"I think we should go on. I've watched my Clanmates starving around me, and I can't do that anymore! Thinking of that gives me courage."
— Petalfur encouraging the patrol to bring back the water in The Fourth Apprentice, page 132

Petalfur is a gray-and-white she-cat[3] with amber eyes.[5]

Petalfur was a RiverClan warrior under Leopardstar's and Mistystar's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Petalkit to Icewing and Mintfur alongside Grasspelt, Beetlewhisker and Pricklekit. She later became Petalfur and was one of the two RiverClan representatives to go to the beaver dam with cats from other Clans that she befriended. She later became mates with Mallownose, and gave birth to Brackenpelt, Jayclaw, and Owlnose. In a battle with the Kin, she was killed and her body was forced to be left behind.


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Power of Three

Petalkit is born to Mintfur and Icewing alongside Grasskit, Beetlekit and Pricklekit. However, Pricklekit unfortunately dies. Mothwing and Willowshine are delayed to a medicine cat meeting at the Moonpool due to treating a thorn in Petalkit's eye.

Omen of the Stars

"We don't have to destroy it all. If we can move enough of the top branches that the water spills over, the force of the stream will wash the rest of the logs away."
—Petalfur working out a way to destroy the dam The Fourth Apprentice, page 245
She is now a warrior named Petalfur alongside her brothers, Grasspelt and Beetlewhisker. Petalfur is one of the two representatives from RiverClan along with Rippletail to go on the quest to go upriver, and befriends the other Clans cats on the way. However, when Rippletail is killed, she loses confidence and feels horrible for letting her Clanmate die, but perseveres through and manages to dislodge the beaver dam. When they return to Clan territory, she bids farewell to the other six cats instead of celebrating, as she felt it necessary to inform RiverClan of Rippletail's death.
Petalfur maintains her friendship with Dovepaw after their journey. Her brother, Beetlewhisker, is slain by Brokenstar while training in the Dark Forest. She later partakes in the Great Battle, fighting alongside her Clanmates.

A Vision of Shadows

Petalfur's kits are now warriors, Brackenpelt, Owlnose, and Jayclaw, and her parents have a new litter, Nightkit and Breezekit. She participates in the skirmish with the Kin and is killed in the ensuing battle. Darktail does not allow RiverClan to bury her body, and the surviving RiverClan cats are forced to leave her corpse behind.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Petalfur is now nursing Mallownose's kits. Her brother, Grasspelt, dies during the Great Storm.


Author statements

  • In a letter, Vicky revealed the name of Petalfur's kits will be revealed in the sixth series.[6]
    • This is later proved to be true, as the names of her kits were revealed as Brackenpelt, Jayclaw, and Owlnose.[7]


  • In Mistystar's Omen, Icewing is said to have gone to the beaver dam with Rippletail instead of Petalfur.[8]
  • In Shattered Sky, Mothwing mentions Petalfur having gone on a patrol to WindClan, even though Petalfur had already been killed.[9]
  • She appears in the battle against the Sisters in Squirrelflight's Hope, despite dying moons beforehand. [10]

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Petalfur: "What are you all staring at?"
Toadfoot: "Er... you, being so friendly with that Twoleg."
Petalfur: "So? It got us out of trouble didn't it? Oh, yuck! I'm going to stink of Twoleg for a moon."
—Petalfur and Toadfoot after a Twoleg grabbed Petalfur The Fourth Apprentice, page 212

"Cheer up. WindClan has always been prickly. If they don't want to speak to us, there's not a lot we can do about it."
—Petalfur Fading Echoes, page 107

"Some of us can speak for ourselves. But I will be as loyal to you as I was to Leopardstar, may she walk in peace among the stars."
—Petalfur shortly after Leopardstar dies Mistystar's Omen, page Chapter 2

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