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"Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together, and shake the forest to its roots."
StarClan cats revealing a prophecy in Midnight, prologue

Prophecies and omens are dreams and signs given by StarClan to leaders, medicine cats, and sometimes to other Clan members as well, to foretell the future and warn them about incoming events.[1] This page lists prophecies and omens from The New Prophecy arc.



Darkness, Air, Water, and Sky

Prophecy: "Darkness, Air, Water and Sky will come together and shake the forest to its roots. Nothing will be as it is now, nor as it has been before."[2]
Sign: Dream[3]
Interpreters: Brambleclaw, Feathertail, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt[4]
Meaning: A cat of each Clan will travel to find a new home, shaking the Clans with their warning.[5]
Reference: Midnight


The Silver Cat

Prophecy: A silver cat will come, and rid the Tribe of Rushing Water of the dangerous mountain cat Sharptooth.[6]
Signs: Signs of nature; pattern of the moonlight, shadows cast by the stones, sound of raindrops[7], a flash of silver fur in the pool [8]
Interpreter: Stoneteller[6]
Meaning: Feathertail, one of the journeying cats, drives a stalactite into Sharptooth's body,[9] sacrificing herself in the process.[10] But at first, the Tribe of Rushing Water believed it was Stormfur.[11]
Reference: Moonrise


Blood Will Spill Blood

Prophecy: "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red."[12]
Sign: Dreams of a lake stained with blood[13]
Interpreter: Leafpool[14]
Meaning: The blood-related half-brothers, Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw, will meet in battle and spill blood;[15] Hawkfrost is killed and his blood turns the lake's water red.[16]
Reference: Starlight



Fire and Tiger

Omen: A vision of a giant tiger leaping from flames[17]
Interpreter: Cinderpelt[18]
Meaning: Brambleclaw (Tigerstar's son) and Squirrelpaw (Firestar's daughter) would find a new home for the Clans, and unite them for the journey.[19] Cinderpelt first misinterprets it, thinking it meant that the two cats presented a danger to the Clan, or to each other.[20]
Reference: Midnight

Moth's Wing

Omen: A moth's wing found outside of the medicine cat's den[21]
Interpreter: Mudfur[21]
Meaning: Mothwing, the former rogue, was fit to become a medicine cat apprentice.[21] It was later revealed that Hawkfrost left the moth's wing outside of Mudfur's den so he could use Mothwing's medicine cat status to help him gain power. This made Mothwing stop believing in StarClan, but she was still a great medicine cat.[22]
Reference: Midnight


A Dying Warrior

Omen: "When return, stand on Great Rock when Silverpelt shines above. A dying warrior the way will show"[23]
Interpreter: Midnight[23]
Sign: A shooting star leaving a faint silvery trail over the mountains[24]
Meaning: After Midnight tells Brambleclaw and his friends about the forest's destruction, she explains that they must stand on a "great rock" and a dying warrior will show them the way to their new home.[23] When the Clan cats return to their home, Brambleclaw and his friends bring their Clan leaders to the Great Rock at Fourtrees, but a sign doesn't come.[25] When the Clans are prepared to leave their homes, Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Stormfur, Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw witness a falling star leave a fiery trail over the mountains, signaling their path to the lake territories.[24]
Reference: Midnight and Dawn


Death and Danger

Omen: Sharp claws and teeth are glimpsed along with a voice whispering that death and danger are coming.[26]
Interpreters: Littlecloud, Cinderpelt, and Barkface[27]
Meaning: Badgers were going to attack the Clans, starting with ThunderClan, and many cats were going to die.[28]
Reference: Twilight


Three Stars

Omen: A vision seen by Leafpool of three stars shining brighter than the others in the sky[29]
Interpreters: Bluestar, Spottedleaf, and Lionheart[30]
Meaning: The three stars represented three cats Leafpool had yet to meet (most likely her coming kits) who would shape her destiny when she did meet them.[30] This omen was also shown in Leafpool's Wish.
Reference: Sunset

Starry Pawprints

Omen: A vision of two sets of pawprints merging into a single path[30]
Interpreter: Leafpool[30]
Meaning: Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's destiny cannot be ceased by any cat.[31]
Reference: Sunset

Brambles with Claws

Omen: A vision of the ThunderClan camp surrounded by high walls of bramble, with claws instead of thorns[32]
Interpreter: Leafpool[33]
Meaning: The brambles surrounding the ThunderClan camp represent Brambleclaw, and that he would keep his Clan safe, meaning he was the rightful deputy for ThunderClan.[34]
Reference: Sunset

Two Stones

Omen: Two pebbles that looked different from the other pebbles were carried away by the stream[35]
Interpreter: Mothwing[35]
Meaning: Two things in RiverClan don't fit, and they need to be "swept away" like the dream Mothwing had.[35] This omen is false, as it was later revealed that Hawkfrost forced Mothwing to make up that dream so RiverClan could get rid of Stormfur and Brook, because he is afraid that Stormfur will be chosen as deputy instead of him, sweeping away the power Hawkfrost hopes to gain in his Clan.[36]
Reference: Sunset

Moth's Wing

Omen: A moth's wing getting torn off[37]
Interpreter: Leafpool[37]
Meaning: The omen reveals to Leafpool that Hawkfrost had torn off a moth's wing and put it outside the medicine cat's den so that his sister, Mothwing, could be the new medicine cat.[38]
Reference: Sunset

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