"A stray named Pumpkin stayed with us. He'd lived with forest cats and learned that herbs could be useful. He knew a few herbs and taught us what they looked and smelled like. Since then he's moved on, and we've experimented with new herbs and found what works and what doesn't."
Fierce about Pumpkin in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 147

Pumpkin is a tom.[1]


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

"Forest cats? Had Pumpkin stayed with a Clan? Tigerheart had never heard talk of such a cat. He wondered if Pumpkin might have stayed with SkyClan while they were still at the gorge."
―Tigerheart's thoughts on Pumpkin Tigerheart's Shadow, page 147
When Tigerheart asks where the guardian cats learned their medicine skills, Fierce mentions Pumpkin as the cat who once taught them about herbs. She notes that he once lived with forest cats, surprising Tigerheart, as he had never heard of such a cat. The dark tabby wonders if Pumpkin had stayed with a Clan, but doesn't recall hearing any cat like Pumpkin, so wonders if he was with SkyClan while they still lived at the gorge. Fierce goes on, saying that Pumpkin had taught them which herbs were good to use for certain injuries or coughs and taught them this and how to identify them. He had eventually left the guardian cats, and moved on somewhere else.


Notes and references

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