"That's Petalkit! You've stolen Goldenstar's only daughter!"
Shadestar to Thorntooth in Secrets of the Clans, page 164

Petalkit is a lioness[1] cub and an ancient LionClan kit. She is the only daughter of Goldenstar, leader of LionClan.

In Secrets of the Clans, she is among the kits that Thorntooth, a TigerClan warrior, stole from LionClan. Shadestar notices which kit her warrior stole, and demands that Petalkit be returned. She tells Thorntooth that if the kit isn't returned, there will be war, and LionClan would kill everyone in TigerClan to get that kit back.

Petalkit is then returned to her Clan at the Gathering Shadestar called that night. Goldenstar tells Shadestar that her Clan must be punished. He makes TigerClan walk alone in the shadows for a moon, telling them to talk to no other Clan, and that is when they get their stripes.




Goldenstar:[1] Deceased, residence unknown



"Then came a day when Thorntooth sneaked back to camp with a small lion cub dangling from his jaws and mewing sadly. Shadestar took one look at the kit and flew into a rage."
—Narrator Secrets of the Clans, page 164

Shadestar: "That's Petalkit! You've stolen Goldenstar's only daughter!"
Thorntooth: "Yes, I have."
Shadestar: "What have you done? This will mean war. LionClan will not rest until they have rescued that kit. They will slaughter us all if they have to."
Thorntooth: "We can fight them."
Shadestar: "And let TigerClan warriors die? For what? For nothing. We are giving Goldenstar's daughter back immediately."
—Shadestar reprimanding Thorntooth for the theft of Petalkit Secrets of the Clans, page 164

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