"Acorntail wondered if all young cats rewarded their mentors with such fierce loyalty."
Acorntail's thoughts about Quickpaw in Code of the Clans, page 69

Quickpaw is a tom with a pale ginger face.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Quickpaw is an ancient WindClan apprentice. He is infuriated when WindClan warrior Acorntail takes Pebblefur's place as WindClan deputy instead of his mentor, Morningcloud. He is seen after the ceremony telling her she should have become deputy instead of Acorntail, showing Quickpaw's fierce loyalty to his mentor and their good bond. She tells him that maybe one day she would become deputy.
When Quickpaw goes out on patrol with his mentor and Acorntail, it is mentioned that he is good at finding and taking plover eggs back to the camp unscathed. When the patrol finds a ThunderClan patrol, and it is revealed they ate a dead rabbit, Quickpaw comments that the rabbit looks old and smells funny, and taunts that they had eaten crowfood. He returns with Acorntail and Morningcloud to the WindClan camp.



"It should have been you!"
—Quickpaw to Morningcloud about Acorntail's new deputyship Code of the Clans, page 69

"It did look old and it smelled funny. It could have been dead for days. Yuck, you just ate crow-food!"
—Quickpaw taunting the ThunderClan patrol Code of the Clans, page 72

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