"Thornclaw says there was no point. He says ThunderClan cats don't hunt on moorland. We hunt in the forest."
— Plumstone's opinion on WindClan's former land in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 6

Plumstone is a sturdy,[4] black-and-ginger she-cat.[5]

Plumstone is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born to Blossomfall and Thornclaw as Plumkit, along with her siblings Shellkit, Stemkit, and Eaglekit. She was renamed Plumpaw and apprenticed to Mousewhisker. Afterwards, she earned her warrior name of Plumstone. Plumstone inherited some of her father's views, such as the land ThunderClan inherited from WindClan being useless and that Squirrelflight wasn't a proper leader following Ashfur's defeat and Bramblestar's continued disappearance.


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

Plumkit is born to Blossomfall and Thornclaw of ThunderClan, along with her three other siblings, Stemkit, Eaglekit, and Shellkit. Briarlight asks if her sister's new litter opened their eyes yet. Alderheart replies no, but they're healthy. While Briarlight mentions the names of the three kits, saying they're beautiful, Leafpool says that Thornclaw had a hard time calming down last night during the arrival of his first litter. Alderheart expects Twigpaw to be interested about the news of new kits in the Clan, but she doesn't appear to be.
During a debate at a Clan meeting, the kits' father, Thornclaw, asks what would happen to Plumkit and her siblings if the rogues attacked. At a later meeting to announce the fight to finally drive out the rogues, both Snowbird and Blossomfall come to the entrance of the nursery, all of their kits frisking around their paws.

Darkest Night

When Blossomfall speaks with Tinycloud, a SkyClan queen, about her unborn kits, Eaglekit scrambles over her mother, with Stemkit following. Both kits hurtle after Shellkit and Plumkit, their littermates, and dart between cats, squealing. Their mother meows that once Tinycloud's kits are born, there won't be any peace for her.
She is later playing with her siblings and the elders. Plumkit demands her grandfather, Graystripe to give her a badger ride, and Stemkit chimes in. Eaglekit and Shellkit both join in, both demanding badger rides. Millie purrs and tells them there's enough room for all of them, taking each of the kits and plopping them on the gray tom. He staggers and cries that they weigh more than owls. All the kits squeal with delight as Graystripe swings one way, then the other. The elder puffs that he can't carry the kits, and his mate replies that he can; he's still the strongest cat in ThunderClan.
In camp, when Willowshine visits ThunderClan's camp, Plumkit and her littermates are playing. Eaglekit hooks a moss ball away from her littermate, letting out a delighted mew, while their mother watches fondly. Later, during a visit to Leafpool, Thornclaw reports to the medicine cat that his kits are doing well. He says that Plumkit and Stemkit like to hang around the medicine den. When a rockslide occurs in ThunderClan's camp, every cat is ordered to evacuate to the lakeshore. Blossomfall exits the nursery, snatching Plumkit in her jaws. They leave camp just as an ominous crack sounds at the top of the hollow. The kit makes it safely out of danger, and as Alderheart dozes, he can hear the litter squeaking excitedly.

River of Fire

When sickness breaks out in ThunderClan, Plumkit is one of the cats to fall ill, with Leafpool being the one to oversee her recovery. Alderheart thinks about the young she-cat, worrying about the other kits catching her illness, since they're too young to fight against the sickness. Luckily she recovers later.
Much later, Bramblestar makes her and her siblings apprentices, with her mentor being Mousewhisker, Stempaw's as Rosepetal, Eaglepaw's as Ambermoon and Shellpaw's as Bumblestripe. Plumpaw is later welcomed to the Gathering by the other cats. She is mentioned, although unnamed, by Blossomfall at Briarlight’s funeral. Her mother hopes Plumpaw and her siblings will inherit some of their aunt's courage and optimism.

The Raging Storm

Plumpaw is mentioned by Flypaw while she is moving sticks out of the training clearing, who wonders why Stempaw and Spotpaw can't help, and points out that Plumpaw is stronger than her and would be better at dragging sticks. Twigbranch tells her that Plumpaw is out hunting with her littermates and their mentors.
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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Plumstone escorts Tree to the ThunderClan medicine cat den so he can check on Rootpaw. Tree notices ThunderClan warriors doing battle training, so he asks Plumstone if ThunderClan expects to fight in leaf-bare. Before she can reply, Tree adds that hunting practice would be more beneficial, before escorting Rootpaw back to SkyClan.

The Silent Thaw

Plumstone goes on a dawn patrol with Eaglewing, Hollytuft and Thornclaw and is surprised to see that Squirrelflight has not ordered patrols yet.

Veil of Shadows

Plumstone listens to Flipclaw when he recounts the weird dream he had the night before. She comments that it was scary when the tabby goes into detail.

Darkness Within

When Spotfur makes an extra nest for the nursery, she tells Plumstone that it needs some moss. Plumstone stands up to go fetch some, but Bristlefrost offers to go in her place in order to get out of camp. Bristlefrost bumps into Lionblaze, who questions where she's going, and she explains that Spotfur and Plumstone need moss.

The Place of No Stars

Lionblaze takes Plumstone, Bristlefrost, Bumblestripe, and Leafshade to ShadowClan's camp to confront Tigerstar and Shadowsight following Ashfur's escape. He has Plumstone and Bumblestripe guard Shadowsight until SkyClan and Leafstar arrive.

In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

"It's no coincidence they're taking up land meant for SkyClan."
―Plumstone to Lionblaze about the Sisters Squirrelflight's Hope, page 264
She is now a warrior named Plumstone. While on a border patrol with Eaglewing, Bumblestripe and Squirrelflight, Plumstone and Eaglewing are hesitant to cross the stream since beyond it was WindClan's territory. Plumstone insists their father told them there was no point in marking the moved border since ThunderClan didn't hunt on the moorland. When crossing the stream, Plumstone remarks she's never been on WindClan territory before, and Squirrelflight corrects her that it's ThunderClan's land now. She spots a rabbit run into the woods and leads the chase.
During a meeting with the other leaders about the borders, Squirrelflight reflects how Plumstone didn't want to cross the stream. Later, she attends Larksong and Flickerkit's vigils.

Graystripe's Vow

"That's the problem with elders. They're all stuck in the past! But looking backward won't help ThunderClan now. We don't need advice from some bygone moon. Things worked differently then."
―Plumstone to Graystripe Graystripe's Vow, page 29
When Graystripe begins to question his place in ThunderClan, he hears a commotion outside and sees Plumstone and Thriftear hissing at each other. Both she-cats claim the other is a traitor, Graystripe defuses the situation and asks what happened. Thriftear claims Plumstone ate her mouse, but Plumstone insists it wasn't Thriftear's to begin with. Graystripe chastises them for fighting over something so trivial and muses what Firestar would say if he saw them squabbling. Thriftear scoffs that was when ThunderClan had a real leader, and Plumstone snarls that Squirrelflight is a real leader. When Graystripe attempts to prevent another fight, Plumstone and Thriftear angrily agree that Graystripe and the other elders are stuck in the past. Thriftear and Plumstone leave, and Plumstone promises to find Thriftear another mouse.

In the Novellas

Spotfur's Rebellion

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Plumstone's parents are Blossomfall and Thornclaw and her siblings are Shellfur, Stemleaf, and Eaglewing. For more information on Plumstone's family, click here!



Interesting facts


Plumstone: "It smells like WindClan here."
Squirrelflight: "It's probably the wind carrying the smell down from the high moor."
Plumstone: ""Everything" smells like WindClan."
—Plumstone's displeasure about being on the moor Squirrelflight's Hope, page 8

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