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"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released, The Place of No Stars. This also includes the reveal of the identity of the impostor. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"I can't leave. I have sworn to protect my Clanmates."
— Puddleshine reluctantly staying with Darktail's rogues in Thunder and Shadow, page 347

Puddleshine is a brown tom with white splotches,[1] pale blue eyes,[18] and scars hidden underneath his thick pelt.[15]

Puddleshine is the medicine cat of ShadowClan who has served under Rowanstar's, briefly Leafstar's, and Tigerstar's leaderships in the lake territories. Puddlekit was born to Pinenose and Spikefur alongside his siblings, Lionkit, Birchkit, and Slatekit, and had Violetkit as a foster sister. When Littlecloud died without having an apprentice, Rowanstar chose Puddlekit to become ShadowClan's new medicine cat. Puddlepaw soon trained under Leafpool, who expediently mentors him, and with little training, he earned his full medicine cat name of Puddleshine. Shortly afterward, he had to deal with the yellowcough sickness. He reluctantly joined Darktail and became part of the Kin as their medicine cat; however, he was barely able to help his injured Clanmates.

After he rejoined ShadowClan, Puddleshine gave an omen to Tigerheart as the deputy is struggling with Rowanstar leading the Clan. He supported Rowanstar until the whole of ShadowClan joined SkyClan where he became a medicine cat alongside Frecklewish and Fidgetflake. When Tigerheart returned to the Clans, Puddleshine took the deceased tom to the Moonpool where StarClan resurrected him as Tigerstar. While he was gathering herbs, Puddleshine was scratched by barbed wire and developed an infection. Alderheart, the medicine cat of ThunderClan, was able to heal him with seedless deathberries, and the two became close friends. Puddleshine later mentored Shadowsight and served as one of Tigerstar's advisers during a harsh leaf-bare.


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A Vision of Shadows

"Rowanstar is making the wisest decision. Without Tigerheart, we are no more than a bickering mob of starlings. We need the security of a Clan and the safety of Clanmates who hold the warrior code close to their hearts."
―Puddleshine Darkest Night, page 268
Puddlekit and his siblings, Lionkit, Slatekit, and Birchkit, are born to Pinenose and Spikefur. Puddlekit is picked by Rowanstar to train under Leafpool as their previous medicine cat, Littlecloud, died without an apprentice. Puddlekit is apprenticed early and trains under ThunderClan's medicine cat, Leafpool, for two moons until he is given his full name of Puddleshine. Soon afterwards, he is forced to deal with the yellowcough outbreak on his own. During Darktail's reign, Puddleshine joins the the Kin, becoming their only healer and only able to help the injured sparingly. He worked with Needletail, Alderheart, Mothwing, and Violetpaw, allowing them to collect Mothwing's old herbs from her herb store when RiverClan was invaded.
He eventually rejoins ShadowClan, and struggles to support Rowanstar, but Rowanstar steps down as leader and merges ShadowClan with SkyClan. Puddleshine struggles to work with Frecklewish due to their conflicting methods. He eventually rejoins ShadowClan under Tigerstar, but when trying to gather herbs, he is caught in barbed wire and develops a severe infection, and Alderheart seeks to cure him using seedless deathberries. Alderheart's plan is successful, and Puddleshine fully recovers.

The Broken Code

"Fix it? Bramblestar lost a life because of Shadowsight’s visions. The Clans are turning on one another because of the codebreakers. What will they say if they find out Shadowsight’s been mistaken all along? They won’t just blame him—they’ll blame all of ShadowClan."
―Puddleshine to Tigerstar and Shadowsight The Silent Thaw, pages 249-250
He is now Shadowpaw's mentor and struggles with the lost connection with StarClan. Though Puddleshine initially doubted his apprentice's claims to be able to talk to StarClan, he supports him. Tigerstar also confides with him about the lack of connection with StarClan. He is proud of his apprentice when Shadowpaw receives his full name, but begins to question Shadowsight's status as a medicine cat when Shadowsight admits that his visions were not from StarClan, but were from a strange cat he didn't know of. He begins to worry when Shadowsight becomes missing and is relieved when the dark tabby tom recovers from being attacked. After the impostor is outed as Ashfur, Puddleshine agrees with Tigerstar and Mothwing, who is now a ShadowClan medicine cat, that Shadowsight needs more training and is the one to suggest he heal the wounded Ashfur, despite Shadowsight's protests.

Super Editions

This section summarizes Puddleshine's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Tigerheart's Shadow, Puddleshine tries to help Rowanstar keep the peace in ShadowClan, but agrees with the rest of the Clan that he is not a strong leader. He receives a vision about shadows and tells Rowanstar and Tigerheart about it, which Tigerheart interprets as himself standing in the way of Rowanstar's leadership. Moons later, when Tigerheart's corpse is brought back to ShadowClan, Puddleshine tries to revive him, and when that fails, he decides to take him to the Moonpool and have StarClan revive him. Puddleshine's plan is successful, and Tigerheart is resurrected as Tigerstar.

Character pixels




Pinenose:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Spikefur:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Birchbark:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Slatefur:[1] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Lioneye:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Weaselkit:[20] Deceased, residence unknown

Foster sister:

Violetshine [21] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)



Pinenose ♀Spikefur ♂
WeaselkitBirchbark ♂Lioneye ♀Puddleshine ♂Slatefur ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Pinenose ♀
Violetshine ♀Birchbark ♂Lioneye ♀Puddleshine ♂Slatefur ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • In an earlier draft of the allegiances for The Apprentice's Quest, Puddleshine was originally the son of Stonewing and Wasptail along with Needletail, Beenose, and Yarrowleaf.[blog 1]
  • Puddleshine was picked to become a medicine cat despite wanting to become a warrior, and without Rowanstar or Littlecloud receiving a sign from StarClan.[7]
    • Furthermore, Puddleshine only trained for two moons before receiving his name, which is much shorter than an usual medicine cat apprenticeship.[8]

Author statements

  • Kate has said around the time of Tigerheart's Shadow that the only cat she really liked from ShadowClan was Puddleshine, since the rest of the Clan seemed "self-serving and disloyal."[blog 2]


Alderpaw: "Were you hoping that StarClan would tell you if Rowanstar has made the right choice in Puddlepaw?"
Leafpool: "Puddlepaw is quick to learn and has sympathy for his patients. He's going to make a fine medicine cat."
—Leafpool and Alderpaw about Puddlepaw's progress as a medicine cat Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 7

"He was always friendly, although he seemed anxious in his role as the Clan's medicine cat, and a little overwhelmed by the daily worries of keeping his Clan healthy."
―Violetpaw's thoughts about Puddleshine Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 14

"I did my best, and StarClan guided my paws. But it's dangerous for them not to have their own medicine cat, and I don't have time to check on them everyday. Tinycloud's kits are very overdue. A medicine cat should be in their camp. Her kitting will be hard."
―Puddleshine to the other medicine cats about SkyClan not having a medicine cat Darkest Night, page 78

"That's not fair! You can't let him say that. StarClan gave you those lives because they believed in you."
―Puddleshine to Rowanstar Darkest Night, page 160

Scorchfur: "I've always stayed true to the warrior code."
Puddleshine: "Then obey it now and support your leader in his decision."
—Puddleshine to Scorchfur Darkest Night, page 268

"No, of course not. StarClan is always with us. It must be the Moonpool—I've never seen it iced over before, so it must be affecting our connection with our ancestors. Once it warms up again, things should get better."
―Puddleshine Lost Stars, page 42

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  1. Following ShadowClan's revival, Puddleshine returned to his position as ShadowClan's medicine cat.[14]
  2. Puddleshine became one of the SkyClan medicine cats following ShadowClan's merge with SkyClan, and left the position following ShadowClan's revival.[14]