"At least now, [...] he was able to believe that his paws would find a path forward, even though he didn't yet know what that path would be."
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"Marigold is just fine, Petunia. She's here. With me. And your Twoleg...she doesn't hurt anymore. She's no longer so confused. She's happy now. You can be happy too, Petunia. All you have to do is focus on your Clanmates."
Gremlin to Petunia about her future in WarriorClan in Graystripe's Vow, comic

Petunia is a fluffy gray she-cat with large amber eyes[2] and a flattened muzzle.[3]

Petunia is the current medicine cat of WarriorClan under Monkeystar's leadership. She was originally a kittypet who lived with an elderly Twoleg. The Twoleg took good care of Petunia until she became old and sick, and began taking in more and more cats but neglecting to care for them properly. When Fang and Graystripe rescued the trapped kittypets with the help of WarriorClan, Petunia initially wanted to remain with her Twoleg, but was convinced to join WarriorClan after her Twoleg was taken away by medicine Twolegs. Graystripe then appointed Petunia as WarriorClan's medicine cat, seeing how she had cared for her denmates in the Twoleg nest.


In the Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

"[Graystripe] was impressed by the old she-cat, who was managing to care so well for Daffodil, even though she was suffering as much as all the other denmates."
—Narrator about Graystripe's thoughts on Petunia Graystripe's Vow, page 368
Petunia is one of the cats trapped in a den with a neglectful elderly Twoleg. When Graystripe is accidentally trapped in the den, he tries to escape through a small gap in one of its walls. Petunia speaks from behind him, saying that they've tried escaping through there already and never succeeded, and Honeysuckle just got lucky. Graystripe realizes that Honeysuckle must be Fang's kittypet name. Petunia and Graystripe introduce themselves to each other, and Petunia explains that she's been there the longest and he should accept being there. Graystripe asks if Petunia knew Honeysuckle's mother, and Petunia replies that Gremlin was kindhearted and her death was hard on everyone.
As Petunia talks, Graystripe spots an elderly Twoleg enter the room carrying food. She places it down with a gentle call, and all the cats in the den fight and scramble for the food. Petunia rushes in and grabs some scraps, then brings them to Daffodil, who is sick. Graystripe watches as Petunia coaxes Daffodil into eating. When the Twoleg is gone, Graystripe tells the kittypets that they have to find a way to escape. One cat suggests attacking the Twoleg, but Petunia is outraged and says that the Twoleg saved her life and she loves her. She explains that it's not the Twoleg's fault that she's sick and that it will break her heart if the cats leave, especially Petunia. Graystripe understands but insists that cats can't live like this. Petunia says that she's gotten used to it, but Graystripe points out that cats are getting sick and dying. Petunia acknowledges that Graystripe is right.
After a few moments, Petunia explains that every so often, the Twoleg goes outside, and that they may be able to escape when she opens the door, but she wishes to stay with her Twoleg. The other cats in the den protest, but Graystripe knows that Petunia won't change her mind. The cats lie in wait for the Twoleg, but Graystripe isn't fast enough in propping open the door and the escape attempt fails. After nightfall, Graystripe spots Petunia comforting Daffodil. Graystripe tries to reassure the she-cat that they will escape, but Petunia gives him a dubious look. Graystripe nods in respect to Petunia before padding away, impressed by the she-cat's care for Daffodil.
When Fang arrives with WarriorClan to help the cats escape, Daffodil limps over with Petunia at her side to where the cats are working together to pry open a loose floorboard. The cats succeed in removing the board, and Petunia helps a queen and her kits escape. When everyone is gone, Graystripe tries to convince the old she-cat to leave, but she is determined to stay devoted to her Twoleg. Graystripe understands and leaves without her. The commotion caused by the cats alerts nearby Twolegs, and soon a group of medicine Twolegs arrive and lead the old female Twoleg out into a large white monster. Graystripe spots Petunia wailing and trying to follow her Twoleg into the monster. One of the Twolegs gently pushes Petunia away and closes the monster, leaving her caterwauling outside. Graystripe darts to Petunia's side, and tries to convince her to come with him to WarriorClan. Although Petunia is stubborn at first, Graystripe eventually convinces her by informing her that the Twolegs will give her away to different Twolegs if she stays.
The next day, most of the escaped kittypets have arrived in WarriorClan territory. The cats all awake in the morning and begin to discuss where they should go now that they've escaped. Petunia assures the cats that if they find new Twolegs to live with, they will have a very nice life. Many of the cats decide to join WarriorClan. As they talk, Graystripe sees Petunia sitting off to the side looking forlorn. Graystripe asks her if she will stay with WarriorClan, but Petunia says she'll leave when her Twoleg comes back. Graystripe begins to tell her about medicine cats, but Petunia already knows about them thanks to Gremlin. Graystripe suggests that Petunia become a medicine cat because of how well she treated Daffodil back in the den. Petunia is interested, and after Graystripe teaches her about some basic herbs and encourages her to teach Lily as an apprentice, she decides to ask Fang what he thinks. After some deep conversation between the two, Fang accepts Petunia and commends Graystripe on finding WarriorClan a medicine cat.
In the comic, Monkeystar is worried about Petunia, who has been missing for three days. She organizes a patrol made up of Lily, Clawwhistle, Bugeater, and herself to search for the medicine cat. They find Petunia at her old Twoleg's den, and Monkeystar asks if she's okay. Petunia weakly mews that she's sorry, but she can't leave this place behind. Lily tells Petunia that WarriorClan needs her, and that they both have to leave this place behind now. Petunia agrees and says they should go back. However, Monkeystar knows that Petunia is still miserable and takes her to the Moonstone in an attempt to comfort her. After a while, Petunia emerges from the cave much happier, telling the patrol that she saw Gremlin. Petunia asked about her Twoleg, and Gremlin reassured her that her Twoleg is much happier now, and that Petunia can be happy too, if she focuses on her Clanmates. Petunia decides to do just that, and is happily welcomed back by WarriorClan.

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Young tom: "I've got an idea. Maybe we can all attack the Twoleg the next time she opens the door."
Petunia: "Absolutely not!"
Graystripe: "But it might work. Why are you so against it?"
Petunia: "My Twoleg rescued me from a place where they kill cats who have no home. She saved my life. I know what she's become, but in spite of that, I still love her, and I could never to anything to harm her. (To the tom after he snorts in contempt) Flea-brain! It's not the Twoleg's fault that she's old and sick now and gets confused. We cats might be the only thing keeping her alive. It will break her heart if we escape. Especially me, because I was her first cat."
Graystripe: "Is that why she seems to call you all Petunia?"
Petunia: "I think she can only remember one name now."
Graystripe: "I understand, but this is no way for cats to live."
Petunia: "I've gotten used to it. And sooner or later, the others will, too."
Graystripe: "But some of them won't live long enough to get used to it. There are sick cats here, some who are starving, some who are expecting kits, and you all need more care than this Twoleg can give you. It isn't fair for them to be treated this way."
—Petunia and Graystripe Graystripe's Vow, pages 330-331

"But I'm not going anywhere. This is my home, for better or worse."
—Petunia deciding not to leave the den Graystripe's Vow, page 332

Graystripe: "Now you, Petunia."
Petunia: "I told you, I'm not going. I want to stay with my Twoleg."
Graystripe: "You can't really mean that. Life will be much better on the outside, believe me."
Petunia: "I'm too old to go on adventures. And I did mean every word when I said I couldn't break my Twoleg's heart. She doesn't keep cats in her den because she wants to torture them. Her cats are her only friends, and she loves them. If I leave, she'll be all alone, and I don't want that."
Graystripe: "Good-bye, then. I hope it all goes well for you. May StarClan light your path."
—Petunia telling Graystripe she's staying with her Twoleg Graystripe's Vow, pages 376-377

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Petunia: "They took my Twoleg away, and they wouldn't let me go with her. What should I do now? She needs me!"
Graystripe: "They'll take care of her. She's ill, and they'll make her feel better."
Petunia: "She needs me! And I need her."
Graystripe: "You don't need her anymore. You can come with us."
Petunia: "With you? I'm not going anywhere with you. That's what I keep telling you. I'm staying right here until my Twoleg comes back."
Graystripe: "Listen. Back there are more Twolegs searching for cats. If they find you, they'll take you away and give you to other Twolegs."
Petunia: "They wouldn't!"
Graystripe: "They would. But...if you come with us, you won't have to go far away. You can stay nearby and check the den as often as you want to see if your Twoleg comes home."
Petunia: "Okay, I'll come with you."
—Graystripe convincing Petunia to come with him to WarriorClan Graystripe's Vow, pages 387-388

"There are good Twolegs, if you take the trouble to look. My Twoleg was wonderful until she got old and sick. You do that, I'm sure you'll have a very nice life."
—Petunia to the escaped kittypets Graystripe's Vow, page 398

Graystripe: "Are you going to stay with WarriorClan?"
Petunia: "For a while. Until my Twoleg comes home."
Graystripe: "A Clan of warriors always has a medicine cat. She, or he-"
Petunia: "Oh, I know about medicine cats. Gremlin told me. She said that they talk to StarClan in dreams, and heal sick and injured cats."
Graystripe: "That's right. Back in the den, I saw how you were helping Daffodil, and how you helped the queen with her kits. You have a natural instinct to care for those around you-look how you still love your Twoleg! That's important for a healer."
Petunia: "Me? A healer? If I were, I could have saved Gremlin. I could have cured Daffodil."
Graystripe: "You probably could have, if you'd had the right herbs. And I want you to be WarriorClan's medicine cat. No, I know you can't talk to StarClan. But you could be a healer. I noticed that one of those cats we just freed is expecting kits."
Petunia: "Well, I've delivered kits before, back in the den. I don't know much about herbs, though."
Graystripe: "I'm no medicine cat, but I can teach you some."
—Graystripe asking Petunia to be WarriorClan's medicine cat Graystripe's Vow, page 399

Monkeystar: "Petunia! Are you okay? You had us really worried. Not to mention the Clan is really missing their medicine cat."
Petunia: "I'm sorry, Monkeystar. It's just...I can't...I can't just turn my back on this place. If I do, then I-... If I do, that means admitting that my Twoleg isn't coming back, ever."
Lily: "We all know you're sad, Petunia. But like Monkeystar said, we need you. I need you. We've both got to leave this place behind now. WarriorClan can be our home. All the time."
Petunia: "You're right. I know you're right. Yeah. Let's go, then."
—Petunia's lingering connection to her Twoleg Graystripe's Vow, page comic

Monkeystar: "So...did that help?"
Petunia: "Monkeystar, I can't begin to tell you how much. But I can tell you what I saw. At first I wasn't sure anything was going to happen at that the Moonstone is broken. But then...I saw Gremlin! As clearly as I'm seeing you!"
Gremlin: "There's no need to worry about me, Petunia. I'm happy here. Everything's good."
Petunia: "Can I-may I ask...what about Marigold? And...and my Twoleg?"
Gremlin: "Marigold is just fine, Petunia. She's here. With me. And your Twoleg...she doesn't hurt anymore. She's no longer so confused. She's happy now. You can be happy too, Petunia. All you have to do is focus on your Clanmates."
Petunia: "So that's what I'm going to do, Monkeystar. Beginning right now."
—Petunia telling Monkeystar about her visit to the Moonstone Graystripe's Vow, page comic

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