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Purdy is a caring and humorous old tom-cat.[1] He is always ready with a joke, and likes to tease the ‘young-uns’ constantly.[2] Even though he complains about them, Purdy likes to tell long stories to the apprentices when they come to the den to remove the elders’ ticks, and the apprentices mostly enjoy hearing his tales.[3]



"Well, Mousefur used to like watchin' the sun go down over the lake. She said it looked like the water was on fire. So I was goin' to bury her where she'd still get a good view. P'raps over there. I know she's not really here, but it feels like the right place for her."
—Purdy talking about Mousefur Dovewing's Silence, page Chapter 2
Purdy and Mousefur became good friends during the time they spent in the elders’ den.[2] They knew each other very well, and liked to spend time together in the elder’s den chattering about the young cats.[2] Purdy mourned for Mousefur greatly when she died, and he was the one to choose a burial spot for her due to the fact that he knew her better than most everyone else in ThunderClan.[4]

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