"Even when I was prickly, my Twolegs and Pickle never stopped trying to make me happy and comfortable. Pickle may have been a kittypet, but he was kind to me. He let me share his nest, and gave up his best napping spots for me. He shared his favorite toys with me, even when I told him I didn’t play with toys. He acted like I was the most important cat in the world."
Nightcloud reflecting on Pickle in Crowfeather's Trial, page 353

Pickle is a plump, long haired,[3] fluffy white tom[1] with a squashed-in face.[3]


In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

Pickle is a kittypet and lives with Twolegs. After Nightcloud is brought back from the vet to recover in his home, he is kind to her and shares his food, toys, and bed with the injured WindClan warrior.
When Crowfeather, Breezepelt, and the other WindClan cats come to rescue Nightcloud and bring her home, he is shown to be very protective of her. He begs her not to leave and she gently tells him that she must return to WindClan. Crowfeather is jealous of their apparent friendship. Nightcloud offers for Pickle to come with her but he refuses, saying the outside world is dirty and that some cat needed to guard their housefolk.
The WindClan cats yowl loudly so that the Twolegs will open the door and Nightcloud can escape, but Pickle steals the Twolegs attention at the last minute and directs it towards him and Nightcloud. It doesn't work and as Nightcloud leaves, she yowls at Pickle that she is sorry.
When the WindClan patrol tries to help Nightcloud get the white leaf off her head, she explains that Pickle told her it was supposed to stop her from messing with her wound. Later, Crowfeather notes he does not like Pickle, so he asks Nightcloud about him. She says Pickle was her friend and was nice for a kittypet. Crowfeather is suprised by her opinion of the white tom, as she is usually disdainful towards kittypets. Nightcloud explains to Crowfeather that even when she was scared or grumpy, Pickle always tried to make her happy and comfortable. Although he was a kittypet, he was kind, shared his nest with Nightcloud, gave her his best napping spots and shared his favourite toy even though he was told that Nightcloud does not play with toys. Pickle acted like Nightcloud was the most important cat in the world. Crowfeather, in his jealousy, thinks Pickle is a stupid name and he is a stupid cat, but despising the kittypet doesn't stop Crowfeather from hearing what Nightcloud told him. He regretfully notes that he never treated Nightcloud like Pickle did.
During a Gathering, Nightcloud is welcomed back by all four Clans and Crowfeather notes that she would not have experienced that if she had stayed with Pickle.



"Hey, be careful. You mustn't break our housefolk's things. And who did you say you were, again?"
—Pickle to the WindClan cats Crowfeather's Trial, page 306

Heathertail: "But the Twolegs will be asleep."
Pickle: "That's right. And they really don't like it if we wake them."
—Pickle warning the WindClan cats Crowfeather's Trial, page 307

Pickle: "Is all this really necessary? Couldn't you just stay with me? You know how dangerous it is out there. Just look at it! There's snow on the ground!"
Crowfeather: "Well spotted."
Pickle: "And look how long it took these cats to come get you. Days and days! How much do they really care about you?"
—Pickle trying to persuade Nightcloud to stay Crowfeather's Trial, page 307

"I can't do that. It's my job to guard the housefolk. That's very important. I can't just up and leave."
—Pickle refusing to join WindClan Crowfeather's Trial, page 308

"Pickle? He was my friend. He was nice, for a kittypet."
—Nightcloud about Pickle. Crowfeather's Trial, page 315

"There had been warmth in Nightcloud’s voice as she described her life with Pickle. Kittypet or not, he’d tried to make her happy."
—Crowfeather's thoughts on Pickle Crowfeather's Trial, page 353

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