Prey-stone is a game that was thought of by three ShadowClan cats.[1]


The objective of the game is to get a stone, which is the 'prey', into the prey-hole, which is a gap between the trees and the holly bush. If the team with the stone gets the prey into the hole, they win a point; if the opposing team stops them, the others get a point and proceed to change sides. The game is somewhat like ice hockey. Four cats play, two on each team.[1]


Starlingpaw and Pinepaw defended the prey-hole while Flametail and Olivenose tried to get the rock into the hole. Flametail threw it towards the hole once before Pinepaw knocked it away.[2]

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Night Whispers

Prey-stone is seen being played by four ShadowClan cats on the lake. Flametail and Olivenose are on one team, while Starlingpaw and Pinepaw are on the other. As Flametail throws the prey toward the prey-hole, Pinepaw intercepts it and tosses it out into the center of the lake. Flametail chases after the prey-stone onto the middle of the frozen lake, but before he can get it into the 'prey hole', the ice cracks underneath Flametail and he falls through. The game ends after this event, and Jayfeather arrives to save his friend but to no avail.


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