"Ever since Scourge died, living in Twolegplace has been too hard...too many cats trying to be leader of BloodClan. We're going to start our own Clan!"
— Pounce on starting their own Clan in Shattered Peace, page 73

Pounce is a yellow-brown tabby tom with a lazy eye and a lower canine sticking out of his mouth. He has a paler spot on his chest and amber eyes.[3]


In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Shattered Peace

Pounce is part of the group of rogues that travels to Ravenpaw's barn for Minty to have her kits. He speaks very little, and at first seems good-natured like the rest of the rogues, but later joins the group that attacks the chickens along with Snapper, Willie, and Tess.
Later, he fights Barley and Ravenpaw along with the group of rogues, and is the one who tells Ravenpaw and Barley that they came there because there had been too much fighting to be leader of BloodClan after Scourge had died.

A Clan in Need

For a very brief moment, when Ravenpaw and Barley are passing by the farm where they used to live, he is walking with Tess and Willie. He is spotted in a short flashback.

The Heart of a Warrior

Willie: "Have you ever seen cats more pathetic?"
Pounce: "Sure haven't, boss."
—Willie talking to Pounce The Heart of a Warrior, page 52
The day before ThunderClan attacks the farm, Pounce and Snapper dash away from the farm, but Firestar tells Ravenpaw and Graystripe not to follow them. During the fight when ThunderClan has Willie and his rogues surrounded, Pounce and Snapper return with BloodClan reinforcements. However, Ravenpaw and his friends are rescued by the two dogs. He is temporarily stunned by Graystripe's attack. Later, Pounce runs away with the rest of the cats in defeat.

Official art

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