Quailheart is a dappled gray tom.[2]

In Cloudstar's Journey, with Mintpaw hurt from a falling tree, Quailheart fetches herbs for Fawnstep for treatment. When Buzzardtail volunteers to carry Mintpaw to the medicine den, Quailheart helps him get the young cat on his shoulders, and follows him into the den.

Later, Cloudstar is on a border patrol with Quailheart, Stoatfur, and Rainleap. They are making scent marks when Redstar, the leader of ThunderClan, appears through a patch of bracken. He questions Cloudstar about the goings-on in his Clan. Cloudstar hears Quailheart snarl at the open contempt Redstar shows them. Cloudstar ends the conversation coolly and watches Redstar stalk away. The patrol discusses what to do about the Twolegs as they head back to camp.

After the Gathering, Quailheart gives a report on Petalfall the elder somberly. She just had another falling fit and is very weak and is struggling to even open her eyes. Fawnstep and Cloudstar rush to the medicine den where Petalfall is, and they see how close to death she is. Fawnstep tells Quailheart to fetch some poppy seeds to soothe the wailing she-cat in the nest. Quailheart questions on how many poppy seeds and brings them over moments later.

Later, Cloudstar asks Quailheart if he has enough herbs to spread over Petalfall's body for her vigil. Fawnstep replies for him and heads towards the nursery to get Hazelwing and her litter settled for the long night, after telling Cloudstar to not go on patrol because SkyClan needs him.



  • He is mistakenly called a she-cat.[4]
  • His name is misspelled as 'Quail-heart'.[5]

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