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Pinestar was a strong and loyal leader, but all the responsibilities of the Clan began to wear down on him over time. Only his talks with his kittypet friends in Twolegplace kept him going. Eventually, Pinestar decided to permanently live in Twolegplace, thinking that it was much easier and simpler there. Many cats saw him as a dishonorable and weak cat after this, but Pinestar just wanted peace.[1]


Oakstar and Sweetbriar

Sweetbriar: "Well, what did you think? Was he good? Did he listen to you?"
Pinepaw: "Of course I did!"
Mistpelt: "He was a perfect apprentice."
Oakstar: "Of course he was. My son is going to be the finest warrior this Clan has ever known!"
—Pinepaw’s parents praising him Pinestar's Choice, page Chapter One
Pinestar loved his parents, and his parents were proud of him.[2]

Leopardfoot and Tigerkit

Tigerkit: "Sweetpaw’s dead."
Pinestar: "I...I know."
Tigerkit: "Are you really sad?"
Pinestar: "Of course!"
Tigerkit: "As sad as if I died? I mean, you’re my father, so you must love me more than Sweetpaw or any of the other cats."
Pinestar: "Y-yes, of course I love you and your sisters the most. But I care for every cat in ThunderClan."
Tigerkit: "Play with me."
Pinestar: "I’m sorry, I can’t play with you today. I have to go somewhere."
Tigerkit: "Tomorrow?"
—Pinestar being horrified at Tigerkit Pinestar's Choice, page Chapter Nine
Pinestar actually didn’t have much in the way of a relationship with Leopardfoot, and it came as a surprise to him when his kits were born.[3] The only one that survived, Tigerkit, unsettled him, because Doestar had recently told him that the kit had the power to destroy ThunderClan.[4] After Tigerkit’s birth, more StarClan cats warned of his destiny, and even told Pinestar to kill the kit, which Pinestar couldn’t bring himself to do.[5] He instead avoided his mate and only son, and Leopardfoot grew to resent him for it.[5]

Shanty and Jake

"[Pinestar] couldn’t let his Clanmates find out about his friends outside the territory. They would never understand that it was cats like Jake and Shanty who kept him calm and focused, who listened to fears he couldn’t share with his warriors."
—Narrator about Pinestar’s kittypet friends Pinestar's Choice, page Chapter Eight
During the troubling times of his leadership, Pinestar often visited Twolegplace to talk to his kittypet friends, as it was the only time where he felt peace.[1] He and Shanty are especially good friends, and Pinestar often relies on her for advice and comfort. But one day, while Pinestar was visiting Twolegplace for advice, Shanty was hit and killed by a Twoleg monster. The monster also took one of Pinestar's lives.[3] Pinestar was heartbroken, and he decides to leave his Clan and spend the rest of his life as a kittypet in Twolegplace.[6] He tells Jake that his name is now just Pine, and goes to live with Shanty’s Twolegs.[6]

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