. The warrior helps take apart the dam in the second attempt, and is happy that Rippletail had not died in vain. She feels proud that Rippletail's death was avenged when they pulled down the dam, and that the Clans can have water again.
When the warriors return to the lake, Lionblaze and Dovepaw offer to go back to RiverClan with her to help break the news of Rippletail's demise, but she says she would rather do it alone. The cats part ways on ShadowClan territory, with Blackstar being unusually nice and offering a place to eat before they leave. Petalfur declines, wanting to hurry to her territory to tell RiverClan about Rippletail's death.

Fading Echoes

"Cheer up. WindClan has always been prickly. If they don't want to speak to us, there's not a lot we can do about it."
―Petalfur, to Dovepaw Fading Echoes, page 107
The next moon, RiverClan arrives at the Gathering, she immediately breaks ranks and begins to talk to Dovepaw. She is very friendly towards her, clearly remembering the close bond they shared on their quest to find what was blocking the stream. Petalfur comments on how life seems boring now that they have returned. When she sees Sedgewhisker, she calls her, but Sedgewhisker pointedly turns her back on Dovepaw, still mad at her for trespassing on their territory earlier. Petalfur is hurt at first, thinking that Sedgewhisker's hostility is directed at her, and notices that Dovepaw is too. She tells her to cheer up, saying that WindClan has always been prickly. A few moments before the Gathering starts, Dovepaw leaves Petalfur to go find Tigerheart.

Sign of the Moon

Moons later, Petalfur is deep in conversation with Sedgewhisker after a Gathering. Dovewing assumes that they were sharing memories about the journey upstream to find the water, and the battle with the beavers. Mistystar also mentions during the Gathering that Petalfur, Reedwhisker, and Robinwing tracked a badger off of RiverClan's territory.

The Last Hope

As the Dark Forest rises, Petalfur's brother, Beetlewhisker, is slaughtered mercilessly by Brokenstar due to "betraying" him and his Dark Forest warriors. The battle between the Dark Forest and the Clans commences, in which Petalfur participates in within camp, along with Hollowflight, Robinwing, Tawnypelt, Ratscar, and the WindClan cats, Emberfoot, Gorsetail, and Furzepelt.

In A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

RiverClan fights against the Kin, who is invading RiverClan territory, seasons after the Dark Forest battle. The battle ends in Clan's defeat, and their leader Darktail stipulates that they may not take the bodies of their dead with them for burial. The elder Mosspelt informs Mistystar that Petalfur had been killed in the skirmish by rogues, which the leader mourns and later promises vengeance for.

In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

Not long after the Dark Forest battle, Mistystar mentions at a Gathering that Petalfur has given birth to three of Mallownose's kits.

In the Novellas

Mistystar's Omen

"Some of us can speak for ourselves. But I will be as loyal to you as I was to Leopardstar, may she walk in peace among the stars."
―Petalfur, shortly after Leopardstar dies Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 2
After Mistyfoot announces that Leopardstar died, Petalfur twitches her tail at Mistyfoot's comment to her son, irritably stating that some of them could speak for themselves. She then adds that she would be as loyal to her as she was to Leopardstar, praying that she would walk in peace among the stars. Petalfur is seen returning from a hunting patrol, and along with Robinwing and Minnowtail, places similar-sized prey beside Mallownose's small fish.

Mothwing's Secret

"StarClan is watching over you. They'll guide our paws, and we will keep you safe."
―Willowshine to Petalfur Mothwing's Secret, page chapter 9
Moons after the Great Battle, Petalfur is injured by a dog while on patrol, resulting in Icewing and Mallownose towing her back to camp. Mothwing and Willowshine begin treating her wounds as Mallownose reports what had happened in their unexpected encounter with the dog. Petalfur struggles to breathe, not understanding she is receiving help, and is held down by Mallownose. Willowshine comforts the warrior by saying that StarClan is watching over her, and will keep her safe. Mothwing is skeptical, though focuses on staunching the blood coming out of Petalfur's wounds with cobwebs and a horsetail poultice. After Petalfur is stabilized, she is transferred to the medicine den. Mistystar thanks StarClan that Petalfur will recover, though Mothwing inwardly feels her and Willowshine's skills saved the warrior.

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"I think we should go on. I've watched my Clanmates starving around me, and I can't do that anymore! Thinking of that gives me courage."
―Petalfur The Fourth Apprentice, page chapter 12
Petalfur was a brave and loyal warrior who trusted the leaders of her Clan to act in RiverClan's best interests. Despite hardships caused by the drought in the lake territories she remained optimistic that StarClan would help the Clans. As a young warrior, Petalfur possessed a bright personality and shared a workable affinity with Rippletail. She and Rippletail were chosen to go on the quest to recover the lake, and worked hard to make their leader proud. Petalfur possessed the ability to be mischievous, such as when she tricked a Twoleg into letting her comrade go during their travels. Petalfur had a kind heart, and grieved deeply when beavers killed Rippletail. Her need for vengeance was met with the demise of the creatures, and her Clan lauded the patrol's success.[source?]
After the journey, Petalfur proved willing to continue the relationships from the quest, including her acquaintance with the ThunderClan apprentice Dovepaw.[source?] Upon Leopardstar's death, Petalfur remained a loyal warrior under Mistystar's leadership,[7] helping ward of threats to RiverClan, which included the Dark Forest.[8] Petalfur maintained faith in StarClan, comforted by the thought that her ancestors were watching over the Clans.[5] She started a family with a fellow warrior in her Clan,[9] and lived to see her kits attain warriorhood, which she was proud of.[source?] By the time of her death, Mistystar regarded Petalfur as a fine example of a warrior, and mourned the fact that her body had to be left behind in RiverClan's camp after a battle with the Kin.[source?]



"I don't want to think that he died for nothing."
―Petalfur about Rippletail The Fourth Apprentice, page chapter 21
Petalfur and Rippletail were both loyal RiverClan warriors who were happy to serve their Clan in going on the patrol to save the lake. Having been raised similarly, the pair held similar values, and understood the necessity of the lake to their Clan's way of life. Their pride in their Clan kept them from speaking negatively about it to the other members of the patrol, despite the evidence of RiverClan's struggle for food being clearly visible. Petalfur considered Rippletail a friend, and was able to work with him often on the patrol to circumvent danger. She grieved deeply upon his death, and felt guilty for not being able to save him. Petalfur claimed her vengeance for his death by defeating the beavers. She brought the somber news of his death to her Clan, where he was lauded as a martyr.[source?]

Journey to the beaver dam patrol

Petalfur: "What are you all staring at?"
Toadfoot: "Er... you, being so friendly with that Twoleg."
Petalfur: "So? It got us out of trouble didn't it? Oh, yuck! I'm going to stink of Twoleg for a moon."
—Petalfur and Toadfoot after a Twoleg grabbed Petalfur The Fourth Apprentice, page 212
During the journey to the beaver dam, Petalfur formed relationships with the cats from other Clans on the patrol, which included Rippletail, Whitetail, Sedgewhisker, Toadfoot, Tigerheart, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw. She shared a workable affinity with them as they traveled, and retained a light demeanor while working with them. Petalfur felt honor-bound to not partake in prey caught by the patrol's other members, as she did not contribute to their catch, though they convinced her to take a share. She worked with the cats in the patrol to escape danger, including convincing a Twoleg to let her go free once captured, with the patrol's help. Petalfur was able to adapt to a strategy to defeat the beavers at the dam, and the patrol returned home successful.[source?] After returning to the Clans, Petalfur was willing to maintain amiable relations with the cats from the patrol, and cherished the connection she had formed with the ThunderClan apprentice Dovepaw on the journey.[10]

Mallownose & kits

"It was a dog. It came out of nowhere. We all fought it off, but it grabbed Petalfur in its mouth…You have to save her."
―Mallownose to Mothwing about Petalfur Mothwing's Secret, page chapter 9
After the battle with the Dark Forest, Petalfur became mates with Mallownose.[9] Mallownose cared deeply for Petalfur, and was distraught when she was severely injured by a dog.[5] Together, the pair had three kits, and Mallownose was very proud of them. Petalfur raised her family in RiverClan,[9] and all three of her offspring became loyal RiverClan warriors.[11]




Mallownose:[9] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Brackenpelt:[9] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Jayclaw:[9] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Owlnose:[9] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Icewing:[12] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Mintfur:[blog 1] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Beetlewhisker:[1] Deceased, residence unknown
Grasspelt:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Pricklekit:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Nightsky:[blog 1] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Breezeheart:[blog 1] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Icewing ♀Mintfur ♂
Mallownose ♂Petalfur ♀Beetlewhisker ♂Grasspelt ♂Nightsky ♀Breezeheart ♀Pricklekit ♂
Jayclaw ♂Owlnose ♂Brackenpelt ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown




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