"I…I just think all the quarreling about SkyClan being on the ThunderClan border would be cleared up if every Clan did the same as Rowanstar wants us to do: have regular patrols around the entire territory. That way, the scents of each Clan would be left behind more frequently, not just in the places where the cats hunt most often, and boundaries would be more clearly marked. Any cats that crossed over the border could be punished, because it wouldn't be a mistake."
— Poppycloud proposing a new addition to the warrior code in Code of the Clans, page 105

Poppycloud is a tortoiseshell she-cat.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Greeneyes: "The warrior code says nothing about it being a Clan's responsibility to keep cats out! […]"
Poppycloud: "Well, maybe the code should say something!"
Mottlepaw: "Yay! Go, Poppycloud!"
Rowanstar: "That's an interesting theory, Poppycloud. Go on."
—Poppycloud before she proposes the new law Code of the Clans, pages 104-105
Poppycloud is an ancient SkyClan warrior under the leadership of Rowanstar.
Poppycloud and her apprentice, Mottlepaw, who is also her son, patrol the ThunderClan border. She tries to teach her young apprentice to listen, but he fails, and asks Poppycloud if she could hear anything. She replies that she could hear him, and that they need to practice some more. She explains to Mottlepaw why Rowanstar makes them patrol so near ThunderClan's boundary, which is because he wants to know if anything happens in SkyClan territory. Mottlepaw plays around and accidentally crosses the border, which is hard to tell, as it had not been scent marked for a long time. She tells Mottlepaw to be quiet, but two ThunderClan cats have already spotted them, and are angry that SkyClan keep showing up and crossing the border. Poppycloud raises her hackles and tells Oatwhisker that SkyClan have the right to go anywhere inside their borders, and tells Mottlepaw to come back. Mottlepaw obeys and explains that his border crossing was a mistake. She rebukes the ThunderClan cats when they persist, and Poppycloud leaves quietly with her apprentice. She scolds Mottlepaw and tells him that they must tell Rowanstar what happened in case ThunderClan makes a fuss. Seeing his dismay, she assures Mottlepaw that she would say it was an honest mistake, but warns him to not get into any more trouble on the way back to camp.
The ThunderClan leader, Lionstar, and his deputy, Greeneyes, show up to demand why SkyClan keep appearing at the border. Poppycloud reassures Mottlepaw, but adds that she is glad they told Rowanstar what happened at the border, but becomes defensive and speaks out, saying there should be a law in the warrior code that borders are always patrolled, to see that no cat crosses them and to check if there is anything out of the ordinary. Lionstar thinks that it is ridiculous. However, the SkyClan leader thinks that this should be taken into account at the next Gathering with the other Clans. Lionstar and Greeneyes leave, noticeably hostile. Poppycloud wonders, if the law was approved, if she'd live forever as part of the warrior code, but she reprimands herself, going off to look for her son and apprentice, Mottlepaw.



  • It is mentioned in Cloudstar's Journey that Clear Sky was the leader of SkyClan when they first started marking borders.[4] However, in Code of the Clans, Rowanstar is the leader to propose the idea of marking and patrolling borders, and the idea is first proposed by Poppycloud.[5]

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Mottlepaw:[2] Living (As of Code of the Clans)



"I'm sure they haven't come to get you. But I'm glad we told Rowanstar what happened on the border."
—Poppycloud to Mottlepaw Code of the Clans, page 103

Poppycloud: "If this becomes part of the warrior code, I will live forever!"
Narrator: "She shook her head to chase away huge dreams and looked for Mottlepaw. Adding rules to the warrior code was kit's play compared with trying to keep her apprentice in line. But he was a quick learner and would one day make a warrior to be proud of."
Poppycloud: "Not that I could be any prouder of him than I am already, as his mother as well as his mentor."
—Poppycloud's thoughts and narrator Code of the Clans, pages 106-107

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