"The gray speckled she-cat ducked her head politely."
— Rain being introduced to the Clan cats in Sign of the Moon, page 142

Rain That Passes Quickly, more commonly known as Rain, is a speckled gray she-cat.[1]


In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

When a patrol of Clan cats consisting of Jayfeather, Dovewing, Foxleap, and Squirrelflight travel to the Tribe, she, along with Dark, another to-be, are introduced to the Clan cats.
Dovewing and Foxleap are curious as to how the Tribe cats can defeat an eagle, so Dark volunteers to show them. He wants Rain and Snow to help him show Dovewing and Foxleap how to hunt an eagle. Rain objects at first, because she is a cave-guard, but Dark persuades her to do it. They go into the cave while Snow climbs onto one of the ledges. When she leaps down, Dark and Rain tackle Snow, who is pretending to be the eagle, and cause a disturbance. Night scolds them, so they leave to go get some prey.



Dark: "Prey-hunters work together; even kits know that. Watch, we'll show you. Here - Rain, Snow! Snow, you be an eagle."
Snow: "Okay."
Dark: "Rain, be a prey-hunter with me."
Rain: "But I'm a cave-guard."
Dark: "So? You can pretend, right? You know what prey-hunters do."
—Dark, Rain, and Snow demonstrating how prey-hunters work for the Clan cats Sign of the Moon, page 150

Night: "What are you doing? You to-bes! This is the time for eating, not for playing."
Rain: "Sorry, Night."
—Night scolding the to-bes for playing, and Rain apologizing for them Sign of the Moon, page 150

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