These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Pinestar's Choice that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Mistpelt shows Pinepaw the Twolegplace.
    • Pinepaw wonders what could be on the other side of the fences, so he peers through a hole, and a kittypet's yellow eye stares back at him. Mistpelt scares the kittypet off.
  • Mistpelt shows Pinepaw the Thunderpath.
    • Pinepaw is told the Twolegs have been digging a tunnel beneath the Thunderpath.
  • They stop by the river next. Pinepaw ends up disappointed, having assumed it looked more terrifying.
  • The pair returns to the camp and is greeted by Pinepaw's parents. Oakstar mentions the death of Pinepaw's older half-brother, Birchface.
  • During a patrol, Pinepaw picks up the scent of a trespassing ShadowClan patrol.
    • A fight ensues - Pinepaw is sent to fetch more warriors, yet decides to stay and fight along his clanmates.
    • The fight is won. The apprentice receives praise from the rest of the patrol.

  • Nettlebreeze is telling a story about Mapleshade.
  • He mentions how Mapleshade made it her goal to torture the cats she blamed for her kits' death.
  • Nettlebreeze notes how Frecklewish was blinded, succumbing to the poison of a snake.
  • It's said that Mapleshade killed Ravenwing before, so Frecklewish had no hope.
  • Fallowsong interrupts the story.
  • Pinepaw is taken out on patrol, and he wanders off.
  • A fox attacks him, but a kittypet rescue him.
  • Pinepaw makes it to safety, and they exchange conversation.
  • The kittypet she-cat leaves eventually, leaving the red-brown tom alone.
  • Pinepaw knows he isn't going to tell Mistpelt or anyone else, and heads back for his patrol.

  • Pinepaw is cleaning the ticks off Seedpelt.
  • He helps the elder clean his ticks off.
  • Cats burst into the clearing, and Mumblefoot reports invading kittypets.
    • The Clans erupts into chatter, guessing what the kittypets want.
  • Doefeather decides they'll attack at sunset.
  • At sunset, the patrol heads out.
    • The ThunderClan cats launch their attack, chasing the kittypets off.
  • Pinepaw runs into the she-cat who saved him.
  • He realizes she has kits, and allows them to escape, before anyone else can find them.
  • Mistpelt informs her apprentice that the kittypets were chased off.
  • He leaves Twolegplace with his patrol.
    • Arriving at camp, Pinepaw receieves his warrior name: Pineheart.
  • The Clan hails his new name.

  • Newleaf is nearing; Pineheart is now deputy of ThunderClan.
  • Pineheart thinks about the prey scarce leaf-bare and is delighted to bring his starving Clanmates prey.
  • Pineheart brings a squirrel to Doestar, who refuses it until she hears the fresh-kill pile is full.
  • Nettlebreeze, Harepounce, Hollypelt and Flashnose are noted to have died of starvation.
  • The deputy confronts Cloudberry about Doestar's health. He is told to say goodbye soon.
  • As Pineheart visits Doestar, she mentions her dead sister, Deerpaw to have visited, unsettling the tom.
  • Doestar tells him to take good care of the clan before she collapses.
  • Cloudberry arrives. She assures their leader is just tired.

  • Doestar's vigil is being held by Cloudberry only, so no cat catches the illness that killed her.
  • Moonflower, Poppydawn, Heronwing and Rabbitleap have become warriors.
  • Goosefeather brings Pineheart to the Moonstone. He hints he had a vision about him.
  • A quarter-moon passes. Mumblefoot is Pinestar's deputy.
  • Pinestar visits the Twolegplace; he meets Jake - a kit from the kittypet who saved him before.

  • ThunderClan is invading WindClan for their herb storage.
    • He sees Stonepelt and Moonflower enter the medicine cat den to get the herbs they came for.
    • Just as he is about to order retreat, the two get attacked by WindClan warriors.
    • Moonflower is killed by the medicine cat, Hawkheart.
    • ThunderClan is forced to capitulate by Heatherstar.
    • Pinestar heavy-heartedly tells Moonflower's mourning daughter, Bluepaw, that her mother is dead. Hawkheart tries to justify himself in front of them.
  • Later on, Pinestar tells Jake about the battle's outcome, at the Twolegplace. They talk about Goosefeather's unreliable prophecies and whether Pinestar had seen Jake's best friend, Talltail, in battle.
    • A kittypet named Shanty joins them. Pinestar thinks how comfortable he feels around them.

  • Smallear asks about Pinestar's affections towards Leopardfoot, having heard some gossip. She assumes there will be kits in the nusery soon, which leaves Pinestar flustered.
    • When Smallear is asked by Sweetpaw to go train, Pinestar wonders if he will have kits with Leopardfoot only for them to fight over unnecessary, invisible borders in the end.
  • He heads to the Twolegplace, which he does frequently now.
    • On his way, he unintentionally runs into Shanty. He asks her for Jake, but she tells him he is with a she-cat named Quince, so Pinestar wants to see Shanty's home instead.
    • Shanty's twolegs appear while he is shown around. Although hesitant at first, Pinestar allows to be touched by one of them.
    • Pinestar begins to compare his life to Shanty's, seeking sense in a kittypet life. The conversation gets heated, but both apologize quickly. They take a nap together afterwards.
  • Pinestar finds himself in a dream, confronted by Doestar.
    • She informs him that Leopardfoot is pregnant and warns him about one of his kits having a shadow over his destiny, and the power to destroy their Clan. She urges him to take care of his son's destiny to avoid horrible consequences.
  • Upon being woken up by Shanty, who assumes he had a bad dream, he heads back to his Clan.

  • Pinestar pads through the forest.
    • The ThunderClan leader recalls Lionpaw finding him talking to Jake, which caused him to lie.
  • His fur prickles, convincing himself Jake and Shanty were cats who kept his calm and focused.
  • Pinestar remembers how Shanty assured him to let RiverClan have Sunningrocks, for it won't be good to be injured so close to leaf-bare.
  • The red-brown tom is aware his warriors are unhappy.
  • Featherwhisker appears from the nursery and announces that Leopardfoot's kits are coming.
    • Swiftbreeze remarks that they aren't due for another half a moon.
  • Pinestar huddles with the other gathered warriors outside of the nursery.
    • Bluefur announces the birth of two she-cats and a tom.
  • Pinestar tells Shanty that his kits have come.
  • Shanty stops frozen in the middle of the Thunderpath as a monster swerves towards her.
    • Both Pinestar and Shanty are hit by the monster.
    • Pinestar loses a life from the collision.
    • Shanty lays motionless as her Twolegs come out.
  • Pinestar returns to the nursery. Leopardfoot has named the kits Mistkit, Nightkit, and Tigerkit. They are very weak.

  • Pinestar dreams of being in the nursery.
    • Leopardfoot sleeps, along with her daughters, but Tigerkit glares at his father.
  • The kit grows bigger, and Pinestar realizes blood is rising, and drowning the den.
  • StarClan cats urge him to kill Tigerkit.
    • Waking up, Goosefeather informs him of Sweetpaw's death.
  • He sees Tigerkit, noting how fast the kit has been growing.
  • Approaching him, Pinestar's son asks if he'll miss him like he misses Sweetpaw, had he died.
    • Pinestar leaves, heading for Twolegplace, dismissing the idea of murdering his son.
  • Reaching Twolegplace, he eats some kittypet food.
  • Lionpaw appears, catching him in the act, and Pinestar finds out ThunderClan is fighting RiverClan again.
  • He gives up on Clan life, ordering Lionpaw to tell the Clan he has died.
    • The apprentice refuses, and Pinestar realizes his Clanmates deserve to know, so returns to camp.
  • Pinestar breaks the news to ThunderClan, who flash looks at him, and even Adderfang dares to call him a coward.
  • He gives his leadership up to Sunfall, and departs from the forest forever, leaving his mate and kits, and the Clan he once called home.

  • Making his way to Twolegplace, the former leader reflects on how far he has come.
    • For a moment, he thinks of going back there, but keeps walking.
  • Pinestar finds himself at the edge of Shanty's yard, and enters.
  • He's approached by his dead friend's Twolegs, who let him into their nest, and feed him.
  • Shanty's presence lingers, which gives him purpose.
    • Pinestar leaves the nest, and finds Jake.
  • He reveals that he left for Shanty's Twolegs, and how his name is just Pine.
  • Jake welcomes Pine home, and turns away to leave.
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