"Rain tried to kill Darktail while he lay injured. He pressed down on top of him and tried to stop his breathing. He thought he'd done it, but when he turned his back, Darktail reared up and...and he clawed out his throat. I'm sorry, Needletail, but Darktail was only defending himself, just like he told every cat. And he defended me, too. I'm sure Rain would have killed me, because I saw what he tried to do."
Violetpaw describing Rain's death to Needletail in Shattered Sky, page 62

Rain is a big,[7] long-furred gray tom[8] with a single green eye,[9] and a bushy tail.[10] Pale fur covers where his other eye used to be.[11]

Rain was a rogue in the lake territories who was one of Darktail's most trusted cats in his group. He briefly stayed with SkyClan until the Clan was driven from the gorge. He helped Darktail kill the SkyClan deputy, Sharpclaw, and followed Alderpaw and his companions back to the lake, settling near ShadowClan territory. He befriended Needletail, and when Rain came at odds with Darktail over leadership, Darktail tore his eye out. Even though Rain joined the Kin and stood by Darktail's side, he attempted to kill Darktail after the rogue leader was injured in battle; however, Darktail retaliated and killed Rain in turn in front of Violetpaw.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I'd never tell Needletail this, but I always thought that Rain was a little bit...scary. And Darktail only killed him because he had to. And at least it happened before Rain could get Needletail into serious trouble."
―Violetpaw's thoughts about Needletail and Rain Shattered Sky, page 65
Rain and the other rogues live in the gorge under the guise as SkyClan cats. He confronts Alderpaw, Molewhisker, Cherryfall, Sparkpaw, and Needlepaw when they arrive at the gorge, and Needlepaw quickly grows close to him. They decide to follow the Clan cats back to the lake and clash with a WindClan patrol. Needlepaw and Rain begin to meet in secret, forming a close bond. He and other members of Darktail's group attempt to join ShadowClan, but Rowanstar turns them away. Several of ShadowClan's apprentices, including Needlepaw, choose to leave the Clan and join Darktail's group.
Rain begins to challenge Darktail's rule with criticisms and questions the group's motives living near the Clans. Darktail attacks and blinds Rain, and Needletail and Nettle treat his injuries. After commandeering ShadowClan, the Kin launch several assaults on the other Clans and invite several outsiders, whom Rain distrusts. Rain speaks with Darktail about some of the warriors' potential faithlessness to the Kin. After Darktail falls asleep, Rain attempts to suffocate him. Believing him to be dead, Rain tries to murder Violetpaw, but Darktail slashes Rain's throat, killing him. Violetpaw confesses to Needletail about her friend's death, and Needletail is devastated.

Super Editions

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"I'm happy to do what I can."
―Rain to the cats of SkyClan Hawkwing's Journey, page 113
In Hawkwing's Journey, Darktail introduces SkyClan to his friend Rain and joins Hawkwing, Sagenose, Harrybrook, and Firefern on another quest to find the Clans. However, they turn back empty pawed after Toad's death. Some of the SkyClan cats are distrustful of the two rogues, but they continue to participate in Clan life by hunting. One night, Darktail unleashes his vengeance on SkyClan by launching an assault on the Clan. Rain and Darktail kill Sharpclaw, the deputy, and drive out SkyClan from the gorge.

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  • Rain was mistakenly described with both of his eyes after he had lost one.[1]


"If you've come for the territory, you can think again. You're way outnumbered."
―Rain to Alderpaw The Apprentice's Quest, page 195

Needlepaw: "It sounds like you're close to making your minds up."
Rain: "It's rude to eavesdrop."
Needlepaw: "I hardly had a choice. You're not exactly subtle in how you go about your plotting."
—Needlepaw and Rain The Apprentice's Quest, page 214

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Needlepaw: "Life in the other Clans is different, Rain. There are... rules. You and Darktail and the others will have to learn them if you want to fit in."
Rain: "Everything will work out. Just the way it's meant to."
—Needlepaw and Rain The Apprentice's Quest, page 215

Rain: "Is this true? Are you plotting with SkyClan?"
Needlepaw: "Of course it's not true. We live far away from here, and when we set out, we weren't even sure that SkyClan existed so how could we have been conspiring with them?"
—Needlepaw and Rain The Apprentice's Quest, page 227

Rain: "How are Silt and Beenose?"
Nettle: "They're worse. Beenose keeps coughing, and Silt's fever is rising."
Rain: "Oh, well. More prey for us."
—Rain unconcerned about his sick campmates Thunder and Shadow, page 205

Rain: "The prey I catch isn't good enough for you?"
Darktail: "You've been bringing less and less back to camp. This is the most pitiful offering yet."
Rain: "Have you been counting what I catch?"
Darktail: "Of course I have. I'm the leader of this group. I make sure every cat pulls his weight."
Rain: "You sound like a Clan cat."
Darktail: "So? They live well."
Rain: "If you like rules!"
Darktail: "Rules will keep our bellies full."
Rain: "Is that why we came here? To hide behind the bushes and hunt prey no one else wants? We live on a tiny piece of land when there's a whole territory right there for taking."
—Rain challenging Darktail Thunder and Shadow, pages 206-207

Needletail: "He should appoint a deputy to help him. Someone like you."
Rain: "You remember what happened the last time I challenged Darktail for leadership."
Needletail: "You won't be challenging him this time, Rain. You'll be offering to help him."
Rain: "You should offer to be deputy. You'd be good at it."
—Needletail and Rain Thunder and Shadow, pages 361-362

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