"Rabbittail never surrendered, and didn't let courage abandon him even when he was cornered by a dog in a place where dogs weren't supposed to be."
Webfoot telling a story in Battles of the Clans, page 66

Rabbittail is a pale gray tom with a stumpy white tail like a rabbit's.[1]


In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

"Rabbittail was not used to giving up."
―Webfoot while he is telling a story Battles of the Clans, page 65
Webfoot narrates a story about Rabbittail, mentioning that he's his distant ancestor. During Rabbittail's time there was conflict between WindClan and ShadowClan over the boundary, for the future Thunderpath had not been built yet. When they went into battle one day, Rabbittail is one of the cats that crawl into one of the many tunnels, ready to attack when the enemy comes overhead. He decides that if he crawls down farther into the tunnel, he can attack from behind. So when the cats begin to fight, he starts going farther and farther into the tunnel, beneath the ShadowClan warriors. When he is satisfied, he tries finding a way to dig up from the tunnel, but he can't, and he finds that he is lost.
He decides to turn and go back the way he had come after a few moments of cold darkness. When Rabbittail is almost out of the tunnel, he hears a scrabbling noise behind him. He turns around and sees a dog in the tunnel. Rabbittail runs as fast as he can, and makes it out alive. As soon as Rabbittail comes out, he becomes trapped in a net, while a Twoleg approaches. He sees a bunch of dead rabbits, and realizes the dog was being used to chase them out. He struggles to get loose from the mesh, and, once he does, the dog chases after him again. Then the Twoleg shouts and the dog turns back, leaving Rabbittail safe to go back to WindClan.

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Distant descendant:

Webfoot:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member




  • Rabbittail was mistakenly shown as a dark colored and white tom, excluding the tail he was named for.[1]


"I will tell you about a distant ancestor of mine, a young tunneler named Rabbittail who lived in the very early time of the Clans, before the Twolegs built the Thunderpath that cut ShadowClan off from the rest of the forest."
―Webfoot describing Rabbittail Battles of the Clans, page 62

"Certain cats—usually the smallest—were trained as tunnelers, clearing the secret passageways and memorizing the cobweb of paths that led underground."
―Heathertail describing Tunnelers Battles of the Clans, page 66

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