"Wow, that was a good fight! And you did well, Shadowpaw. You could have been a warrior if you'd wanted."
— Pouncestep to Shadowpaw after their play fight in Lost Stars, page 53

Pouncestep is a gray tabby she-cat[7] with dark amber eyes.[8]

Pouncestep is a ShadowClan warrior under her father's leadership in the lake territories. Pouncekit was born to ShadowClan's deputy, Tigerheart, and ThunderClan warrior, Dovewing, during their stay with the guardian cats, along with her siblings, Lightkit and Shadowkit. She and her family grew up in ShadowClan. She became an apprentice named Pouncepaw with Snowbird as her mentor, and later earned her warrior name, Pouncestep.


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A Vision of Shadows

"It's great to have kin."
—Pouncekit, after meeting her ThunderClan kin River of Fire, page 265
Pouncekit is the daughter of Tigerheart and Dovewing, and she and her littermates, Lightkit and Shadowkit, were born in a faraway Twolegplace. Pouncekit and her family arrive to ShadowClan, witnessing her's father's resurrection to become leader. She later journeys with her mother to visit ThunderClan, where she is introduced to Dovewing's parents, Whitewing and Birchfall, as well as her aunt Ivypool and Ivypool's kits, where Pouncekit remarks that it's nice to have kin.

The Broken Code

"We thought we’d have a play fight. It’ll keep us warm."
—Pouncestep asking Shadowpaw to play with her and Lightleap Lost Stars, page chapter 1
Now a warrior with the name of Pouncestep, she and Lightleap encourage Shadowpaw's medicine cat duties and have the utmost faith in him when he tries to connect with StarClan.

Super Editions

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Tigerheart: "I feel sorry for the the warrior who has Pouncekit as an apprentice."
Dovewing: "She'll question every order."
Tigerheart: "She'll probably try to give her mentor hunting tips."
—Pouncekit's parents describing her bouncy personality Tigerheart's Shadow, page 295
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Pouncekit and her littermates are born to Dovewing and Tigerheart among the guardian cats, and enjoy themselves as kits. After she and her littermates are old enough, her parents decides to go back to the Clans. During the journey back to the lake, Spire saves Pouncekit from falling off a bridge, resulting in his death. She later befriends Hollowkit, Spirekit and Sunkit when they are born. She witnesses her father's death and is led back to Clan territory by Dovewing, and is present when her father is resurrected as Tigerstar to lead ShadowClan.


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  • Kate has said Pouncestep is her favorite kit of Dovewing and Tigerstar's litter.[blog 1]

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"It's not fair. All we ever see is the inside of the den, and we've explored all the Twoleg clutter in there. We want to see something new."
—Pouncekit Tigerheart's Shadow, page 285

Tigerheart: "You're not meant to leave the den without us."
Pouncekit: "But why? The traps are gone."
Tigerheart: "What if the Twolegs put them back?"
Pouncekit: "It's not fair. You're only yelling at me because I was the first one to come down. But being the first to come down was good, wasn't it? [Shadowkit]'s still there, and you're not yowling at him."
Tigerheart: "I'm not yowling at any of you. I'm just telling you that you're not allowed outside without Dovewing or me."
Pouncekit: "Ever? Tigerheart says we're never allowed to leave the den ever.'"
—Pouncekit and Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page 286

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