"And what about what we won? Did Mousefur, did any of 'em, die for nothing? It's an insult to their memory, that's what it is, to act like we lost everything."
— Purdy to Dovewing about the outcome of The Great Battle in Dovewing's Silence, page 34

Purdy is a dark[7] brown[8] tabby[9] tom[10] with a gray muzzle.[3]

Purdy was first met by Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, and Stormfur while on their way to find Midnight. He is a very friendly, elderly kittypet who helps them along their way. He encounters them again and meets Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's kits. While on a journey, Purdy accepts Brambleclaw's offer to join ThunderClan.

He becomes an elder, and quickly befriends Longtail and Mousefur. He fits in quickly to Clan life, helping keep the kits and apprentices distracted with his long stories, though no cat seems to mind. He helped Mousefur in her grief for Longtail, and planned Mousefur's burial after she was killed in Great Battle. He was joined in the elders' den later on by Sandstorm, Graystripe, and Millie. His sudden death was mourned by all of ThunderClan, and he later joined StarClan and was reunited with old friends.


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The New Prophecy

"Wha'? Let me get at 'em. I've chased off more foxes than you've had mice, young fellow."
—Purdy to Stormfur Moonrise, page 33
Purdy is first met by Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, and Stormfur on their way to find Midnight. He amicably helps them navigate through a Twolegplace, though the questing cats are frustrated by his lack of direction. When Midnight tells them to traverse through the mountains, Purdy tries to persuade them otherwise, knowing of the group of cats there, but his attempts are dismissed.

Power of Three

"You think I can't manage on my own? Jumped-up young whippersnapper!"
—Purdy to Hollyleaf after she offers to help him Sunrise, page Chapter 14
Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather and Stormfur meet him yet again on their journey to visit the Tribe, where Purdy is introduced to Lionpaw, Jaypaw and Hollypaw as Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's kits, to which he says the two of them are hardly more then kits themselves, but is happy for the two of them. He is also introduced to Breezepaw and Brook, and helps the group of cats hunt lets them shelter with him.
He is revealed to become friends with Sol, although appears unaware of his true nature. He defends his friend from the accusations from the ThunderClan patrol. After Sol agrees to come to ThunderClan, Brambleclaw and Brackenfur offer Purdy a place in ThunderClan, noting the multiple times he's helped them before. Though reluctant, Purdy agrees and joins ThunderClan as an elder. He becomes fast friends with Mousefur and Longtail and many of the kits and apprentices enjoy listening to his long-winding stories.

Omen of the Stars

Purdy: "I wish I'd known him longer. I heard he made the Great Journey while he was blind."
Mousefur: "He never seemed to get tired. Always first up and ready to move on. Never afraid of what lay ahead."
—Purdy attempting to comfort Mousefur about Longtail's death by distracting her with memories Fading Echoes, page 162
When Longtail is killed by a falling branch, Purdy tries to comfort Mousefur over the loss of her friend, but feels guilty that he didn't know Longtail well enough to grieve with her. He distracts her by asking of Longtail's deeds and accompanies Mousefur almost everywhere. During the Great Battle, he participates in fighting against the Dark Forest warriors and reunite with Longtail, but is devastated when Mousefur is killed. When the battle is over, he sees her spirit join StarClan and is happy for her.

A Vision of Shadows

"You're a good medicine cat, young'un. You've got some big paw prints to fill, but I reckon you're goin' to be just fine."
—Purdy's last words to Alderheart Shattered Sky, page 79
Now joined by Millie in the elder's den, Purdy still enjoys telling his stories to apprentices and kits, and remains well liked by all the Clans. However, when attempting to stop Tigerheart and Berrynose from fighting, he collapses and although Alderheart tries to save him, Purdy assures Alderheart that while he's young, he'll do just fine, and passes. ThunderClan grieves for him, noting his humor and stories and keeping the young cats in line. He is later seen in StarClan by Alderheart, who is happy the old cat is among friends yet again.

Super Editions

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"But I never served this Clan as a young cat, and now, with Mousefur gone, things aren't the same."
—Purdy still grieving for Mousefur Bramblestar's Storm, page 148
In Bramblestar's Storm, Purdy helps keep the apprentices in line when ThunderClan struggles during the mass flooding, but still misses Mousefur as he had no close friends left. The elder tries to keep things positive and helps out some during the flooding. He is soon joined by Graystripe and Sandstorm in the elders den, which the elderly tom is overjoyed at.


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"Dovewing felt a rush of affection for this cat. At this moment, no one would ever think he wasn’t Clanborn, and had never been a warrior."
—Narrator Dovewing's Silence, page 221
In Dovewing's Silence, as the sole ThunderClan elder left, Purdy greatly misses Mousefur and takes charge of her burial. As the warriors and apprentices help him bury the fallen, Purdy voices his dislike that the entirety of the Clan is acting like the fallen cats had died for nothing.

Detailed description

Purdy is a plump,[10] mottled,[8] dark[7] brown[8] tabby[9] tom[10] with a gray muzzle.[3] He has a large, round head,[8] ragged ears,[11] clumped,[12] rumpled,[10] matted fur,[13] and rheumy[14] amber eyes.[15]


Author statements

  • Vicky has said there is a chance Purdy will go to StarClan,[16] and Vicky strongly believes that he will reside there after his death.[17] Kate, however, thinks that he might live just on the borders of StarClan's hunting grounds.[18]
    • Later on, however, Kate contradicted her statement, and confirmed that Purdy indeed went to StarClan.[4] This is proven true, as he appears in StarClan in Darkest Night.[1]


  • Purdy has mistakenly been called black.[19]

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"We were talkin'. Don't they raise young cats with manners anymore?"
—Purdy to Jayfeather The Forgotten Warrior, page 205

Purdy: "I miss [Mousefur] so much, you know. She was a grouchy old fox at times, but she had the best heart. At least she died protectin' her Clan. It’s what she would have wanted."
Dovewing: "It is."
Purdy: "So, why does everyone look so miserable? I go outside an' it's like we're still buryin' our Clanmates. Have they forgotten we drove those blighters out? No Dark Forest cats around here, are there?"
Dovewing: "I... think we're all aware of what has been lost."
Purdy: "And what about what we won? Did Mousefur, did any of 'em, die for nothing? It's an insult to their memory, that's what it is, to act like we lost everything. [...] Sorry young'un. I was forgettin' myself."
Dovewing: "No, it's okay Purdy. You're right. We did win, and we should honor our fallen Clanmates by knowing they didn't die in vain."
—Dovewing and Purdy Dovewing's Silence, pages 246-247

Squirrelflight: "I was explaining to Amberpaw that she can't bring wet moss into your den,"
Purdy: "What? You're sure you weren't tryin' to bring me a drink instead?"
Amberpaw: "I was only trying to help."
Purdy: "Sure you were, young 'un. Come on. You an' I will spread the moss out here, just outside the den, an' it'll soon dry in the sun. An' while it does that, I'll tell you how I once killed a whole nest o' rats."
Amberpaw: "Yes!"
—Purdy's kindness after Amberpaw brings him wet moss Bramblestar's Storm, pages 23-24

"Alderheart. Which of us deserves better than Purdy to walk with StarClan? I know he'll be there, watching over us."
—Bramblestar about Purdy Shattered Sky, page 81

"[Alderheart] saw Purdy and broke into a purr. He hoped he knew how much he was missed."
—Narrator Darkest Night, page 80

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