"We had to do whatever Sol told us to, like bring him food and feathers for his nest. And he scared the little cats by telling them that they'd die without him."
— Pod talking about Sol to Hollyleaf in Sunrise, page 126

Pod is a scrawny brown tom[2] with a scarred,[3] gray muzzle.[2]


In the Power of Three arc


Pod is first seen with Jingo's group. He is timid at first, hiding under a wooden structure when the Clan cats enter the Twoleg nest. Jingo points him out, and tells him he can come out from hiding. He comes out when Jingo starts talking about Sol, saying he was one of the first cats to join the loner, along with Speckle and Fritz.
As the Clan cats began to ask questions about how Sol had acted, Pod snaps that he had treated the cats who lived with him like servants, making them bring him food and feathers for his nest, and scared the younger cats by saying they'd die without him. When Jingo points out that Sol was only like that later, he glares at her and says that Sol nearly got them all killed. Hussar jumps from a ledge that he is sitting on and goes to sit by Pod, Lionblaze then notices that Pod had a scarred muzzle. Jingo continues explaining what happened, and Pod is eager to put in derogatory comments about Sol. When Brambleclaw asks if Sol's plan worked, Pod asks him what he thought had happened. Jingo tells the Clan cats that Sol trained and taught them how to fight, and Pod adds that there wasn't enough time to hunt.
As an outbreak of barking from the dogs outside the nest is heard, Pod hides back underneath a Twoleg structure. At the return of Chirp and Merry, Hussar explains to the Clan cats that they were all jumpy since the fight with the dogs, and Pod asks if they could blame them. As Jingo precedes with the story of how they had battled the dogs, Pod tells the Clan cats to ask him if Sol had joined the fight. Brambleclaw asks, and Pod tells them that he hadn't even raised a claw to help them, he had come after the battle, while they were licking their wounds.
Brambleclaw asks the Twolegplace cats if they had seen Sol, and Pod replies no and that they didn't want to. As the Clan cats leave the Twoleg nest, to find Purdy and Sol, Pod is seen sleeping next to Fritz on one of the soft Twoleg boulders.



"That mouse-brained idiot nearly got us all killed!"
—Pod referring to Sol's actions Sunrise, page 126

"He didn't raise a single claw to help us. He wasn't even there to watch! He just strolled in here while we were licking our wounds."
—Pod about Sol Sunrise, page 133

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