"Victory without death. Do you think the Clans would accept it?"
— Prickleface in Code of the Clans, page 140

Prickleface is a tom.[1]

In Code of the Clans, he is an ancient ThunderClan medicine cat. When too many battles are raging in each of the Clans, he travels with the other medicine cats: Mossheart, Quailfeather, Swiftfoot, and Kinktail, to see if they can stop the fighting. He is noted to have a temper that matches his name.

He leads the way into Mothermouth, and starts the sprinting pace. All the medicine cats dream the same message, and they come to a decision about what must be done. Prickleface wonders aloud if the Clans will accept victory without death, which is StarClan's message.



"Prickleface took the lead as they entered Mothermouth and began the long, echoey walk into darkness."
—Narrator Code of the Clans, page 138

"Kinktail followed with Prickleface, the ThunderClan medicine cat with a temper to match his name."
—Narrator Code of the Clans, page 138

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