"We should try that, too."
— Raindrop to their siblings in Warrior's Refuge, page 55

Raindrop is a gray cat with a dark gray marking on their forehead, yellow eyes, and a black nose.[3]


In Graystripe's Adventure

Warrior's Refuge

Pad: "Arf arf arf arf arf!"
Raindrop: "No! Stop!"
—Raindrop playing with their sibling Warrior's Refuge, page 55
Raindrop is the kit of Moss and Husker, along with their three siblings named Pad, Birdy, and Little Mew. They live in a hayloft in a barn with the rest of their family, hiding from the new Twolegs and their dogs. Their parents and their uncle, Splash, once lived where the dogs live, in the Twoleg nest. An elderly couple had taken responsibility of them. After they died, however, the new family and their dogs posed a threat to the cats. They moved to the barn, and have lived there ever since. Even after Raindrop and their siblings were born, no one helped them with their trouble. They are first seen with their littermates and mother when Graystripe follows Husker up to the hayloft.
When Millie explains to the family that she can speak dog, Raindrop and the rest of their family look at her in awe. Raindrop and their siblings observe Millie's lesson in dog communication, and decides to copy them. Raindrop brings the idea up, and Pad agrees, and Birdy suggests that they should try to do it better than the older cats. Pad then pretends to be a dog and Raindrop orders the "dog" to stop. Next, Little Mew pretends to be the dog, and Pad tells them to stop in dog tongue. Little Mew jumps on Pad and the four kits wrestle together while Millie watches in amusement.
The day after Graystripe saves the Twoleg kit from falling into the pond, Graystripe and Millie lead the Twoleg family to the barn. Moss, Graystripe, and Millie bring the kits down to play with the Twolegs. Although she objects at first, Moss agrees to take the chance. Splash and Husker return to the barn, and the latter is outraged that his kits are in danger. Graystripe assures Husker that his kits are not in danger, nor are the older cats, anymore from Twolegs. Millie and Graystripe realize that it is time for them to leave, and the cats are now friends with their Twoleg neighbors. Raindrop is last seen with their family playing with the Twolegs.

Official art

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Moss:[4] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Husker:[4] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Pad:[4] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Little Mew:[4] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Birdy:[4] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Splash:[4] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Splash ♂Moss ♀Husker ♂
BirdyPadRaindropLittle Mew

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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