"I never wanted to fight, but I'm too old to flee far."
— Rain to Cloud in Outcast, page 291

Rain That Rattles on Stones, more commonly known as Rain, is a skinny,[3] speckled brown tom[2] with a missing eye and a white muzzle.[4]


In the Power of Three arc


"I told you what would happen. But would any cat listen?"
—Rain about his Tribemate's death Outcast, page 99
Rain opposes Stormfur's idea for getting rid of the Tribe of the invaders—a show of respect, courage and strength, and fighting to protect their territory. Rain opposes the suggestion because Stormfur is a newcomer to the Tribe; he doesn't well understand the ways of the Tribe, and could very well be leading the them to their demise. Rain thinks that Stormfur is attempting to make the Tribe a Clan by teaching them their methods of fighting and protection.
After the defeated Tribe cats come back, horribly injured and with a respected Tribe member, Jag, and other cats, dead, Rain says to Stoneteller that he was right, but no cat would listen to him.
When the Tribe chooses whether to attack or to flee, it is unknown what he chooses, but he says he never wanted to battle, but he is too old to flee. During the battle with the invaders, he and Cloud are seen retreating to their sleeping places to get away from the fight to avoid injury and possible death.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Rain looks down on Jayfeather while Jayfeather is visiting the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Rain is recognized along with former Tribemate, Cloud, and two other cats, Fall and Slant.



  • He was mistakenly described as gray.[5]

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