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{{Chapters|Pinestar's Choice}}{{Cliffnotes}}
{{Chapters|Pinestar's Choice}}{{Cliffnotes}}
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[[Category:Chapter subpages]]
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[[Category:Pinestar's Choice]]

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"Good decision to stay with us. Brave, too. We'll make a leader out of you yet, Pinepaw. Just wait and see."
Doefeather to Pinepaw in Pinestar's Choice, chapter 1
Below contains in-depth information for chapter one of Pinestar's Choice. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 1 (of 10)
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Chapter Summary

Pinepaw's PoV

Mistpelt is showing Pinepaw Twolegplace, pointing her tail to the tall wooden fence, that stretches all the way to the end of the forest. Surprised, the young cat asks his mentor is the Twolegs built the fence to keep them out, to what the she-cat, amused, responds that they probably just wanted to mark their border because they are too lazy to send patrols, and also remembers the apprentice that just like any other Clan border, they are not welcome in the other side. As the warrior starts to pad away from the edge of the trees, the tom tries to imagine what could be different on the other side of the fence where he then spots a small hole. He creeps up to it and peers through when suddenly, a huge yellow eye glares at him. The young tom squeals and leaps backward before the she-cat hurtles up the fence and scares the kittypet. She jumps of the fence to tell her apprentice that he will chase them off the next time. The red-brown to glances nervously at the hole and mutters he wouldn't mind never seeing a kittypet again. His mentor tells him not to worry since their teeth and claws are as blunt as stones, and they are scared of their own shadow.
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