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Pip is a small,[2] rough-haired,[3] male,[4] black-and-white terrier.[5]


In the Power of Three arc

Dark River

Pip, though unnamed, chases a group of RiverClan cats. Hollypaw and Willowpaw are spotted by Pip on their way back from the RiverClan camp, and run over the WindClan border to escape. After the missing kits are found and Onestar says he will apologize to RiverClan. Tornear hisses that they crossed their border, but Onestar reminds him that they were chased by a dog. Crowfeather growls that they had said that same last time, but Onestar snaps that he smelled the dog himself.


As the cats on the journey to the mountains pass the horseplace, Jaypaw pricks his ears at distant barking, but decides that the dog who lives near the horseplace is too far away to be a nuisance.

In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

Pip is mentioned by Smoky as having died. Smoky leads Bramblestar and Daisy to the mound of earth where Pip and Floss are buried.


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