Pouncetail is a brown tabby tom.[1]


In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

Pouncetail is a ShadowClan warrior. He and Pinenose pad up from the the lake's direction, dragging bracken fronds behind them. Bramblestar is surprised to see them fetching bedding, but then remembers that since ShadowClan had so few apprentices, some tasks would have to be performed by warriors. Scorchfur compliments them as the two cats arrive. Bramblestar points out that accepting help occasionally wasn't a sign of weakness, and Pouncetail and Pinenose drag the bracken away before an argument can start.
After the fight with the badgers, Bramblestar asks about Crowfrost's condition, and Pouncetail replies that he would be fine, as Pinenose and Stoatfur were helping him back to see Littlecloud.


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