"Groups of wild cats, out in the forest. They live past that crooked tree. Each Clan has its own section of the woods, and only they can hunt there. They'll fight anybody to keep 'em out. Clan cats are fierce, let me tell you. See these scars? I know firsthand how fierce they are. You be careful of the Clans, Sasha."
— Pine explaining the Clans to Sasha in Into the Woods, page 17

Pine is a pale[2] tom with dark markings running across his back[2] and scars on his neck.[3]


In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Into the Woods

Pine: "Well. Time to move on, then! You need to get rid of that collar."
Sasha: "My collar? Why?"
Pine: "Because only kittypets wear collars. If you're going to live in the woods, the collar's got to go."
—Sasha and Pine discussing her collar Into the Woods, page 15
Pine is a rogue who Sasha meets when she is staying in the forest. They are hunting the same mouse, and he snaps at her at first, angry, but then offers to share the prey eventually. The two introduce themselves. When Sasha shows him the location of her den, he asks her why she needs a den. He calls her a kittypet, and states that her collar marks it. Sasha painfully recalls the events that led to her meeting him.
After listening, Pine tells Sasha that she must move on, and rips the collar off her neck. He takes a look at her and is satisfied that she looks like a true rogue. When Sasha asks what a rogue is, Pine explains that rogues are cats who do not follow the ways of the Clans. He goes on to explain who the Clans are; groups of wild cats that live beyond the crooked tree. Pine tells her that they were the ones that gave him the scars on his shoulders. He leaves after his explanation, warning Sasha to beware of the Clans.
Pine is later seen while Sasha is debating about Tigerstar's invitation for her to join ShadowClan. He sounds ill and, in between coughs, explains to her that these are some of the effects of the cold nights when a cat lives alone. He leaves her in search of somewhere warm to sleep.

Escape from the Forest

"Oh-you're leaving? I was thinking we might hunt together or, or something like that..."
―Pine sadly saying good-bye to Sasha Escape from the Forest, page 13
Sasha sees Pine again when she is fleeing from Clan territory after refusing Tigerstar's invitation to join ShadowClan. He is happy to see her after a long while. He asks her where she has been, remarking that she has an odd odor on her. Sasha quickly changes the subject. She confides in him that she is leaving and wishes to say good-bye. Pine sadly replies, hoping the two of them could go hunting together.
He moves on to awkwardly hint that he'd like to help her with shelter and finding food for leaf-bare. He also would like to help her find a place to live deep in the woods, safe from Clan cats where she may live. Sasha thanks Pine for all the kind offers, but she must find her housefolk, Ken, whom she is missing much. Pine sadly allows her to leave, wishing her good luck with her life outside of the forest.

Return to the Clans

Pine later catches Sasha with her kits, Hawk and Moth and he is very happy to see his friend again. He asks who the father is and if he would know the father. Sasha replies that she met him while she was away. After Sasha is told that Tigerstar is dead, Pine recollects his account of the small Twolegplace leader, who had brutally slaughtered a very large tabby tom, unaware that Sasha already knows and that her former mate was the one who was savagely killed by the former BloodClan leader, Scourge.
He offers them a place to stay, leading them to a barn with other cats, where they are going to stay. On the way, they pass RiverClan territory, while Pine explains that they are the better of the four Clans. He departs from her and her kits at the barn, wishing them good luck.

Official art

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Sasha: "Pine? Is that you?"
Pine: "What's it to you?"
Sasha: "Well...you don't sound so good. And you're so thin. Are you okay?"
Pine: "Nights're cold now. Nights get cold, y'get sick. S'what happens. You take care, now. I gotta go try to find someplace warmer for tonight."
—Sasha and Pine discussing nights Into the Woods, page 75

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