"Did you really want this, StarClan? What happens when a leader comes who wants to change everything? Turn the Clans against one another, wipe out all the values we have ever lived by? What will you do then?"
— Raincloud questioning the new law in Code of the Clans, page 128

Raincloud is a she-cat.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Raincloud is an ancient SkyClan deputy, serving under Darkstar. She is first seen sitting with the other deputies at the base of the Great Rock at a Gathering. She is noted to be worried about her leader, Darkstar. Darkstar is on his final life, and is very frail. It is said that she is dreading the day that she will have to replace him and lead SkyClan. She watches as he scrambles and heaves himself up and onto the Great Rock.
After Vinestar, ThunderClan's leader, makes a report about how many more mouths they have to feed, Darkstar offers ThunderClan nearly a quarter of SkyClan's territory. Raincloud is horrified to hear that, she first looks at the Clan's medicine cat, Twigtail, who shakes his head. She then leaps up onto the Great Rock, asking him what he's doing. When Darkstar refuses to listen to her, she turns to leave the rock, but is called to stay to hear the law that Darkstar had proposed: that the word of a Clan leader is the Warrior Code. When she hear this, her mouth drops open, but she quickly closes it, because she doesn't want to anger Darkstar even more. Raincloud doesn't believe the law will pass, because leaders are just cats, good and bad, and a mixture of both. She cannot believe it when the other leaders agree to this law.
Raincloud is humiliated, and she is sure that in his old age, Darkstar must have lapsed a bit. But Raincloud stays as SkyClan's deputy under him, because she believes SkyClan deserves better, and that they need her. She stays on the Great Rock looking up at the moon, wondering if StarClan really wanted this to happen.

Battles of the Clans

Raincloud is mentioned when Cedarheart retells the tale of when Darkstar gave a piece of territory over to ThunderClan, and how horrified Raincloud was.



Raincloud: "What are you doing? Don't you trust your warriors to defend our territory? No Clan has ever given away part of its hunting grounds before!"
Darkstar: "ThunderClan has more mouths to feed than we do, SkyClan can always extend on its other boundaries."
Raincloud: "No, we can't! Twoleg nest block us on one side and the treecutplace on the other. And the warrior code says that we must protect our borders at all times!"
Darkstar: "Forgive my insolent deputy. She does not understand what it means to be truly loyal to her Clan. Vinestar, the land is yours. My warriors will set new border marks tomorrow."
—Raincloud questioning Darkstar's decision Code of the Clans, page 126

"Oh, no. That can't be made part of the warrior code. Leaders are cats, first and foremost, good and bad or a mixture of both."
—speaker [[Code of the Clans|Code of the Clans]], page 127

"You may continue to serve as my deputy. But never challenge me like that again. The borders will change at dawn."
—Darkstar reprimanding Raincloud Code of the Clans, page 128

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